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Advice from an Expert Violin Appraiser: How to Identify an Original Violin Label

Violin Label

An original label in a violin by Peter Guarneri of Venice 1734, showing the paper’s “laid lines.”

How can you tell if the label in your violin is original? This is an important question in the evaluation of a violin from the 18th or 19th century. The recognition of an original label is an essential part of authenticating an antique violin, and the presence of an original label will naturally enhance a violin’s value.

In addition to my day-to-day work with fine instruments, the experience of working in an auction house for twelve years has enabled me to observe thousands of antiques. I’ve been able to learn from experts in other departments about furniture, decorative arts, rare books, and other material from the Classical era. I’ve gained first-hand knowledge of wood carving styles, varnish varieties and aging tendencies, as well as important characteristics of rare books and manuscripts. I find myself drawing on all of this knowledge in a violin appraisal.

Laid Paper Violin Labels (pre-1850)

Labels on classical instruments from before around 1850 were mostly made of laid paper. Handmade in a laborious process, laid paper uses linen fibers taken from recycled rags. The rags were sorted according to color, then broken down into fibers and set into a water bath. The wet fibers were then put into a wire sieve which allowed the water to drain out and the fibers to dry. The imprint of the wire sieve formed lines called “chains” or “laid lines” on the surface of the paper. This resulting grid of intersecting lines is especially visible when dust settles on the labels placed between the high ribs.
The printing was also done by hand with lead type, set with pressure onto the paper. Because laid paper has a certain natural resistance to water, little ink would run on the paper surface, and the printing typically possesses a crisp, clean outline.

Wove Paper Violin Labels (post-1850)

A paper label that dates after around 1850 is typically made of wood pulp that has been mashed into a sheet by machines. This “wove” paper will not exhibit laid lines or chains, and the type figures typically appear less sharp, with a fuzzy outline. To control the ink from running, the paper was sized with a coating of alum to make it more water resistant. Because the sizing was acidic, it made the labels less stable than those made of laid paper. These labels are also more prone to curling and browning.


Three Questions a Violin Appraiser will Ask

Pietro Guarneri violin

The label above appears on this Italian Violin by Pietro Guarneri, Venice, 1734, Auctioned for $165,900

1. What color is the label?

An original antique violin label will change color as it ages. The reaction of the paper against the wood, along with any other atmospheric changes, causes the paper to darken. Both the wood and the label should be a similar shade of brown.

2. What do the edges of the label look like?

The edges of the label itself should blend in cleanly to the wood surface. If there is any curling at the edges exposing lighter-colored wood underneath, it probably means the surface was treated to look old after a false label had been inserted.

3. Has the label been removed at any point?

An original label may be removed for repair, regraduation of the back, or even for transfer to another instrument. This is incredibly common, so it is an extremely rare and wonderful occurrence when I find an instrument with an original and undisturbed label!

Are you wondering what your antique violin is worth? It’s free to set up an appointment with an appraiser or to send pictures and a description of your instrument using Skinner’s auction evaluation form.

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281 thoughts on “Advice from an Expert Violin Appraiser: How to Identify an Original Violin Label

  1. HI David. I have a Mattias Dahl Violin Id like to consign. Its in great shape and a very nice strad copy. is there any interest in this violin?

  2. I have this old strad copy with a nice label that says 1713 with a circle and AS inside. On the heel on the back is a emblem like a music stand or two letters mixed like BD. I don`t know. Would like for someone to tell me who the maker might be. I think the violin dates to about 1870`s—-Thanks, Jack

  3. Violin purchased approx 1899 for my Grandmother, born 1882. White label stating “Giovan Paolo Maggini, Brescia 1674, made in Germany”. Reassembled in the 70’s by craftsman that said there was an identical mate that sold for 50,000. Can you give me any information? Thank you

  4. My violin’s label reads: Ch.J.B.Collin-Mezin 1929? Luthier
    Grand Prix – Exposition Universelle 1900
    Made in France

    Handwritten signature of Collin Mezin written directly on violin.

    Thank You,
    Margo Cole

  5. The violin is an early 20th century Bohemian instrument bearing an Antonius Stradivarius label. It is in good condition.
    The bow is a modern German bow bearing the stamp of Josef Richter. It is in excellent condition.

  6. Hi David, thanks for the article. I have an old family violin but there is no actual label. Only a barely legible handwritten signature, date, city and country directly on the wood. 1809, John Potts (I think) London England.

