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My Jewel Box: Garnet & Diamond "Comet" Ring

This post is republished with permission from the blog Gem Gossip: Endless talk of all things sparkly

Getting this ring was truly a heart-stopping moment, both when opening it up and seeing it for the first time, as well as live bidding at auction. This ring was acquired through March 18th’s Fine Jewelry Sale at Skinner Auction House in Boston. I had browsed the lots in order to write a piece about the upcoming auction, only to spot this ring and fall in love.  … Read More

The Importance of Art Reference Books: Two Stunning Asian Art Book Collections

Guest blog post by Richard Kenworthy, PhD, Former Professor at Auburn University

Even in the age of Google and instant gratification, a good library is essential for any serious student or collector of works of art. The internet has yet to catch up to the amount of information, expertise, and images available in printed volumes.

When it comes to Asian works of art, scholarly books allow you to delve into the subject from many different viewpoints throughout history.… Read More

Musical Instrument Consignment Day in Boston

Meet with Skinner Fine Musical Instrument specialists for a complimentary verbal assessment of your stringed or fretted  instruments. Department Director, Jill Arbetter and nationally recognized specialist, Horst Kloss will be holding a consignment day in our Boston Gallery.

These events are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, although we strongly recommend booking an appointment in advance.

Skinner Boston Gallery

63 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116

Monday, February 3 12PM – 7PM Register Now

Questions: events@skinnerinc.com 508.970-3240… Read More

Della Robbia Pottery: A Fanciful Wall Plaque by Ellen Mary Rope

Children join hands and dance around a tree in this fanciful wall plaque designed by Ellen Mary Rope for Della Robbia Pottery. The plaque will be sold in the March 31, 2012 European Furniture & Decorative Arts auction at Skinner.

Della Robbia Pottery, founded in Birkenhead, England, near Liverpool, in December 1893, produced art pottery espousing the tenets of the British Arts and Crafts movement. Directors Harold Rathbone and Conrad Dressler set out to create domestic wares and architectural elements with local labor and raw materials. They wanted to emulate the manufacturing methods as much as the aesthetics of the Florentine Renaissance family of potters from which the company got its name: Della Robbia Pottery.

Mature Wine vs. Young Wine: How Age Comes to Bear

There are few moments in the hectic tide of everyday life when a hush falls, you focus fully on one thing, and the world seems to stop. Drinking a mature wine as it is blooming in the glass can be one of those unexpected moments of transcendence. Granted, it is, after all, just a sip of a beverage, but the unexpected nature of the experience makes it that much more delightful.