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Looking Back on Four Centuries of Antique Furniture from Massachusetts

As a student of American furniture, I was taught early on about the distinct regional styles that developed during our country’s history. Objects made in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York each spoke from their own individual locales. Having lived in Massachusetts for my entire adult life and raised a family here, the unique material culture of this region appeals to me personally. The grace, femininity, and economy of movement in Massachusetts furniture evoke traditional Yankee thrift as well as the modern notion that less is more.… Read More

An Art Museum Fantasy Road Trip, Part I: A Journey through Spain

Winter has arrived in New England, and I’m dreaming of the warm, turquoise waters of the Spanish Costa Brava. I completely fell in love with Barcelona this summer, for its blending of art and architecture as well as high and low culture. Antoni Gaudi left his visionary mark on the city in the late 19th century, and Barcelona has continued to think big with its monumental sculpture, murals, and street art.

As much as I would love to re-explore Barcelona, I dream of exploring other parts of the country. If I could go anywhere in Spain right now, these would be my top five art destinations.