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Watch an Appraisal of a Picasso Designed Madoura Plate on Antiques Roadshow

I’ve been an appraiser on the PBS television series Antiques Roadshow for 18 years, and during each event, I meet hundreds of people who wait in line for hours hoping for a chance to be on the show. Our day starts early, with appraisals beginning at 7:30 AM and running through the early evening. As an expert in European Decorative Arts, I typically stand at the Pottery and Porcelain, Silver, or Decorative Arts table where I greet people and give evaluations of their prized possessions. Most of these objects have sentimental value only, but on occasion, we find something truly important or especially beautiful.

In Boise, Idaho this past summer, I chanced upon this Picasso designed Madoura plate towards the end of the day. Normally, in one of these videos, you’d see people in line behind us, waiting for their own chance to meet with an appraiser. But here, almost everyone has gone home. I’m very glad this woman waited it out, and had the chance to show me this plate. She’d kept it above the stove in the kitchen before finding out at an antiques gallery that it was something special. I was happy to inform her that Picasso ceramics have increased in value over the past decade and are one of the hottest ceramics with collectors in the marketplace today.

Make your guess at what this plate is worth in today’s auction market, then watch the video to find out!

This video will air during the season premier of Antiques Roadshow on January 6, 2014 at 8PM on PBS. I’ll be live tweeting from @skinnerinc during the show. Follow @RoadshowPBS and use the hashtag #antiquesroadshow to join the conversation.

4 thoughts on “Watch an Appraisal of a Picasso Designed Madoura Plate on Antiques Roadshow

  1. I enjoyed your appraisal of the Picasso Plate as only an owner might- I can confirm that at least 98 copies were produced as mine is no. 98/100. It came from the gift department of Bullock’s Wilshire in LA, marked down to half price for clearance. We have enjoyed it now for over 30 years.

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