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‘Starter Cellars’ to Start your Wine Collection

Building a wine collection from scratch can be a daunting undertaking, which is why Skinner is introducing ‘Starter Cellars,’ giving bidders the resources to build an impressive wine list from the ground up.

Starter cellars are designed to fit within your interests and your cellar and are curated to allow for exploration, education and growth. The collections vary in bottle size, regions and vintages, giving you the flexibility to decide what type of collection you would like to build and the advantage of having bottles already aged ready to open and others to lie down and appreciate in value and drinkability.

“It’s a convenient and streamlined place for someone to begin who knows they want to have a wine collection but doesn’t know where to start. Consignors have been very receptive to the idea of passing along a legacy, something they built and now are passing along to a new wave of collectors,” says specialist, Anna Ward. 

Four starter cellars will be offered in our upcoming Fine Wines & Rare Spirits online auction running February 4th-13th. Two are worldwide explorations – a little of every region; one is Italian-influenced; and one that is for an urban cellar (someone who may have a wine fridge, but not a whole cellar).

Bottles in a starter cellar are curated on the basis of:

1. What is drinking well now
2. The classic regions, producers and vintages that should be in any collection
3. Wine that could be new and exciting to someone
4. Which wines bring gravitas to a cellar

You can contact Skinner’s Fine Wines Department for more information or if you would like to consign a starter cellar in a future sale. 

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