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Buckets, Pails, and Firkins; What’s the Difference?

Whether painted or undecorated; staved or tinned, with or without lids; utilitarian buckets, pails, and firkins have for over a century, been popular with collectors. Like so many things with the passage of time, the terminology that is used to describe these humble objects has become muddled.  I have always been a firm believer that when describing historical objects, we should describe them today as they were described during their original period of use.… Read More

Sugar and Spice…

Despite the seemingly mundane individual details of this late 19th century spice box, there is an intrigue to this little domestic piece. With eight smaller containers inscribed with their respective contents, this not uncommon item found its way onto the cover of our March Country Americana catalog.

Spices and the vessels which store them have always held an important role in more than just our kitchens. Since the beginning of recorded time, we can find references to spices and their various uses.… Read More