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Top 5 Fine Art & Antiques Blog Posts of the Summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is already over. In the midst of vacations and appraisal house calls, Skinner antiques & fine art experts found the time to write intriguing and informative blog posts. These are the top 5 most popular articles from June, July, and August. Read them for the first time or enjoy a re-read, then join the conversation by leaving a comment.

#5 Pointed Caps and Silver Hat Bands: Intriguing Finds in an Important Penobscot Indian Collection

Penobscot Indian Collectionby Douglas Deihl, Director of American Indian & Ethnographic Art at Skinner, Inc.

The rare peaked cap you see here was once worn by the Penobscot woman Mary Molasses. The cap is part of Dr. Frank T. Siebert’s extensive collection of Penobscot Indian material, which has been exhibited in museums and will be offered at auction on September 24th.

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#4 How to Decorate with Art Deco Glass

Art Deco glassby Jane Prentiss, Director of 20th Century Design at Skinner, Inc.

This summer, Jane Prentiss began a series of blog posts about the mid-century modern period, great design, and decorating with antiques. Which of the four Art Deco vases pictured in this post do you love most, and where would you place it in your home?

See the Vases

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#3 Why People Want More Fashion & Jewelry at Museums

Marsh Bird Broochby Gloria Lieberman, Vice President and Fine Jewelry expert at Skinner, Inc.

It seems as if fashion and jewelry are among the new trends for museums. The Alexander McQueen exhibit drew huge crowds in New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston became one of the first museums to devote an entire gallery and curator to Jewelry. Gloria Lieberman writes, “It can inspire your own wardrobe and fashion choices, and that’s one reason these exhibits are so popular.”

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#2 Antique Weathervanes, Part I: Horses, Roosters, and Cars… Oh My!

Antique Weathervanesby Stephen Fletcher, Vice President and Director of American Furniture & Decorative Arts at Skinner, Inc.

A veritable menagerie of weathervanes was available at the August 14th American antiques auction. Horses, roosters, cows, fish, stags, and more caught the attention of folk art collectors. Stephen Fletcher writes, “Collectors are most attracted to antique weathervanes that still have their original surface, and these are the most valuable weathervanes.”

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#1 Selling Antique Books, Part I: How to Tell a Rare Book From an Old Book

Selling Antique Booksby Stuart Whitehurst, Director of Books & Manuscripts at Skinner, Inc.

Do you have a ton of old books? Old books aren’t necessarily rare books. These three tips will help you start to sort out those that are potentially valuable. When you’ve finished this post, read Part II for eight more tips on what factors influence a book’s value.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Fine Art & Antiques Blog Posts of the Summer

  1. have an old book how can I tell if it’s worth anything –copyright 1897 by James D Richardson volume VII- compilation of the messages and papers of the presidents 1789-1902 published by BUREAU OF NATIONAL LITERATURE AND ART 1904

  2. I have an 1856 Noah Webster’s Dictionary, in fair to good condition. I am wondering what its value/worth might be. Thank you for your time.

    Mylene Grimm

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