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Selling Antique Books, Part I: How to Tell a Rare Book From an Old Book

Works by William Faulkner including “The Mansion,” New York: Random House, first edition; Signed copy of “A Green Bough,” New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas; “Requiem for a Nun,” New York: Random House, 1951, first edition

“Help! I have a ton of old books!”

I’m an antique book appraiser, so I hear this phrase a lot, maybe eight or ten times a week. However, it doesn’t always inspire the excitement or anticipation that I usually feel at the start of a great antique book hunt. Old books aren’t necessarily rare books.

Let’s face it, our forebears read many more books than we do. Perhaps this is because we now have other things to do, like watch 500 channels of cable television, surf the internet, discover the great outdoors or participate in any number of other diversions that attract our attention. It isn’t my intention to pontificate about current social trends, but the point is that we read fewer books these days and many people wonder what to do with bookshelves and boxes containing their parents’ or grandparents’ treasured libraries.

When faced with an avalanche of “old books,” where do you begin sorting  the “wheat from the chaff” to ferret out valuable rarities? Here are the three questions you should answer before contacting a book appraiser or rare book auction house.

1. Were your parents or grandparents who accumulated this library book collectors, or book readers?

If your parents or grandparents were known collectors and have a listing of their library, chances are very good that they knew what information was important to document. With this information in hand, an antique book appraiser will have an excellent basis from which to ascertain current market value. This information will go a long way towards understanding the overall potential of the collection. If they weren’t collectors, but, say avid book readers, read on…

2. Do your books have dust jackets?

Let’s consider a typical wall of books collected in the post-Industrial Revolution era (after 1840). Look at your books. Do you see the existence of dust jackets around the covers? These are the eminently disposable paper wrappers that were universally found cladding books in the post-World War I era. This is the single most critical aspect (some would say ONLY aspect) of value that a 20th century book can possess.

When you consider the fragile nature of paper dust jackets, it is not difficult to see how quickly they can be lost or damaged over the course of a century. The presence of this paper wrapper can represent up to 95% of the value of a 20th century title. Collectors are also very conscious of the condition of these jackets. Edge chipping and small tears need to be protected from getting worse. Thus a secondary plastic sleeve may be necessary to protect the condition of a rare book going forward.

3. Are you familiar with the titles and authors?

Next, look at the titles. Are these books you’ve heard of? Catcher in the Rye? For Whom the Bell Tolls? Cannery Row? To Kill a Mockingbird? Given the relative ease of publishing books in the late 1800s and early 1900s, a plethora of books were printed that are irrelevant today. It doesn’t matter if the book is a first edition or a limited edition of “My Aunt Minnie’s Trip to Alaska” (fictitious title, here), unless the title has stood the test of time and could be considered a modern classic, it probably is not a collector’s item. Sort out titles that you recognize by authors you know or who are familiar. You’ll find that the “known” pile will be significantly smaller than the unknown pile, and that’s okay. You have completed a critical first step in the great book sort.

Consider Reading Part II, where I have explained eight things that help determine antique books’ value.

Notice about comments:

Thank you for your interest in Skinner. Due to the volume of comments, we are unable to continue to reply individually. Please check your book’s value online at one of the following websites: abebooks, alibris, biblio, addall


400 thoughts on “Selling Antique Books, Part I: How to Tell a Rare Book From an Old Book

    • Dear Dan,
      Take a deep breath and don’t panic. Many old saying come to mind such as “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, but that seems a little scary, too. I hope that they are all still on bookshelves. One thing that I didn’t mention was the fact that a book appraisal is infinitely easier if the books are still on shelves and NOT on tables or boxes.

      Do a “first sweep” and take out all the obviously low value books and you will be surprised how many are removed in this initial process. Then take a new look at the shelves. You will feel a lot better.

      By the way, please consider your local library with respect to donating books of low value. Even at a “quarter-a-book” they will generate much needed funds.

      • I have a set of books that are Shakespeare from 1807 I also have pics that I can email u I’m trying to find the value of these books here is some of what the inside page shows I can’t find another book like it anywhere or online please help me figure out what the value are of these books Shakespeare’s dramatic works 9vol edition 2nd printing complete with dr Samuel Johnson preface and notes that is what is written on inside page like I said I also have pictures I can send


          • Hello Devon,
            I recently bought a The Complete Work of Joseph Conrad, Canterbury Edition. It is all 26 volumes. I have looked online and could not find anyone with the full set. Most are missing the last few volumes. I was curious to know how much they are worth? If you have any information I would love to know.

