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BOSTON, MA – July 30, 2019. The July 23, 2019 auction, A Mystic Collection, featured illuminated Medieval manuscripts, a strong group of rubricated incunabula in contemporary bindings, important high spots for Bible collectors, illustrated books, and unusual bindings. Even collectors of English books, 18th-century Italian views, classics, and heraldry had many exceptional offerings from which choose. Collectors, dealers, and institutions from around the world participated in the 230-lot sale, which hammered above the high estimate with a 98.3% sell-through rate.

Schedel, Hartmann (1440-1514) Registrum huius Operis Libri Cronicarum cum Figuris et Ymaginibus ab Inicio Mundi, [Liber Chronicarum, Nuremberg Chronicle]. Nuremberg: Antong Koberger, 12 July 1493. Sold for $61,500.

If you have fine rare books, whether an extensive collection or just a few choice volumes, and you would like to work with Skinner on a sale, we would be happy to help. November’s auction is currently under construction, and we look forward to adding your consignment as we create another compelling sale.

Detail | Nicolaus de Ausmo (d. 1453) Supplementum Summae Pisanellae, Manuscript on Parchment. Italy, mid-15th century. Sold for $39,975.
Detail | Book of Hours, Latin, Use of Rome. [Italy, Florence, 7 September 1508]. Sold for $23,370.

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  1. Can you tell me if I wanted to send you an original manuscript for appraisal only, what kind of assurances do I have that the item will be secure once in your possession, through the appraisal process and that it would be returned to me once the appraisal is complete. I have no desire to sell this item, but I would like to know it’s value for insurance purposes and potential value.

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