Skinner Appoints Christopher Fox as Director of Historic Arms & Militaria

Christopher D. Fox,
Director of Historic
Arms & Militaria

Christopher Fox has enjoyed a lifelong interest in early American military history. After studying anthropology and archaeology at the University of Michigan, Chris spent a long and fruitful career as Curator of Collections at the Fort Ticonderoga Museum. He has written and lectured on numerous topics, including 18th century engraved powder horns, weapons, uniforms, and related military items. He has also appeared in several history-based television programs and has twice been featured on PBS television’s acclaimed series History Detectives.

Chris has a passion for history—he is a tireless researcher, and highly adept at discovering provenance. Sometimes just a name and a date, Fox says, can open a window to the past, revealing a long-forgotten story, and making an object more interesting to prospective collectors. Chris lends expertise to regional historical museums and cultural organizations, and volunteers at the Concord Museum.

In his capacity at Skinner Chris has used his knowledge and passion to successfully bring to auction important militaria and Americana items, achieving strong results including the Bill Ahearn collection of arms of the French & Indian War and American Revolution, early engraved powder horns, rare collectible modern firearms, and significant political items.

Highlights from the Ahearn collection include a British Pattern 1756 Long Land Service Musket, marked for the 43rd Regiment of Foot (sold for $49,200), and a British Pattern 1730 Long Land Service Musket (sold for $36,900).

British Pattern 1756 Long Land Service Musket With Worn Marks for the 15th or 43rd Regiments of Foot. The regimental mark on this gun is very worn and may in fact be a “43.” Like the 43rd Regiment Long Land with provenance to Lexington and Concord at the Massachusetts State House, this gun is also constructed with a flared second pipe and has engraving on the thumb piece that is visually very similar.

According to family history, the musket descended in the Bogardus family of Green County, New York, since the American Revolution and was reportedly part of the armament surrendered by the British at Saratoga. Purchased by William F. Stiles from the family in the early 1930s. The Bill Ahearn collection.
British Pattern 1730 Long Land Service Musket, c. 1728.
William Adair, Flixton Hall, Suffolk, England; William Keith Neal;
and later, the Bill Ahearn collection.

From the David F. Post Collection of Winchester Rifles and Colt Revolvers, a Model 1860 Henry Lever-action Rifle (sold for $18,450).

Model 1860 Henry Lever-action Rifle, c. 1864.
The collection of David F. Post.

Other highlights include a Continental Factory “New Construction” Cartridge Box, and Bayonet, Carriage, and Belt, c. 1777-80 (sold for $53,125), and a New Haven Arms Volcanic Carbine, c. 1857-60 (sold for $16,250).

Rare Continental Factory “New Construction”
Cartridge Box, Bayonet, Carriage, and Belt.
From an old Connecticut collection.
New Haven Arms Volcanic Carbine, c. 1857-60.
From an old Connecticut collection.

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