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The MFA Art of the Americas Wing: Half a Billion Dollars Well Spent

Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Family Courtyard © Chuck Choi

I was privileged to attend the November 13th opening gala for MFA’s new wing. The party itself was quite a blowout, with complimentary libations, exotic bite-sized dinner servings, and a very good dance band.  However, the ever-increasing volume of said band, which seemed intent by the end of the evening on blowing out a few of the glass panels which surround the Shapiro Family Courtyard, drove me to tour the very well soundproofed gallery spaces not once but twice.… Read More

The New Collecting Trend: Diversification

Richard Wright Collection

Richard Wright’s collection (Auctioned at Skinner in October 2009) focused on Art Nouveau furniture, but ranged from cold-painted bronzes to Doulton-Lambeth stoneware to arts and crafts lamps, and of course, antique dolls.

Has anyone ever told you to stick to one, specialized collecting area? You can tell them a new trend is emerging, and diversification is the name of the game.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a diversified investment portfolio is a good idea, but we both know that  collecting stocks is not nearly the same as collecting antiques.… Read More

Watch William Bond’s Astronomical Regulator No. 396 in Action

Over 140 years ago, in 1868, the antique clock you see running below kept Standard Time in New England. This masterpiece is The Bond Shop Astronomical Regulator No. 396, crafted by William Bond & Son. It is one of only three known in the world, and once stood in the window of the William Bond chronometer shop in Boston.

Now I’ll let the clock speak for itself—Watch and listen to it running as cleanly as it did in 1868.

Skinner will auction this spectacular precision timekeeper on November 20, 2010 in our Marlborough, Massachusetts auction of Science, Technology, Clocks, & Militaria.… Read More

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