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Blooms for Books

Several months ago, Skinner art appraiser Kathy Wong agreed to arrange all of the flowers for a friend’s wedding. I know you’re wondering what this has to do with antiques and auctions, but just stay with me for a minute. The friend happens to be a Skinner colleague, so this past fall we have all enjoyed watching the process as Kathy brought in ideas to show to the bride-to-be: designs for table arrangements, bouquets, boutonnières, and more.

Why is New England Stuck in the Past? Modern Design in Boston is Here to Stay

When you think of history and art in Boston, I’m sure you’re seeing visions of the Revolutionary war, Revere silver and Simon Willard clocks. But despite our provincial and traditional reputation, Boston’s history didn’t end in 1899. The city thrived through 20th century design movements; you can find evidence of modern design and beautiful modern architecture throughout Boston.