Bonhams Skinner Announces Its Third Sale of Eclectic Objects from the Jim Dixon Collection

MARLBOROUGH, MA – Bonhams Skinner is pleased to present Art & Antiques | Jim Dixon Collection, the next sale from the Jim Dixon Collection auction series. Featuring more than 300 lots of Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, American, and African art, antiques and vintage collectibles, the auction will run online June 5, 2022 – June 15, 2022. Previews will be available June 10, 13 and 14.

Highly regarded for his collection of rugs and textiles (which has come to be known as the ‘Hesperides Collection’) Dixon also sought out an eclectic range of objects throughout his lifetime that complimented his primary passion for early carpets. Gathered in a single auction that spans the breadth of this collection, bidders have the unique opportunity to both add to or begin a focused collection of their own, and also discover some statement home décor amongst pieces selected by Dixon for his purpose-built mountain residence in Occidental, California.

As a textile enthusiast, Japanese Buddhist Monk’s Robes, Kesas, were of particular interest to Dixon, with more than twenty individual robes offered in total—comprising the largest collection that Bonhams Skinner has brought to auction so far. A visual and textural delight, these woven vestments and the arrangement of the sections of fabric and patches hold deep significance in Buddhism. Several examples date to the Edo period, such as this stunning blue and gold Kesa. A rare and significant Chinese Brocade Panel Fragment, which potentially dates to the Ming Dynasty, features a set of familiar five-clawed dragons reaching for flaming pearls alongside a distinctly unusual motif of six animals from the Chinese zodiac bordering the sides of the panel.

Brocade Buddhist Monk’s Robe, Kesa, Japan, 18th/19th century
(Lot 1020, Estimate $300-500)
Brocade Panel Fragment, China, possibly Ming dynasty
(Lot 1010, Estimate $800-1,200)

A striking Maki-e Lacquered Box and Cover, Japan, Edo period, incorporating gnarled peach trees with delicate blossoms, using the natural beauty of the wood enhanced by lacquer and gold, is a highlight from the thirty lots of Japanese lacquerware on offer. At the other end of the scale, an exquisite Ryukyu Gold/Mother-of-pearl-inlaid Incense Covered Box, Japan, late Edo perioddemonstrates the detailed and delicate lacquer work indicative of that period.

Maki-e Lacquered Box and Cover, Japan, Edo period
(Lot 1060, Estimate $1,000-2,000)
Ryukyu Gold/Mother-of-pearl-inlaid Incense Covered Box, Japan, late Edo period
(Lot 1062, Estimate $600-800)

Dixon’s discerning eye also shone on a select group of American and European oil landscapes, primarily sweeping rural and mountainous compositions from the mid to late 19th into the 20th century, such as Daniel Huntington’s (American, 1816-1906) Hudson River style mountain view and an evocative scene of Majestic Mountains with Waterfall and Foreground Cliff and Tree.

Daniel Huntington (American, 1816-1906) Mountain View
(Lot 1170, Estimate $300-500)
Continental School, 19th Century, Majestic Mountains with Waterfall and Foreground Cliff and Tree
(Lot 1132, Estimate $400-600)

A select few notable Chinese offerings include a Silvery Bronze Ritual Tripod Covered Vessel as well as several lots of Neolithic pottery (beginning at Lot 1196). Dixon also appreciated woven American baskets (beginning at Lot 1239), and the sculptural qualities of African wood masks and carvings (beginning at Lot 1249), resulting in micro-collections of each.

Silvery Bronze Ritual Tripod Covered Vessel, China
(Lot 1286, Estimate $800-1,200)
Painted Pottery Funerary Jar, China, Neolithic period, Banshan type
(Lot 1198, Estimate $300-500)
Two Northwest Coast Polychrome Twined Baskets, early 20th century
(Lot 1240, Estimate $400-600)
Senufo Antelope Mask, Waniugo, Ivory Coast
(Lot 1254, Estimate $100-200)

Additional highlights include: A Mother-of-pearl-inlaid Wood Casket, Northwest India, Guijarat, possibly late 16th century.

Mother-of-pearl-inlaid Wood Casket, Northwest India, Gujarat, possibly late 16th century
(Lot 1001, Estimate $1,000-2,000)

A Pair of Mother-of-pearl Inlaid Armchairs, Syria, early 20th century. (These Syrian inlaid chairs appear in photographs of the interiors of Dixon’s Occidental, California home).

Pair of Mother-of-pearl Inlaid Armchairs, Syria, early 20th century
(Lot 1103, Estimate $400-600)

Previews, Catalogs & Events

Previews for the auction open June 10, 13 and 14. Free and open to the public, book a preview appointment on Bonhams Skinner’s website to attend. Specialists will be on hand to answer questions.

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