            Thank you,
            Shasta Rutledge

          • I have a first edition “My Life” by Bill Clinton which I purchased when he was signing at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. Excellent condition never read or opened. Would this book have a value or is it one to hold onto for the grandchildren?

        • I own a rare book and it’s by Massimo D’Azeglio.Ettore Fieramosca/ La Disfida Di Barletta/Milano 1844…The corners of the book are in leather.There are 2 signatures on 2 pages.I want to know how much it is worth, today.It’s in fair condition.Can you do this for “FREE” ?

        • I had the complete works of Shakespere printed in Edinborough in aproximately 1878 it had a Green cover and had steel engraved etchings as pictures and it was stolen from me and probably sold for alot of money.

      • I do not know anything about old books except that some of them are very valuable. I have several vintage books but at the moment I am only dealing with 2 of them. The first one is a school workbook called “20th Century Workbook in Bible Study Old Testament”. It has a copyright of 1943 and was published by Benton Review Publishing Co., Inc. of Fowler Indiana. I have no clue if it is of any monetary value. The other one is a hardback called “Child’s Bible Reader” “Illustrated” It was copyrighted in 1950 and was published by The Southwestern Company in Nashville, Tenn. The author of this on is Charlotte M. Yonge. Both books have some wear. The workbook was actually used by my mom as a kid but most of the writing is in pencil. There are a couple places where my mom signed her name and it is autographed. The Reader is in fair condition but the spine has the fabric that covered it is gone. The spine is still there except for the fabric. Any help in valuing these 2 books would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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  2. Hello Stuart,
    If you are in the New York area in the next month, I would like you to stop here again to look at the books and choose some. As you may recall, my father was a book collector and some of his volumes are still on the shelves along with my many research books on decorative arts. When you were here last year for the furniture etc. I think you briefly browsed the shelves. I am aware that condition is everything so you may have passed over many.
    If you need a brief list of some titles, let me know. We enjoy seeing you explain the provenance of pieces on The Road Show. It is a real learning experience!
    Warmly, Mary Means Huber (Betsy’s mother)!

  3. Dear Stuart Whitehurst: Some things you fail to mention are author’s signatures & author personal inscriptions (Beyond “Hope you enjoy this”) in detrmining value/prices of collectible books. Sincerely, Anita

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  6. Dear Mr. Whitehurst,
    I am writing from Germany where I have been living for many years. My brother,Erwin Miller of Worcester, Ma. has given Skinner several items from our mother’s estate to be auctioned, including some Royal Dalton dinnerware, Silver Flatware service, a few autographs (which I hear were already sold), and some paintings, etc. My question to you concerns a collection of books on Leonardo da Vinci that my deceased husband built up through the years. The books are in different languages and the oldest dates from the 17th century. There are also the Windsor Castle books (limited edition, early 80’s). In all there are about 300 books, and I have been able to make an alphabical listing. I was thinking of putting this collection into a working library somewhere, or, of course, into the right collector’s hands, as we did with his “Struwelpeter” (Slovenly-Headed Peter, in English) collection. I have contacted an auction house here, but have gotten a negative response so far. Also, I am expected to bring the collection to the auction house (all 300). Have you, at Skinners, any European-German contacts with auction houses that I might turn to. I would appreciate your input very much.
    Yours, Edith Miller Heier

    • Edith,
      Thank you for your note. We’ll be in touch soon with some advice about placing your collection.

      • Hello!
        I sent an inquiry on Nov 28 about a collection of books on Leonardo da Vinci that my husband built up and was told you would reply with some information on contacts in Germany, where I live (near Hannover). Did I miss a reply??? Would appreciate hearing from you.
        Yours, Edith Miller Heier
        P.S. Skinner has auctioned several items from my mother’s estate in Worcester, Mass. and on Jan 14, her Worcester Chamberlain set will be featured.