    Does this nullify its authenticity? Thanks so much for your time.

  7. I have an old violin that was my grandfather’s who played in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the 1890’s. I am 82 years old and I played it for many years but have not played it for 60 years. The label inside says “Antonius Stradiuarius, Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1718.” a circular embellishment on this label that includes a cross above the initials “A” and “S”. The last two digits of the date are inked in by hand.

    • I am not an appraiser or a buyer. Just thought I would comment. I have a similar violi. It is red in color. Has a high soprano pitch. It has the same type label. 17 is printed 13 is written by hand. I bought it from a gentleman who was in his 80’s in about 1974. He said that his great grandfather bought the violin in 1830. He gave one yoke of oxen and ten bushels of corn for the instrument.

      • I have one of these,too…exactly as you described it. What do I do with it? I want to sell it, but I don’t know where to go.

  8. Hi David
    I am a retired music teacher. I have a Collin-Mezin 1950, #497. I will be selling the violin and am looking for some good direction. I have had it since 1958.

  9. This old violin possibly made about 1910 from one of the prolific german makers back then.
    It seems well made
    Nice 2-piece back
    minor marks and wear
    Well preserved for age
    original tailpiece
    Has chinrest
    New bridge, ‘aubert’, and thomastic strings
    Label reads ‘Josef Muller…..’ as shown
    Good responsive sound, student instrument.A GOOD GERMAN VIOLIN IN IMMEDIATE PLAYING CONDITION
    Has case and bow v/reasonable reserve
    CLearance of instruments & accessories

  10. Can you tell me where to find a copy of the label. It was an old violin with a paper tag inside reading, “ANTOINIO STRATAVARIOUS AND SON”. ALSO, A “CROSS IN A CIRCLE”, AND THEN “1776” AND THE 76 WAS A LITTLE COCKED AND HIGHER JUST A BIT.

  11. I got a used violin for my daughter to play with. I am now interested in selling and I think I see them on Ebay for a third of the value. I do not have all of the labels etc.I see discussed here. It says SUZUKI VIOLIN CO.,LTD NAGOYA JAPAN, A SYMBOL FOLLOWED BY NO. 2 THEN 1969. She loved playing with it so it was worth something to us, but is it worthless?

  12. I have read most of the preceding posts, wow, a lot of people dont get the label or a verbal identification are not good enough for an appraisal. Pictures and filling out this companies forms are. Even with pictures it may be difficult to identify the make or maker of a violin. There is also sound of the instrument. I am just learning about all of this myself.


    • I have a violin that I believe is a copy of a Strad. The case is wooden & the violin & case are in good shape. How can I find out what my violin is worth? It was first owned in 1871. I would really appreciate a reply. Thanks.

  14. I have o Ild Violin with a label as you discribed as wove paper withe the name of Francois Guillmont Elix-la-Chapele . I have sent in the form for apprasial with three photos. I do have more photos is there any thing else I should look for and take photos if I can outside and in? Thank you for you kind help. Yes it was apprased years ago for my father and it states it is not a copy but an original due to wood samples. Label sample or paper. adheasives used. Dad had to send it out and bonded it for delivery the same as it was sent back to us. Can you tell me of the maker Thank you

  15. I have a violin labelled Jo: Baptista Ceruti Cremonensis Fecit Cremonae An 1808 GCB. Can you help me determine whether it is authentic?

  16. Hi,
    I have a violin that may be made by Charles Collin-Mezin, Jr.. I live in Southeast Connecticut. I would like to have the violin appraised. Is there somewhere close to my area, that is recommended for an appraisal of this violin?
    Thank you kindly,

  17. I have an old violin with two repair lables, one dated 1915 and one 1950. There’s a name in black ink that look’s like Levd,Level or levet. Would that be a brand name? Thank you

  18. I bought an old moth eaten wool bag of stuff at an estate auction many years ago.In this old bag was a violin and bow. the bow reads L.Wenzel {carved in the wood}. The violin is stamped on the back in black Paganini.Curious to know its history and value.

    • I just found this same violin in a junk shop. its made in Germany and on the back of the scroll is ornately stamped” Paganini Violin” cant find any info on it.

  19. I have a violin that my parents purchased from my “very old” music teacher at the time….it is not full size as I used it up to 8th grade.
    Inside on a faded paper label is says “Meister Hopp”
    Can you direct me as to how to find out more about it?

