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  • Virtual First Tuesday | August 4

Virtual First Tuesday | August 4

Join us for First Tuesday online!


See what hidden treasures our experts may be able to reveal

We invite you to join us online for our Virtual First Tuesday on August 4. Skinner specialists from all departments will be on hand to evaluate items via email.

Let’s get started: 

Step 1: Gather information and images for up to three items of fine & decorative arts, furniture, jewelry, silver, watches & coins and much more.

Step 2: Send us an email with the information and images at evaluations@skinnerinc.com or at the button below.


For items that are a good fit for our upcoming auctions, we will provide an estimate, delivery instructions, and consignment terms.

2 thoughts on “Virtual First Tuesday | August 4

  1. Hello,
    I am thinking about submitting for Virtual Tuesday coming up on August 4th. I have a set of 4 small Shaker chairs. Is that considered one item of my 3 limit? Do I photograph all the chairs together or individually?
    They belonged to my father’s mother, a lady I never met, who passed away about 1948.
    Thank you,
    Judy Hughes

    • Hello Judy, Yes, please send in your 4 chairs! Separate photos with a good amount of detail would be best, but a group shot will be acceptable if separate images are not possible. Thank you very much!

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