      • Ill cut to the chase I have piles of old books in a attic that I moved into and found a bunch of books I have an 1843 purloined by edger allen poe orig shakesphere book lord byron to many to list how do I find a place to get them app

        • Clifford, It doesn’t sound like these are books of value. If you’d like an appraisal, please provide more information about the books. A pile of assorted books may be worth $35 – $50.

  7. Dear Mr. Whitehurst,

    I have 2 World War 1 editions from Women’s weekly published in 1918 and 1919.
    The first one is Liberty’s Victorious Conflict published 1918 its cover is damaged but the pages are still in excellent condition. The Second one is Freedom’s Truimph published 1919 it is still in good condition. Could you please tell me if they are worth anything at all or are the just dust collectors?

    Thank You
    Jamie Duty

  8. are biblical books of value? Bibles, Strongs concordance of the bible, some of these are dated back before world war I . There are so many different books of biblical nature I can’t list them all. Was wondering if there of any value at all.


    Connie Self

    • if they contain first testiments in the uk some are selling for more than 3,000 for that time and area but it depends speak uk antique book collectors, sellers

      • Question?
        Does the condition of the bible matter? I have a UK Bible, but it is falling apart.-the(binding.)The leather is also fragile with tears.
        Also…My Bible does not have a date, except 1807 after “Prefatory Note.” Is this a true date as to when the book was written?
        My Bible says it was written on India paper as well!
        Thank you,

  9. I have two books that I would love too get a value on. one is treasure island by robert louis stevenson. the next page has designed by oscar ogg. the special contents of this edition are copyright, 1947,by grosset&dunlap,inc. printed in kingsport tn. I also have a uncle remus his songs and sayings by joel chandler harris. inside it is copyright 1908,1921 by ester la rose harris thist book still still has original dust cover. both books are in very good shape. I would realy appreciate any thing you can tell me about these books

    • Thanks for your comment Oscar. Both works you mention are highly popular, and printed in numerous editions over the years. Generally speaking market value for rare or collectible books lies with the first editions, signed works by significant authors, original artwork and the like. Your copies of Treasure Island and Uncle Remus are of very modest value but definitely worth a read (or re-read). KAS

  10. I have an Audels New Autoomobile guide book that was copywriten in 1938,1939,1940, & 1942. I would like to know if it has value? All of the pages are there. The front and back cover is gone.

    • Elliot, Thanks for reading this blog post! Book collectors often look for volumes in pristine (or as near pristine as possible) condition. Intended to be read, and not necessarily carefully handled. When books are found in very good condition they’re more desirable to book collectors and more likely to appear in book auctions. From a quick web search, I found that copies of Audels New Automobile Guide in good condition, and not necessarily the 1938 first edition can be found starting at approximately $30. KAS

  11. I may have original copyright of Poems of the household by Margaret E. Sangster.I bought it about tweny years ago fom an old man that had a n antique store in his barn in Main.I woild like to put it on consigment. A masterpiece indeed. My favortie since I was eighteen years old. Can you help me?

    Thank you for your time,
    Maria E. Davis

    • Thanks for your comments Maria. From some quick research I wasn’t able to find auction records for your volume of late 19th century poetry. You’re welcome to submit more information through our online auction evaluation form. KAS

  12. Hi, I have a Geological & Topographical Atlas of the Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel by Clarence King dated 1876. It is large 33″x24″. Condition is fair. Would you have any interest in this folio? Thank you.

    • Allan, The Geological & Topographical Atlas of the Fortieth Parallel is regarded as a landmark survey that helped to spur interest and development of the natural resources found in America’s West. In 1879 Clarence King became the first director of the U.S. Geological Survey. As with all books we consider for Book Auctions, condition is a very important factor. Please feel free to use the online auction evaluation form to upload images and more details and I’ll be happy to opine as to a market value. KAS

  13. Hi, I have Bram Stoker’s Dracula copyright 1897, published by Grosset & Dunlap. It does not have a dust cover, not sure if it ever did. It is hard cover, orange with a black border around the front cover. Dracula is printed at the top and in all capital letters and Bram Stoker is printed at the bottom in all caps with a dot between Bram and Stoker. I was just wondering if it is rare or worth anything.

  14. Is the auction evaluation form only for books?

    I have a framed Czech sampler I would like to auction. Late 1800’s datewise.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. You may submit an auction evaluation form for any type of fine art or antiques. If your property meets Skinner’s auction criteria and minimum value level, we will contact you with auction estimates for the item.