  20. I have a family heirloom violin that states Antonio Stradivari FACIEBAT on the inside. How should I go about checking the authenticity of this violin?

  21. Hi my name is Shane I’m from vermont I just picked up an old violin from an antique shop for $15 bucks I grew up around old time fiddlers so at that price I had to have it the tag says Antonius Stradiuarius cremonensis faciebad (not faciebat but faciebad) anno 1721 made in Bohemia there is a circle with a cross and the letters AS. It’s pretty plan Jane came in an alligator skin looking case pretty beat and a Bausch bow. Didn’t know if there is any way to get it dated I’m sure it’s not worth much just would like to know the year ?????

  22. I have two antique violins that several people are interested in purchasing. I would like to know their value, and if they are original. Where are you located? Can I bring the violins to you? Or send you a photograph of them. Can you send me a phone no. where I can contact you?

    Thank you

  23. I have a violin that I would like to know the value of as I am considering selling it.
    The label on the inside is Nicolaus Bergonzi; anno 17? The label is torn at this juncture and the rest of the year is missing.

  24. I purchased an violin recently that is marked inside
    Hand Made by
    Chas. E Roat Music Co
    Year 1898 No 627
    It is a beautiful violin with a very rich sound

    There is info about Charles E Roat but nothing about the Violin…
    Is it something to pursue?

  25. Just a quick question. I’ve had this violin since about the mid 90s, when I started playing. It states that it was made in 1962 by a Harold Li Sinclair in Alaska, and also states “Pattern taken from a genuine Stradivarius.” It’s really quite a nice, unique instrument. I couldn’t find any information about this person, so I was wondering if you -or anyone else- might have any knowledge about him.

    Thank you!

  26. I found a violin in my grandmothers basement. I remember playing on it when I was young. The label says something along the line of P. A. or maybe D. A. Johnson 8-20 Aurora Il, 1925. Can you give me any information about it?

  27. I got a old violin which carries the label of CH. J.B. COLLIN-MEZIN LUTHIER GRAND PRIX – EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE P A R I S Modèle Exceptionnel 1945 N° 186 with the handwritten signature. It also carries the label of ARTISANS , LUTHERIE ARTISTIQUE FRANCAISE. I am very keen to know whether it’s authentic. Could you please give me some tips and opinion how to identify its authenticity.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.


    Kind regards,

  28. Hello, Someone is selling us a violin for our 15yo old son. The label is obviously a fake stradi because it has both the letter u and v beside. But anyway all I ask is, is it worth to pay the 950NZD price? We are no violin experts. Thanks… Please tell us us what you think. Thanks…

  29. I’m looking for any information that you could give me regarding my grandfathers violin. The label inside has clean cut edges and is browned with age. On the label I can barely make out the last name of Smith after the words Made By and possibly the year 1929. It has a splitback and a single perfoling on the front and back. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Hi,
    I bought my daughter a violin for her birthday. It sounds amazing! Everyone who plays it is in aw of it. It is only a copy of a Strad made in Germany for mass production, or so we thought. I heard some of these instruments were actually violins removed from countries Germany invaded and re-stamped. Really never thought too much more about it until she dropped it and off popped the finger board. Underneath the finger board are initials written on both the bridge and the under side of the finger board I can’t tell exactly what letters they are as the pencil is faded and the letters are hand written and a little messy. Does this mean anything?

  31. I have a violin which my grandfather played. The back is made in two pieces which form a V shape in perfectly matched “tiger-striped” wood. The tag is flat, same color as the inside, but has some deterioration from age. I can make out the words ” Alexandr_ Gagliano fecit Nepoli 17__”.. Could this be an authentic violin?

  32. Hello, I found an old violin in my aunt’s home after her death. It is not in playable shape: coming loose on the sides, pieces missing, scratched. I brought it back to my studio with the idea of making a “collage’ on canvas”. But I looked inside while dusting it. The label is the same color as the wood inside, all sides of the label are flat. It says: Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 17 . I imagine it would be a copy, but IF it were an authentic Stradivarius, is it worth anything in the sad shape it’s in? Thanks,Linda

  33. Good morning, I have this Stradivarius Violin and this is the information that has inside.

    Kaciebar Anno 1738

    I would like to have more information about the. I have photos

    Thank you.
    (787) 397-9553


  35. I have a violin that my father obtained in the 1960s when someone pawned it to him. The label inside appears to blend in to the wood. The name is Antoniu Stradiuari (last letters may appear to be faded). The back of the head where the tuning keys are is stamped Concert Violin in black. Obvious a copy but some copies can be worth a few thousand, most have no value. Any ideas by this description.

