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Listen to a Vermont Furniture Lecture by Philip Zea

Vermont Furniture

Rare and Important Bureau, Rutland, Vermont, Auctioned for $65,175

On August 13, in association with a highly regarded collection of Vermont Decorative Arts being offered at auction at Skinner the following day, we were lucky enough to welcome Philip Zea, who presented the lecture, “Cabinet Furniture in All its Variety: Vermont Craftsmanship, 1780-1850,” to about 70 attendees. Mr. Zea is President of Historic Deerfield, a noted scholar in the field of American Furniture and Decorative Arts, and an authority on the history of Vermont cabinetmaking. His well-received, informative, and often amusing talk can be heard here.

Listen to the full lecture by pressing the “play” button below.



Lecture recording and a selection of photos courtesy of Philip Zea, Historic Deerfield, www.historic-deerfield.org

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6 thoughts on “Listen to a Vermont Furniture Lecture by Philip Zea

  1. Very informative and interesting lecture. Too bad there was not a video link for the pictures being referred to in the lecture.

  2. I am a docent at Bayou Bend in Houston and have a real affection for Vermont. Therefore I would have loved to have seen the visuals that Philip Zea refers to. The docents traveled to Vermont several years ago for an extensive tour and I know they would all have appreciated the visuals.

  3. Kudos to Skinner for putting this online, but why in the world did they not video his talk? Zea is his usual informative self, but the commentary without the visuals is not nearly so useful. Ian

  4. although not being at this lecture and missing the visuals,I thought that the presentation was well thought out and really enjoyed the earlier discussion about Vermont’s 18th Century environment. It appears that Vermont furniture as with many other states was influenced by the decorative venue of the day and inflenced by the major New England Cities and very much influenced by the Scotch..(the people; not the drink) Mr. Zea did an excellent job! Thanks to Skinners for making this available to us.

  5. Thank you all for your words of appreciation, and we’re glad to hear that the lecture was such a hit. Phil Zea has kindly agreed to provide some of his images. We will be adding a gallery to this blog post later today. Stay tuned!

    • Very interesting lecture. But my attention lagged after a while( 1/2 hour?) because there should have been a video to go along with the lecture. Please do more such lectures but with a video.

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