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  • The Gentleman’s Auction with WGBH’s Jared Bowen

The Gentleman's Auction with WGBH's Jared Bowen

Jared Bowen, Executive Arts Editor at WGBH

Throughout the past year, the team that runs The Gentleman’s Auction here at Skinner has invited collaboration with local Gentlemen of note. This time around, in a sale timed to coincide with the holidays, we are pleased to welcome Jared Bowen into the fold. Jared is Executive Arts Editor at WGBH and is the Emmy award-winning host of Open Studio with Jared Bowen, a weekly program covering all aspects of the arts. He is also a regular contributor to many platforms at WGBH, on the radio and the TV side.

In exchanges with Jared, at the outset of his involvement, we asked him to talk about what he surrounds himself with aesthetically – what he wears, what draws him in, what he makes a point to collect, what he has on his walls, and what he wishes he had in his life. The conversation was revealing. The breadth of Jared’s aesthetic interests are expansive – modern art, printmaking of all types, all things equestrian, travel posters, vintage barware, items with a connection to theatre, and an overall general sense of minimalism with room for an exception or two – Jared wrote “I’m typically a minimalist except when I’m not.”

Jared Bowen

As part of the collaboration, Jared joined us at Skinner’s Marlborough location for a behind-the-scenes walk through the warehouse and opportunity to see some of the thousands of objects in-house and awaiting auction. The visit was a great success – not knowing exactly what to expect, Jared was blown away by the tour, and the material filling the space. He looked enthusiastically through the objects in the sale and was also able to find a few things throughout the building to add to his group, including modern prints, a foxhunting painting or two, crystal decanters, an old large-format photograph of the Colonial Theatre (now The Emerson Colonial Theater, run by Jared’s alma mater), and a subtly complex walking stick, among a lot more.

We asked Jared to come back to talk, on camera, about the experience of working in this capacity at Skinner. He was typically convivial, erudite, and reflective, and we had a great conversation that included specific discussions about some of his favorite objects in the sale.

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