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Top 5 Fine Art & Antiques Blog Posts this Holiday Season

The holidays are here, complete with great food, parties, and shopping excursions to find the perfect gift. When you feel like a break, read through these top five favorite blog articles written by Skinner expert appraisers during the busy fall auction season. Let us know which post was your favorite in the comments.

#5 Mature Wine vs. Young Wine: How Age Comes to Bear

Mature wine | Auction in Bostonby Marie Keep, Director of Fine Wines at Skinner, Inc.

There are few moments in the hectic tide of everyday life when a hush falls, you focus fully on one thing, and the world seems to stop. Drinking a mature wine as it is blooming in the glass can be one of those unexpected moments of transcendence. Granted, it is, after all, just a sip of a beverage, but the unexpected nature of the experience makes it that much more delightful.

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#4 Modern Design in Boston is Here to Stay

Bigelow & Kennard lamp, Boston, MA

by Jane Prentiss, Director of 20th Century Design at Skinner, Inc.

When most people think of Boston, they see visions of the Revolutionary war, Revere silver and Simon Willard clocks. But despite this traditional reputation, Boston has been home to some fabulous modern design. Take a tour of Fenway Studios, the Saturday Evening Girls Club, and glass-making studios.

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#3 Perfection in a Rare Guitar: the Martin D-45

Martin D-45 | Rare Guitarby David Bonsey, Director of Fine Musical Instruments at Skinner, Inc.

The Martin D-45 was the first guitar of the twentieth century to gain widespread popularity as a collector’s item. The fine workmanship and limited production make it a highly desirable rare instrument. Featured in the November 2011 Fine Musical Instruments auction, this guitar sold for $219,225.

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#2 Daguerreotypes Part I: Haunting, Beautiful, and Storied Pictures in the Early Photography Collection of Rod MacKenzie

daguerreotype hunters

by Stephen Fletcher, Executive Vice President and Director of American Furniture & Decorative Arts at Skinner, Inc.

The daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes in MacKenzie’s collection drew a crowd at the November 5th American Furniture & Decorative Arts auction. This daguerreotype of two hunters brought $18,960, well over the estimate. Stephen Fletcher writes, “Rod MacKenzie has a sophisticated taste for images that speak to him – and now to us – emotionally, historically, and artistically.”

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#1 My Top 5 Antique Truths: Debunking the Myths of Antiques Reality TV

Antique TV Showsby Karen Keane, CEO, Skinner, Inc.


Shady characters aren’t the norm and antique appraisals happen every day. These are just two of the truths you should know before tuning in to any antiques reality TV show. I’m a fan of these shows that entertain a lot, educate a little, and leave people wanting to know more about art, antiques, and auctions.

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