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Sublime Harmony and the Four Seasons of the Apocalypse

Guest blog post by Dan Elias, director of the New Art Center in Newton, MA. Dan Elias formerly published prints and multiple objects under the imprint Daniel Elias Editions. 

I first met Annette Lemieux in the 1980s, when she was a rising art star in New York and I was director of the Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston. We became good friends, and worked on a number of projects together. In 1993 she asked if my company, Daniel Elias Editions, would publish her entry in the invitational Music Box Project, organized by Claudia Gould in collaboration with Reuge Music of Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, a maker of musical works for music boxes.… Read More

Contemporary Art in Boston: The Smart & Witty Work of Annette Lemieux

Contemporary art is becoming all the rage (finally!) in Massachusetts. Sebastian Smee’s article in the Boston Globe, “Contemporary Art All the Rage Across Region,” (September 18, 2011) points out how MassMOCA, the ICA, and now the MFA are all giving contemporary art its due, and even The Clark Art Institute is getting into the act. The Worcester Art Museum (WAM) has been quietly and steadily showing contemporary work for years. Now in its ninth machination the Wall at WAM project, currently featuring Charline von Heyl, shows site-specific murals in the Renaissance Court. And, WAM brings at least one major contemporary show each year, which, for a museum of modest size, is nothing short of amazing.