      Here is a link to the form: https://www.skinnerinc.com/appraisals/form.asp

  15. I hvae a Gonw with the wind book that has the outer jacket and margaret mitchell stamps, I was wondering if you could tell me where to go to get it appraised. I do have a lettet Authenticity.

  16. I have two books from the 1936 Olympics (Winter and Summer). My deceased father in law was a photographer and left Germany to come to the US after WWII. He took one suitcase with these two books and his camera. His camera eye was removed for helping the Jews… therefore leaving him with a glass eye. We have no idea the value of these books. There are pictures of Jessie Owens, Queen Elizabeth, Hitler to name a few. The glued in pictures are amazing. I guess you would call this a proto type because of the black and white photos? The books are beutiful with several pictures. Everyone who has seen them are amazed and tell us that we should get them appraised. They look very valuable.

  17. I have a copy of Caldwell’s Illustrated Historical Atlas Adams CO.,Oh 1880
    I can’t even find this one anywhere on line. I know condition means a lot,, but
    is it even worth hours of research?


  18. I have what I believe to be a first edition of For Whom The Bell Tolls (1940 Charles Scribners). No dust jacket, no “A” under copyright info (but no other editions listed or statements re: second printing on copyright page), and condition is not perfect (ink initials of previous owner, small beverage stain on front). Would this be worth bringing to you for evaluation?
    I also have a copy of Return of the Native (Modern Library), inscription on first page lists a date of 1930.
    Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

  19. I’m in possession of the only known copy of the original of George Washington’s diary written in his first year as President. The copy has been discussed with that library. The copy came into my possession from a deceased friend, the grandson of the donor of the original: Mr. Joy, a well-known Michigan industrialist of a gone era. Question? Does the copy have value? Thank you.
    David R. Cudlip

  20. What about books that are written in foreign languages? I have a set of books in Russian that are listed in WorldCat, but I can’t find them in the US for sale anywhere so I have no idea how to value them appropriately.

    Also – what is the best way to get rid of that “musty book” smell? Or should I even try?

    • Forward the basic book information to me at books@skinnerinc.com. I can’t read Russian either, but I may be able to locate a past auction record.

      Musty book smell is very hard to banish. Ideally, store books in living areas. The basement is too humid and the attic is too hot. Avoid direct sunlight as well.

  21. Hi, I believed I have first edition of the book The Reminisences of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It was published in 1913 by The Century CO. Does it have value?

  22. Hello, i have several books from my late grandmother and great-grandmothers book collection. Mein Kampf 1941, Reynal and Hitchcock New York; Wuthering Heights 1891, The mershon Company (Colonial Press C.H. & Co. Boston Mass.); Gone With The Wind October 1936 (its stated how many times printed in oct 1936 (seven times)) just to name a few. can you tell me if they have any value today?

  23. Dear Mr. Whitehurst,

    I am writing from Indonesia. My deceased grandfather left books he collected since 1935. There are over than 150 books. More than a half of them are medical books and written in Dutch (he was a doctor) and the other half written in English. Some of them still have the dust jacket. I am very concern on his book collection, as I decide to sell them to the collector.

    The problem is, I am a newbie on selling antique books. I want to put this collection into the right collector’s hand, and set the right value, but still do not know how to. It is difficult to find an auction house here. Can you give me some advices? I would appreciate your help very much. Thank you, Mr. Whitehurst.

    Best regards,
    Astrie Jenie.

  24. One of my deceased grandfather’s book collection is Fifteen Decisive Battles of The World: a Military Classic, written by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy. Printed in Pennsylvania around 1940. I wonder, does it have value?

    Thank you.

    • To find out what your grandfather’s collection may be worth at auction, please select two or three books that look the most interesting or valuable, then submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: https://www.skinnerinc.com/appraisals/form.asp. The Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy book you mentioned likely has a value of less than $100, and is not something we would handle at auction.

  25. I have a copy of “Physiological Materia Medica” by Wm. H. Burt, from the Press of Mitruckers & Gross, 1880 (with owner’s name and Nov. 5, 1881 on inner page). The closest I can find is a 3rd edition. Leather and cloth binding with marbled end papers and edges. It is not in pristine but still intact and has several articles from other related scientific sources from the same period between some pages. Is this book worth submitting for auction or do you need pictures?
    Thank you.