  36. I am in Australia with a violin a violin antique dealer told me years ago was the best he had seen for many years and was made by a Frenchman not sure in France or London with a stamp/etching for the London Symphony Orchestra. When recontacted him years later was retired & would show to another “man” if I would sent it interstate for him to see. Didn’t like to do that but now interested in selling.

  37. Hi David i have an original antonius stradivarius fiddle i was needing to know if you could tell me how much it is worth! it has been in the family for years thank you!

  38. Hi David, I have a Valentinus de Zorzi violin with a barely legible signature reading Valentinus de Zorzi Centensi Venetum fecit Florentia 1885 on the label. It needs restringing. Would it have any value? Sincerely Klaus Hoppe

  39. My Dad has since passed but about 40 or more years ago he bought a used violin. Since it has no outer markings, I was curious to see if anything was written on the inside. It does but it’s very difficult to see and read. This is the best I could get and I’m hoping you might know what it means or what language it’s written in. Thank you.

    1o:bap. rogerius bon: nicolal amati de cremo
    na. alumnus brixiae fecit anno domini 1683

  40. i just recently found a violin and bow and case. in my mothers attic. it is marked a ANTONIUS STRADIUARIUS? CERMONESIS FACIEBAT ANNO 17 VERY OLD LOOKING AND WAS wondering if it is worth anything? its in a hard case lined with a purpleish felt or cordaroy still material. any info of this would be greatly appreciated. thanks Phillip

  41. Is there any information available on a French maker named J.Olry, Amiens, France (1825 – 1860)? He seems to be quite obscure and there is conflicting descriptions of his violins ranging from good to not so good. His name doesn’t appear in many violin dictionaries. Wurlitzer had one listed in its catolog in the late 1920s and the value was given at $350. I would like to know more about this maker. And, of all the auction reports I have read, I only saw his name once. The reason, I want to prove Jay C. Freeman was wrong in his appraisal of a violin with a “sotto la Disciplina” label.

  42. My grandfather has a very old violin,Italian Violin, Pietro Guarneri, Venice, 1713
    He wants to sell it,But we are just wonder to know for how much money should we sell it ?
    Do you think $200,000
    is going to be fair?

  43. I have a violin which I have owned since 1963 and which has no label, but the letters ATS stamped in the back just below the button. There is a circle around the A and S, and the T is much taller, with a line across it which makes it look like a cross. Any ideas as to the make of this violin? It is sweet to play.

  44. hi…i have a violin which inside reads antonius cremonenus faciebat anno 1722 with a circle which inside reads A S with a cross….my grandmother who died in the 50s had it for decades…wanting to sell but dont know if its worth anything…its in fair to good shape..no case hope you can help me…thks so much barry

  45. have violin with label inside says josef guarnerios fecit cremonae anna 1724 ihs cross above the h can you help me with this thank you i am from ohio thany you


  47. I have a appraisal from Mattie Fair from Muskogee OK. dated November 27, 1972. in her appraisal she says it is a 16th Century Violin Antonius Stradivarius Label in it? Also says it was made in Germany. I have tried too research this but to know avail. The appraisal has more than just that. If you could help me with this that would be very appreciated.

  48. hi,i have a violine,inside it is wrotte guarneri del gesu cremonae anno 1740.this violine my futher has bought before 40 years in italy from a old-man(road-violinist).
    how to know I,,,that is original guarneri or any copy.
    can u help me about this

  49. I have a Joseph Guarnerius fecit cross IhS
    Cremonae Anno 176 (4 or 1)
    The paper blends in with the wood I’m 70 and have had numerous violins…This one has the dark cherry one back piece wood. It sounds exactly like M.Kamio’s violin that she is playing Meditation of Thias.

    This violin has FOUR repair names up to the right of the label. I’m tempted to take the top off the violin so I can read it more clearly.

