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Consignment and Beyond: The Quest to Authenticate a Frieseke Painting

I walked into the room, and before me on the table was a softly lit impressionist landscape depicting an olive grove with distant red-roofed houses. A French scene; southern France. The signature seemed to read “F.C. Frieseke”, and stylistically the painting was in the right ball park. Frederick Carl Frieseke was an American Impressionist who worked in France.

Wedgwood Auctions and Collections are Alive and Well

For the past 22 years, I have sold more Wedgwood at auction than every other auctioneer combined. I belong to and have lectured on Wedgwood at many of the Wedgwood Societies throughout the US and the UK, as well as numerous other ceramic study groups. So I have a pretty good overview on what’s hot and what not in Wedgwood collecting.

The Guitar Market: Underrated Acoustic Guitars

If you love acoustic guitars, and want to know where the best values are–if your motivation is to have and play something that you love–then you may want to consider vintage and antique instruments that are often overlooked in the marketplace.

Prove It: Why Provenance Matters for Antique Judaica

The vast majority of items that cross the auction block don’t have storied pasts. They were not owned by world-famous personalities; they belonged to individuals just like me and you.

In the antiques world, provenance indicates an attachment to a famous person or to a famous collection.  Almost without exception, auction buyers will pay more for something with good provenance if there is documentation to prove it.

Documentation is not just family lore: a fragment of paper in great aunt Mildred’s hand noting the story she heard when she received the item as a gift doesn’t count.… Read More

Top 15 Book and Movie Picks: Art, Antiques & Auctions

Who has time to read anymore? In the fast-paced auction business, we still manage to snatch a few minutes to curl up with a good book or check out an interesting film. Antiques appraisers, auctioneers and everyone else here at Skinner wanted to share our favorite fiction, nonfiction, and movies from the past year with you. Plus, if you’ve got an antiques lover or art history buff in your life, these art, antiques & auction themed books and movies could make some great last-minute holiday gifts.… Read More

Collecting Make-Dos: The Search for Creatively Repaired Antiques

The New York Times recently ran an article profiling Andrew Baseman, an interior designer in Manhattan who collects make-dos, or antique objects that have been creatively repaired rather than discarded.

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