  26. I have a 2 Vol edition of Land of the Midnight Sun by Paul B. Du Chaillu, Harper & Brothers 1881. It is dedicated to Robert Winthrop, Esq. It contains a foldout map of Sweden. Hardcover, no dustjacket if there ever was one. Thanks for any info about value.

  27. I just picked up a book today at a thrift shop because I love the illustrations (and am from the Brandywine Valley part of PA, so the Brandywine artists are familiar to me (Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, etc.). It is part of a 4-volume set by Howard Pyle. This one is “The Story of the Champions of the Round Table” in yellowish buckram with gold, gilt, and red front board and spine. Beautiful illustrations by Pyle, all bindings tight, minimal wear on corners….no foxing, excellent shape – Scribners’ 1905/1929. Can you tell me what the value may be? There’s a gift inscription on the first blank, from 1932. Other than that, it doesn’t even look like the book’s been read. Thank you for any information you can give me.

  28. I have one volume name A TEXT-BOOK OF X-RAY DIAGNOSIS BY BRITISH AUTHORS SECOND EDITION 1950 dedicated to the memory ofEdward Wing Twing. Hardcover

  29. We inherited a house full of old books. Some are 100 to 400 years old. Some are leather bound. Few are in pristine condition. Cataloguing these books seems a gargantuan task. Any advice?

    • Brenda, I advocate the “top ten” approach. Pick out the ten very best books to your eye. Choose the most famous authors, the oldest dates of publication, the most immaculate condition, the most striking and gorgeous illustrations, the fanciest leather bindings, the most fascinating or outrageous topics. This sampling will give us a place to start to get an idea about the value of the collection as a whole.

  30. Dear Devon,
    Thank you very much for your advice. It sounds like the most reasonable approach, and you’ve helped me see a tiny light at the end of tunnel.

  31. Hello…….I have For Whom The Bells Tolls by Ernest Heminway. It is hardback book in a hardback covering. In excellent condition with “A” on the third page, First Edition, 1940 copyright.
    Also, The Original Uncle Remus His Songs and His Sayings. Hardback red book with “A Thrushwood Book” in black printed on the front. It has a dust cover but in ok condition. Also printed on the inside pages is…..Trade Mark, Reg. U.S. PAT. OFFICES. New and Revised Edition. Illustrations by A.B. Frost – Publishers: Grosset & Dunlap NY
    Any information will be much apprecitated. Thanks

  32. How much would the following books be worth today?
    1.Readers Digest Condensed Books: Autumn 1955 Selections
    2. Readers Digest Condensed Books: Spring 1955 Selections
    3. Readers Digest Condensed Books: Summer 1955 Selections
    4. Readers Digest Condensed Books: Winter Selection Volume 1- 1956
    5. Readers Digest Condensed Books: Volume 2-1956
    6. Readers Digest Condensed Books: Volume 3-1956
    7. Readers Digest Condensed Books: Volume 4-1956

    • Thanks for the comment. These Readers Digest Condensed Books do not have significant value today, and are not something we would handle at auction.

  33. Hi! My grandfather was an immigrant from Poland and I now have his Bible. It is written in Polish and dated 1913 Berlin. It is worn but nifty-looking. I have no use for this book and don’t want to just put it in a storage box. Do you think anyone would have interest in purchasing it?

  34. i would like to say first and foremost, that i think your evaluations are honest and straight foward, now to the heart of the matter, i come from a predominatly royal family of americans, and am a decendent of john witherspoon the signitory of new jersey of the declaration of independence, and head of the presperteryan church in americas making and freedom of religion act, also head developer of agendas and ciricullums of princton university also was one the secret writer of the federlist which i have in my posessions of rare and first editions books i have been given a storage bin full of books ,paintings famous prints ceramics and fine porcelins with collectables of such different catogories ,from comics sports cards record albums some furniture peices etc. have inherited all these things and need a appraisals and value margins to put up for consignment to your resourceful outlets for sale of such valueble items . p.s still sorting out many items ,have the original life magazines of neil armstrongs space mission from first to last, printed .also have the commertive medels of apollo missions with his mission as first displayed medal peace and have a good night and e-mail me in the mornning also have very famous childern autographed books and the rareities of all for example snow white and the seven dwarfs 1937 edition numbered 10,000 of copies

    • so many books and not enough time to sought out need a specilist in feild of telling which ones are of great value the ones i should keep and the rest to donate p.s and that is the situation with all most all of items in my posesessions .