    This violin is beautiful and plays beautiful. I’m just trying to find out the history of it back to it’s origin. I don’t care if it is worth anything or not worth anything. If I have to do that then I can I guess. Thank you if this goes any further than this post. God Bless

  50. I have an old violin with the words Antonius, Stradivarius Cremonensis faciebat anne 1721 modele dapres inside along with a pencil no. 50. Could you tell me the value of this?

  51. Hi
    I have a violin with the name Francios Guillmon stamped into the wood also the name Elix-la-Chapelle the violin is complete but has been dropped on the but end and has extensive damage but looks to be repairable…cracks along the top can. would love you opinion on its worth and repair cost…
    Thank You

  52. Hello my name is Joe Taylor and I am a inventor that has done many patent searches, and I would like to say that trying to search out whether my girlfriend family’s heirloom of a 1719 Antunius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno about just as hard if not harder than doing a patent search. Contact me with what photos you would like for me to send you for your professional opinion of what they possess. Thanks, Joe

  53. HI I WAS GIVEN FOR MY B. DAY YEARS AGO A ; Antonio Stradivarius Cremonenfis violin w/ case. inside it has 2 lables 1- has the name and the year 1721 and a seal that has a small cross on top and a letter a s inside a doble circle. 2- there is a other lable that say ” made in france” can you tell me if this is worth anything please call me at; 386-916-4388 after 6pm thank you so much.
    ana rivera

  54. I have I violin with a label that says “Antonis Stradivarius Germonelis Faciebat Anno 17 Made in Germany” and there’s a logo on the label with AS initials on it. How can I know if it’s a fake or a real one?

  55. hi.
    i have just recieved a violin from my dad. on the label it says.
    A LA VILLE DE CREMONE with small line. then it says NICOLAS-BERTOLINI.i am curious of its age and value.

  56. I own and play a very old violin,I was told it is a Mittenwalde about 200 years old. Iv’e managed to get some photos of the inside label. The label is falling to pieces because of its age but have been able to read the date. 1675 or 1695 its hard to discern the 7 or 9.
    The label is hand written in old German, so we can’t read it. I play this violin all the time with a group of old musicians, who say its the sweetest sounding violin they have ever heard. Would love to know a little of its history. There is no way I will ever sell it no matter how much its worth. I could send you some pictures if you think it is worth it.

  57. Dear David,

    Thanks for your website! I have recently inherited my fathers violin and he often kidded with me that it was worth lots of money. I looked at the label inside and it says the following:
    Antonius Stradiuaries Cremonefis
    Faciebat Anno 1714 A+S

    The 14 is handwritten on the label. The label is very plain and is the same color as the wood. It actually took me a moment to realize it was a label and not printed on wood.

    Is his worth looking further into?


  58. I have two old violins. One says nothing inside, the other says Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis, Faciebot Anno 1713 Made in Czechoslovakia and then has a Lion with Lignatone written underneath it. Can you tell me anything about this such as age, value?


  59. I have a violin that was appraised for $10k, but I would like a second opinion. There is no label inside. It was said to have been from around 1801 and it says conservatory violin on the back of the head stock.

  60. I have a passed down violin from Germany a man named John Rott brought it on sailing Ship around cape horn and to the Northwest in the 1850’s it was reportedly made by his Grandfather in Germany. No bow with it but have you ever heard of a Rott violin maker? I would have to dig into geneology to find his other grandfathers name.

  61. I have a old violin the label inside is stamped Giovan Paolo Maggini Brescia 1642 the 42 is in pencil the label is about the same shade as the wood. Also have bow and wooden case, The bow doesn’t have a name on it. I was wondering if it is worth anything? Thanks.

    • I have a old violin that was handed down to fifty years ago. The label is stamped Giovan Paolo Maggini Brescia 1642 the 42 is printed in ink or pencil. The label is the same shade as the wood on the inside. I also have bow and case, the bow isn’t stamped with a name. I would like to know its value if any .thanks.

  62. Hii, I have an over 60 year old violin in good condition with Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1713 , Made in Czechoslovakia written on the label inside, IT looks real to me.Could you please help me authenticate my violin.

