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Fine Art Consignment Day | New York City

Thursday, October 26 | New York City

By appointment only.


Skinner’s Fine Art department is inviting consignments for the January 26th, 2018 auction. Experts from Skinner will be available to evaluate items in the New York office on October 26th by appointment.


Skinner New York
415 Madison Ave, New York

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3 thoughts on “Fine Art Consignment Day | New York City

  1. Hello,Have unsigned charcoal sketch by Thomas Cole,as well as two very fine unsigned small oils on boards. The oils appear to be late 19th and may have been done by an illustrator such as Boileau or Flagg. I realize that this is so far just speculation and would be happy to submit images for your inspection with a view towards eventual consignment. I have been an occasional consignor to Skinners in the past.

    Best regards,Henry Pelzman

    • Hello Dr. Pelzman, thank you for replying to our post! To submit images and find out what your Thomas Cole drawing or paintings may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: We will connect you with the right appraisers and specialty department.

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