  36. I have an original 1936 copy of Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain by Edward Ardizzone. The binding is in poor shape but still intact. The lithographs are in good shape with only a small stain here and there. It’s from Oxford University Press and it’s only printed on every other page as I guess there was something with the humidity when they printed it, and they could only print on one side of the paper. I am very interested in selling this book and was wondering if there was anyone out there who collected these.

  37. I have an 1862 New York Bible Society New testament, carried by Jefferson Davis during the Civil War. I also have the history to prove it and how my family got it (given by J.D. himself after his capture.
    Inscription difficult to read now.

  38. Hello, I have a 1906 printing of The Communist Manifesto/No Compromise. It was owned by William W. Busick (a politician from the Socialist Party) who ran for office in Los Angeles in 1930. His name is penned inside the book. It was printed at two different Union shops in Chicago that were owned by William H. Kerr, who was was responsible for printing most of the Socialist books/newsletters at the time. I’m just wondering what it might be worth. Thank you!

    Pictures: http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/1677/communistmanifesto.jpg

  39. Hi,

    Do you know how much any of the Reader’s Digest books would sell for (if anything)? We have 10 of these books, looks like a series. Hardcover. 1993.

    ISBN: 0895774984
    Secrets of the Natural World (Quest for the Unknown)

    Thank you!

  40. Dear Sir,
    I have been asked by a friend of mine to enquire if there is any value in a collection of 5 volumes of the Illustrated Graphic Newspaper dated from 1889 – 1891 – They are bound in black leather and a little worse for wear, but the inside in is good condition and has no musty smell.
    I would appreiciate any help you can give me,
    Thank you,

  41. I have both books in the set of

    Three Years in Arctic Service
    by Adolphus Greely

    These aren’t in 100% condition, printed in 1886.
    The pages are all still intact, binding is a bit worn but still complete.
    The pages have darkened on the edges but are very clear inside.

    Most importantly, this set comes with a map and a back pocket to tuck it into.
    I still have the map and it has never been detached from the book, although it has suffered a small tear.

    At one point, I saw listings for a couple similar sets at widely varying prices but I can no longer find ANYTHING identical to them and I am out in the dark on their worth or where to sell them in Panhandle Florida.

    Please help if you can,
    I have been keeping them for almost 5 years already.

  42. I have a Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, publisher The MaCMillanTCompany, New York, Copyright 1936, renewed 1964 by Stephens Mitchell and Trust Company of Georgia as executors of Margaret Mitchell Marsh. The dust cover has a small tear; otherwise book looks new. The cover has a lady dress in the the 1930-40 old fashioned hat and nylon collar blouse that covers the neck. Question? Do I have a winner.

  43. When I was a young girl the woman that lived next door passed down The Beginners’s Reader that was given to her in 1902.
    This book was published by D.C. Heath & Co. .
    Copyright 1989 by Florence Baa.
    I am trying to find out if this book has value

    • Thanks for the comment. The value of The Beginner’s Reader is likely less than $100, and it is not something we would handle at auction.

  44. Hi,
    I got a book from a garage sale but cant find much information on it. I just graduated college and was donating books when I thought I would see if any had value. Have you ever come across “King Tut Dream Book Policy Player and Fortune Teller” Wholesale Book Corporation. On the inside cover it says This is the only copyright edition published 1966-1976


  45. Hi, I have a collection of American Heritage starting from Dec-1954 to Fall-2011. The issues from 1954 thru 1985 are books and the rest are mags. I also have an American Heritage 35-yr cumulative index 1954-1989, 45-yr Dec1954-1999,and a 50yr Dec 1954-2004.Also an American Heritage 35-yr chronological subject guide 1954-1989. Also a 5 yr index 1982-1987.And yet another American Heritage 50-yr cumulative index from1954-2004 on cd. Is any or all of this collectables or worth any kind of money. If so can you give me some options on where or how I can sell them. Thank you, Steven.