  63. I have a violin dating back to Nicolos Chappuy Mirecourt france . I have researched his name and history . It has a brand on the back Chappuy A Paris
    On the inside is the following names the only name I can’t find is T.F.Burtt repaired in 1884
    Found history of Batchelder ,Repaired by A.M. Batchelder 1948
    A label reads Graduated by A.W.White.86 Tremont St , Boston One of the white brothers out of boston
    So the only name I can’t find is T.F.Burtt Feb 11, 1884. is there any info you can help with that name T F Burtt

  64. I have an old violin in extremely poor condition, that my father owned. The label inside (hand written) has the name Guisseppe Guarini (or Guanini) da violino di Gamba (I assume its a fiddle?) but then states its made in Pontresina Anno 1873 Italia. But I thought Pontresina is in Switzerland not Italy?? Know nothing about these instruments but would like to know more of its origins. My father lived in London.

  65. My name is Mary Lou Spokane from Crackling Ridge in Arkansas.We inherited a mighty fine fiddle from Granpa Ely Spokane last year.It has a label Stradivarius made in France.Could it be real? I’d sure like to move upmarket to Deadmans Creek 10 miles down the tracks with the proceeds. Thank you kindly.Mary Lou Spokane,Crackling Ridge, Arkansas (near the gas station).

  66. My great uncle gave me a violin, many years ago. He said that it was old. Carved inside are the initials PG and 1695. There is no paper label to be found. Could this be a Pietro Guarneri? My daughter has been investigating and says that many times the initals, with 1695 were placed inside, but doesn’t mean it is of any value. 1695 is the year of Pietro’s birth. Just curious re what you think. Thank you for your time.

  67. I have had an old violin for 50+ years.the label inside says Antonius Stradi(either a v or a u)arius cremonen(a letter that looks like an f without the middle crossbar)is.below that it says Faciebat Anno 1726 and then a circle with AS within it and above them a cross. the label is a tiny bit darker than the inside color of the violin and the label is firmly attached.

  68. Hi. I have a violin but can’t seem to find any information on it and was wondering if you could help. It says 1888 and says John church company. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  69. Hi im a violinist from the philippines and my Aunt bought my violin from an antique store in US, the owner of the store told my Aunt that the owner of my violin before used to play in an orchestra for years until that man died and pass it on his son to take care of it but his son sold it to the antique store because of financial problem. My stainer violin has inscription inside : Jacobus Stainer in Absam prope Oenipontum 17 the next 2 numbers are hand written (72) i just want to know if its original or copy and i’d like to know its value. Thank you.

  70. I have an old violin and case. Label inside says Nicolaus Amatius Cremoniea Hieronimi filius Antoni nepos fecit 1676. Can you help me find out more about it?

  71. Hello, you can help assess the violin, Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1727, inscription “made in” absent,
    violin is very old , I know that it is more than 100 years.

    give me the email address to which I can send a photo violin!?

  72. great article about labels. Heavens, what a lot of fraud out there! What is fun though is that depending on who the copier is, the violin might be worth something!

  73. David,

    I have a violin that I believe is authentic. However, the only violin shop in my area is Bearden’s Violin Shop in St. Louis and their reputation is questionable. Who do you recommend I send my violin to in order to have it authenticated and possibly appraised?


  74. I bought a violin about 20 years ago with a label that reads Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1720 The 20 looks like script and it also has a circle with a cross and the letters AS in it. Does this have any value

  75. Hi, I have 3 violins I could use some help with.

    Joseph Guarnerius Fecit Cremonae anno 1707 HIS+

    Robert Gregson Blackburn 1904 Arte el labore

    I also have one I cannot find a label on, would you like me to take/send photos to follow for advice/ evaluation?
    Many thanks.

  76. I have a violin that my father had gotten at a rummage sale almost 80 years ago in upper state New York.It has paper in side that says Antonius Stradivarius,Made in Germany.Do you know the value?

  77. Hello. I have a full size violin with the following on a white label:
    Hand Crafted
    Made in China

    I am wondering what its value is? Thanks

  78. i recently purchased a violin baring label with #8xx & signature Paul Bailly ,this is is also handwritten on inside of back panel also. believe it to be circa 1890-91 by comparison to other examples. Believe with some surety that it is true to label knowing it belonged to the elderly gentleman’s father since new in London. I would value your opinion & posable appraisal, with thanks.

  79. I have a violin with the word Paganini 1817 written inside – No other label . Could you tell me the aproximate value.

  80. I have a question. I have an elderly friend who inherited a genuine Stratavarius. It is over 300 years old and was already confirmed. HOWEVER is damaged to include a broken neck. Because they are so rare, I would like to understand if it is still worth anything in its present condition or IF having it restored would decrease the value. She is petrified to even turn it over to anyone and I don’t blame her. Please let me know your thoughts. I am going to get pictures in the next few days and can share them if that is more helpful. I have to start somewhere.

