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Killarney Ware, Fashionable Tourist Treasures of Victorian Ireland
Victorian Irish Marquetry Inlaid Games Table (Lot 630, Estimate $800-1,200)

The rugged terrain of Killarney, Ireland, much like its American topographical cousins such as the Catskill Mountains and White Mountains, became a fascination for early well-to-do Victorians looking for a travel respite in the country.  The idea of tourism to Ireland’s stately homes and ghostly abbeys was soon entered into as a pastime for those that could enjoy leisure travel.  Around this time in the 1830s to mid-nineteenth century, tables, trinkets, boxes, and other souvenirs all became fashionable tourist items to take home, perhaps even as a reward of sorts to those who could navigate the steep green climbs of the West coast of Ireland. … Read More

What’s Your Pembroke Table Worth?

One of the guiding principles behind understanding the value of antiques is the notion of “good, better, best”— the idea that seemingly similar pieces can vary in quality, construction, and history. These differences often result in a wide range of prices for the same kind of item. Understanding the “good, better, best” principle, and knowing as possible about a particular piece will ensure that as a buyer, you don’t pay too much, and as a seller, you estimate your antique accurately so that it sells well at auction.