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Portrait of an Artist Not Necessarily as a Young Man…Or Woman…

The January 26th auction of American & European Works of Art at Skinner features some delightful and surprising takes on portraits of artists.

Moses Soyer (American, 1899-1974) Portrait of Chaim and Renee Gross

Traditionally, through fine prints, photographs, sketches, and oils, artists have captured likenesses of their circles, their friends, students, and mentors. Some may not resonate immediately as portraits of artists, appealing as sensitive portrayals of individual characters without any clues to their professions.… Read More

Artist Portraits: Homages to Greatness

With the turn of the 20th century and the rise of Modernism, artists became much more aware of the chronology of art history and their place within it. With this arose a genre that, if not altogether new, suddenly became more prevalent; artists creating portraits of other artists.