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Consider This: Collecting Chinese Textiles

Subject and Symbolism

The symbols depicted on a textile can tell you quite specifically what the function was and who would have owned it. Chimes, twin fish, and double happiness characters are symbols for blessings in marriage, designating a marriage robe. At the same time, Imperial dragons were strictly only used on Imperial textiles until the later parts of the Qing dynasty. 

Manchu Wedding Robe, China, 19th century. Sold for $9,225 in September 2019.

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The Art of Set Decoration: How Japanese Textiles Inspire Andrew Baseman
Set by Andrew Baseman for the movie Crazy Rich Asians


Join us to explore how antique Japanese textiles have influenced the vision and creative process of Andrew Baseman, a designer and set decorator on diverse film and television projects including Crazy Rich Asians, Mindhunter, Gotham, The Nanny Diaries, Eat, Pray, Love, The Americans, and The Normal Heart. Andrew will share how he turned motifs from the fabric swatches on offer in our upcoming Asian auction into a line of handmade rugs for his interior design clients.… Read More