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Incorporating Antiques: Through the Eye of an Interior Designer
An Evening with Phillip Thomas 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Join us for an Evening with Phillip Thomas on October 12, for a Q&A on Incorporating Antiques: Through the Eye of an Interior Designer.  Skinner is excited to have had the opportunity to collaborate with interior designer Phillip Thomas—an ideal platform to showcase Phillip’s talent for seamlessly mixing an eclectic combination of antique objects, furniture, and works of art, all inspired by the property in this auction.… Read More

Collaboration in Design: Going Beyond Design by Committee

Does a great design genius really work alone? There’s this idea in our culture that a genius of any type, think Einstein or Picasso or Hemmingway, created his masterpieces in isolation. While a great idea originates in one person’s mind, the execution of the idea often requires collaboration.