  81. I have a violin bought for my mother as a child – it has metal pegs with gears and a handwritten paper label ” August Heinzel Breslan 1909″

    What can you tell me about it?

  82. I have a or what appears to be a very old Violin which is Labeled as a Stradivarius It is labeled either 1714 or 1719 the label is still very much attached and appears to be original. I have sent an online form to you with pictures just wanting to know if it is indeed Authentic. Thank You Lawrence

  83. Hi,

    We have a:

    Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis
    Faciebad Anno 1721

    I can send to you any images.
    What can you tell me about it.

  84. David Cycleback, another expert says in his blog that about 1755 wove paper was invented. This is a hundred years earlier than you say. I’m uncertain about labels in two Italian instruments made around 1783/93. They don’t necessarily look like laid paper but engravings on it make it even more difficult to identify. So wove paper labels could have been used earlier actually, no?

  85. I have what appears to be a John Albert Violin from 1866 that I would like to have appraised. Could you tell me how to go about it?

  86. I Have a Real Antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 1722 Germany .., I came From My Great Great Grand Mother I was just wondering what kinda price would a violin like this would be worth?

  87. My mother has a violin with the following printed inside (not on a label): Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 17 (with “26” handwritten next to the 17). There is a medal piece on the bottom/back o the violin that says “Made in Germany No 728940” Since the text inside the violin is printed and not on a label does this make it a copy?

  88. Hello, I bought a Giuseppe Fiorini in Guatemala from an Argentinian violinist that was going to give masterclasses for a week. He did not tell much information about the violin. All he mentioned is that he was selling it. I played it and I loved it! I find it very curious that the neck of the violin is very thin. Somtehing that also comes to my attention, in some areas the varnish seems to look like if the craks are painted with gold (you cannot tell by the pictures, my camera is not that good). Most letters are printed on the label of the violin, however, the letters “M.P:” and the numer “21” as in 1921, seem to be written by hand with a feather pen, perhaps. I recently moved to Chicago to obtain my Performance degree at UIC. I would appreciate if you could provide me with more information. I would like to know if I own a real Giuseppe Fiorini violin. Thank you!

  89. Hello, I have an old violin that I would like to find some information and price on it. Inside of the violin there is an old discolored name tag, ” Johannes Baptista Storioni” Turino 1738.
    On the back there is a hand carved Mission or Villa on a mountain top.
    Thank you for your time.
    Tom Bunting

  90. My cousin has a violin that looks alot like your picture above. The only markings on the violin are: HOPS. We are trying to connect our heritage and don’t want to sell. Can you tell me what the initials mean,where the violin was made by person and country, and how they came over from Europe.

  91. In my mothers estate we found a violin with something like the following on the inner label:
    Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1721 made in Bohemia. Is it a copy? is it worth anything?

  92. Hi,
    Have you ever seen a violin that had the year it was made pressed into the wood on the inside of the back plate and NOT written or printed on the label?
    While I’m certain I don’t have the experience that you do, I’ve worked on countless violins over the years and have never seen this before.
    Any info is greatly appreciated,

  93. I am from a place with history of the galleon trade during the 17th century a big history of the spanish route many spanish church, I know of someone with a violin that has the label Antonius Stradivarius, I can’t quite remember well, it might be Antonio Stradivari the antonius is written in red ink and different letters style as the stradivarius is in black ink and label style writing but the antonio or antonious is like hand written, when it play the sound dominates the other violin very crisp.just wondering…..

    • Hello Lorena, Thanks very much for the comment on our article. We very well may be able to help in determining what the violin may be worth at auction, but typically we would require photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: http://www.skinnerinc.com/selling/auction-evaluation-form/, if you are able. This will forward the information to our dedicated professional specialists on Fine Musical Instruments.

  94. Hi my name is Luis, and Im trying to find the value of a violin I was given. The label reads “Antonius Stradiuarius, Cremonenfis, Faciebat Anno 1731”. Any information you have would help me.
    Thank you.

  95. Hello. My friend recently bought a a violin from a garage sale in Western Australia,. Inside it is engraved. Nachamung Von,
    underneath Antonius Stradivarius, Fecit Anno 1705. Is this imitation worth anything as it is in good condition but unstrung and has a broken bow.