    • Thanks for the comment. These books are not something we would handle at auction and likely have a value of less than $100.

  46. hello i have an original copy of Ever New Stories For Children from 1916. mine is not in mint condition but i was curious as to the value of a decent quality copy

    • David – There’s a dealer with a copy in good condition for $1,000 retail. However, none have appeared at auction in over 30 years.

  47. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your article, it was very insightful. I have quite a few books that my father collected over 60 years ago while he traveled to different countries while in the military. I have books by Victor Hugo. In particular, I have Les Miserables. The books seem to have all of the aspects you mentioned in your article, however, I’m not sure. In addition, I was wondering if timing plays a part in how much a book is worth. For example, with the creation of the Academy Award movie Les Misearbles and all of its success, would the books be worth more now? I look forward to your response.

  48. I have a signed first edition of Churchill’s History of the English Speaking Peoples, Vol. 2, The New World, with the original sales slip. Does the sales slip add any value?

    John Dunlap

    • John, Thanks for the comment. Because this is only Volume 2 of the set, the value is likely less than $100 and it is not something we would handle at auction.

  49. I’ve got a few books I would like to know more about, value. One is the first edition, eight
    printing of Betty Crocker’s Good and Easy cook book. Next is Fifty Famous Fairy Stories.
    Copyright, MCMXLVI, MCMLIV, by Whitman Publishing Company. Last is Impatient Virgin
    Copyright 1931. Thank you.

  50. Is there a market for specialty antique books, in particular textbooks? I have a few in very good condition, circa-1890, with the stamp “authorized by the Education Department of Ontario” on the bottom, including High School Book-Keeping. I can find info about the textbooks online (old documents showing the approved books for students from this era), but nothing about modern day collectors. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment. These textbooks are not something we would handle at auction and likely have a value of less than $100.

  51. I have several books would like to know WHAT to do with- i.e. Longfellow’s Hiawatha Copyright 1898 and several more. Please advise, if I can sell them,& where I may go to do so. Thank you!

    • Mary – Thanks for the comment. These books are not something we would handle at auction and likely have a value of less than $100.

  52. I have an 1807 Balance Press, Hudson printing of “The Youth’s Companion, or an Historical Dictionary” By Ezra Sampson. All pages are intact. It shows its age but is in decent shape. Any Value?

  53. I have an old manuscript of a book … it is for about 800 years ago….
    It is the Literature book, and The name of the book is Masnavi (the Poetry of Molana)
    I think you know molana(Mewlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic.)
    Also in many of its page it has worked with gold.
    I ‘m in Iran and I want to sell it. And I want to know how its value?
    Thank you to guide me and said how Can I do that.

    I have an old manuscript of a book … it is for about 800 years ago….
    It is the Literature book, and The name of the book is Masnavi (the Poetry of Molana)
    I think you know molana(Mewlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic.)
    Also in many of its page it has worked with gold.
    I ‘m in Iran and I want to sell it. And I want to know how its value?
    Thank you to guide me and said how Can I do that.

      • dear Devon Gray

        tanks so much to guide me
        just I have some problem to send my photos and information
        when I want to submit my form, it gets error!
        what should I do?
        can you get me an email and I send my information and photos to someone?
        tanks to guide me…

        • Sina, We apologize for the difficulty you experienced with the online form. I’ll follow up with you over email to assist you.

  54. Hi Devon,

    Wow do I hope you can help!
    I have a medical book that was written by a head nurse from Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa (where the first hearts transplant was performed). The book is called Theatre Technique (for nurses and students added on the inside) and was written by Gladys Solomon in 1938 – the year the hospital opened and before it became word famous.

    The book was written to guide nurses in setting up a makeshift theatre where no hospital was available. It has illustrations of medical implements in black and white (hand drawn and printed)

    There is no indication of publication date in the book. I have contacted both the publishers and printers and neither have any database of this book.

    Can you tell me if this book is valuable? I believe it to be very rare as printing and publishing books at that time in South Africa was no small feat.

    It has a foreword by Charles FM Saint – Senior Surgeon at the hospital at the time.

    • The story of this South African medical book is very interesting, but it’s worth something like $30. It’s not a book we would offer at auction.

