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Currier and Ives: America Envisioned

Before cable news and Instagram, Americans saw the top stories of the day, in politics and popular culture, through the colorful images of Currier and Ives. The lithographs of Currier and Ives are iconic representations of American life from 1850 to 1900. They are arguably the most popular, widely reproduced prints in history, continuing to appear on items from calendars and holiday greeting cards to dinnerware.

A Four-Oared Shell Race, 1884.

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Collecting Patriotic Americana

Guest post by Marilyn Gould. The Gould Collection is featured in the October 28, 2012 American Furniture & Decorative Arts Auction.

Patriotic American Antiques in the Gould Collection, at auction October 28, 2012 in Boston

Shortly after moving to Wilton in 1976, Mike and I began to seek out local antiques shows. At one of the first, a Wendy show in Stamford, we met Margaret and Paul Weld. Our first purchase was an apple dryer to which Paul had wired three scythes.… Read More