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The Pawn Stars Effect, Part 2

Last week we met the overzealous and argumentative Dreamer, who often believes his antique is much more important than it is. The wide-eyed and hopeful Realist is separated from the Dreamer by the existence of a necessary trait when evaluating an antique in any way—an open mind.

The RealistThe Realist

The Realist comes with genuine curiosity about the object mixed with hopefulness and perhaps even doubtfulness about the object’s potential. That same openness of mind that caused him to walk through our door after seeing an object like his own on TV has also imbued him with moderately low expectations.

Opening Line
“You guys probably see people like me and my [spy camera / card table / samurai sword] all the time, and I hope not to waste too much of your time.”

The Interaction
The Realist has much of the research material that a dreamer has, but will sometimes not even bother to show it to you, as he has already convinced himself that his object is inferior in some way. His overall presentation as a result is earnest but lackluster. Like the Dreamer, the Realist often brings along a sidekick. But where the Dreamer’s sidekick is integral to the overall production, the Realist’s sidekick is usually just his lunch date and/or nephew. Sometimes the sidekick will sit in the car and pass the time playing Angry Birds on his/her iphone.

Appraisers oftentimes find ourselves convincing a Realist that his item is worth more than he might think. This is because any time doubt is cast on the realist’s original opinion that the spy camera / card table / samurai sword he saw on TV is just like his own, the Realist’s first reaction is to become, well, more realistic.

Results of a consignment
Generally good, and maybe 80% of this type will try auction. When the Realist is disappointed, it is usually because the appraiser has oversold the merits of his own thing to him. In the end, though, a typical conclusion to a Realist’s Skinner experience is “auctions are so fun!”

Are you a Realist? Tips for you…
Come on in to Skinner and show us what you’ve got! You’re definitely not wasting our time, and we love to see people with realistic expectations.

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