  96. Hi my name is Bobbie
    I have my great grandfathers violin. I was wondering if it has a value. It is a Antonio Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1706 this is the information on the inside of the violin. It also has a circle with A S with a cross in between the letters. It has two bows in a case of red velvet. I want to clean it I don’t know what cleaner can you recommend a cleaner.

  97. Good evening, I have a violin for restoration, and I also need an evaluation, you would be interested, or you could help me.

    Description: violin, marked Joseph Guarnerius Fecit, Cremonae Anno 1734 IHS, the two-piece narrow-wave back, the ribbing and similar roll, the middle grain top, the veneer a brown color, the length of the back 13. 15 / 16in., 355mm, with nickel bow mounted stamped Lupot, and case, three

  98. Dear Skinner! My question is easy. Is there some old Italian violin(viola), which was build on back with visible corner blocks (not fake). Are there some schools which do not adopted the Cremonese way of violin building?

  99. Dear Skinner. I sent you pictures and violin data. Which was special to my grandfather. I want to know how much the price is now. They are data as follows / violin
    Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis
    Faciebat Anno 1713
    Made in Czechoslovakia
    Ugnalas Brand
    Inside it is a poster with all this data.
    thank you my dear .

  100. I have one of those common A S C Faciebat Anno 17 “something” violins that’s a little different. . .the end of the neck is a carved head of a lion rather than the usual scroll.

    If it’s worth your time, I can send photos.


  101. I have an old piece that is labeled antonius stradivarius cremonensis faciebat anno 1736, then has an AS incircled.Has been in our family 70 years.Was wondering what it really is.

  102. I have what appears to be a hand made violin by W. C. Smith of South Norwalk, CT. The date is 1939. Can anyone give me an idea of it’s worth? Thank you

  103. My antique ASC anno-17 ?? made in Germany violin has the four string adjusting buttons on the back of the neck instead of two on each side. I have looked at a ton of pics on the internet and have yet to see one like it. Is this a unique thing or am I just looking in all the wrong places?

  104. I have a Violin that my Great great grandfather had back in the 1800’s and I would love to find out more about this violin I don’t know where to look or where to go and find out about this instrument could you please help me to find out more information.

  105. I have owned a Czechoslovakian made Strad copy since 1957. The sound post needed resetting and a piece of brown paper was found inside, ” Repaired by the Dutchman, 1803, Lunenburg.” I have been able to establish that such a builder existed in that area and died mid 1830’s. It has a nice sound, good sustain and volume. Were such violins reputed to be of particular quality.

  106. Yes I have a violin that has been passed down through family.Here are a few pictures.The inside has the Antonius Stradiuarius, Cremonenfis, Faciebat Anno 1718.

  107. Hello I have an Antonius Stradivarius Cremorienfis Faciebat Anno 17 my Grandfather bought when he was 7 at I beleive my father said from Sears but not sure do you have any idea the value?

  108. My husband was given this rather well used but very sad violin 50 years ago. Label reads
    Copy of
    Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis
    faciebat Anno 1719 H
    If it is not the real McCoy we could get it repaired for a student.

  109. Hi, I have a violin number for this model. I wanted to know how much it costs ,its model Joseph Guarnerius fecit anno 1713 made in Italy

  110. hello mr. david bonsey
    where can i send you pictures of my violin (antonius stradiuarius cremonensis faciebat anno 1734) to determine if it is original or valuable.
    thanks for your attention

  111. On the inside of my violin it says; Antonius Stradiuarius, Special Model, E L Ludowia. There is a “seal” type mark that looks like it is in ink and looks like it has a fancy G near the E.L. Ludowia. There is no date. The violin used to belong to my mother and she always said that she doubted it was worth anything, but she wasn’t sure. Should I pursue this further or is it probably just a copy and not worth anything?

  112. I have an original violin bought by my grandfather. It is a petrus schurlz fecit ratisbonae anno 1837 original case and bow.what is its value?

  113. Hello! As music teacher for 30+years, I’m getting ready to retire and upgrade my violin. This is my 1 and only violin. The label inside says D. Parker, Manchester 1972, the date written in by hand. It’s in very good condition. What do you think I could get for this violin?
    Thank you!

  114. Hi,
    I have a violin made in China in 1970’s and inside the label indicates Stradivarius… I bought it in Africa brand new with box . Do you have an idea about it. Thanks

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