  55. I recently came into possession of a copy of Swiss Family Robinson, dated 1899, the author is not located on the spine, or on the front page, the book is not in great condition, but it is in good condition, the original binding is still intact, but there is a cover page that is separating. It is illustrated, and the publisher is Henry Altimus of Philadelphia. As you can tell, my curiosity is peaked on this book, what I would like to know, is what the book is worth, and should I hang onto it?

    • if its first original print in uk its worth around 240 maybe, even when some books are first print they can be a follow up of the original authors story.

    • Swiss Family Robinson was first published under that title in English in 1818, so an edition that is 81 years after the first would not be collectible on the rare book market. It’s the kind of book that a secondhand book dealer would charge $50 for in good condition.

  56. What about books in other languages? I have a book titled “Das Fürstentum Sardhana” by “NOTI, Severin”. I’ve looked high and low but it is so difficult to find a price for this book! The book itself is in fine condition I just don’t know where to go from here.

    • Thanks for the comment, Andrew. The value of this book is likely less than $100, and it is not something we would handle at auction.

  57. Hi
    I have the complete first original prints of aunt judy’s volumes magazines in perfect condition shelved 19th century range from 1866, do you have any idea how much there worth.

  58. I’ve 2 very old books > 1. Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’………
    & 2. Milton’s ‘Paradise Regained’…..
    r these also “RARE BOOKS”….??
    If so, then, I want 2 sell them 4 affordable price……
    Genuine Buyers can contact me in my e-mail…..
    I’m from Kolkata/India…….
    I’ve also some more books in dilapidated condition,which also I want 2 SELL…….

  59. I just located 2 sets of books my mother owned,she had stored them in the attic. I was wondering if there is a value to either set. First set is a set of miniature works by Shakespeare there are 20 3 1/4 X 2 1/4 inch,published by Knickerbocker & Leather Novelties,NY, also included is a book entitled “Fragments for Young People”, published in 1851, by Lane & Scott. The second set is a semi-hard cover using silk. It is an 11 vol. set by Orison Swett Marden.Each book has a separate publishing date variing from late 1800-1910. Is there any resale value here? Thank you (PS condition is fair I would guess I am not a book collector though I do admire them.)

    • Thanks for the comment, Stanley. These sets of books are not something we would handle at auction and likely have a value of less than $100.

  60. Dear Devon:

    I have a copy of Elements of astronomy: Descriptive and physical by: Hervey Wilbur. It is dated 1831 a second copy. First copy is 1829. I lived in Vermont when I acquired it. The gentleman at the local antique book shop had told me there were three copies; one at Harvard’s Library, one that sold from a rare/antique book seller I forget the state, and the one I have. Is it worth to have it appraised by your company? The one that sold went for 2300$

    Christopher Patti

    • Copies of Wilbur’s Elements of Astronomy are currently available on the retail market for $140-$72 (editions from 1831 to 1835). This book is not something we would handle at auction.

  61. Looking to sell First additions of In Cold Blood and The Thanksgiving Visitor signed by Truman Capote. Got any suggestions. Could use some Help!

  62. I have a set of old encycolpedia’s and would like to know if they are of any value.
    Collier’s New Encyclopedia, 10 bound volumes supplemented by a loose leaf volume, profusely illustrared color front pieces, ninety-six fold out maps.
    Anniversary edition,copyright 1921,1926,1928,1929.
    By P.S. Collier & Son Co.
    Manufactured in USA
    Green with gold antiquing.

  63. I have an old book on dress making, very good condition, some tearing on the spine,slight yellowing on the pages but compleyely intact. Many illustrations.
    Art of Dressmaking
    The Butterick publishing Company, New York. Entered at Stationers’ Hall,London,England
    Copyright 1927 Printed in NY,New York

    • Hi Cindy, Your encyclopedia and your book on dress making are both not of high value and are not books we would offer at auction.

      • Thank you so much for your time. I have since learned more about how to tell if a book has any value. I have come across more boxes of very old books in my parents attic and I will be sure to research them better before taking up any more of your time.
        Thanks again, Cindy

  64. I have The Works of Charles Dickens 1-34 , 1905, printed from the Edition that was carefully corrected by the Author in 1867 and 1868, New York Charles Scribner’s Sons with introduction and notes by Andrew Lang with original illustrations tissue covered. 5 vol’s with slight tears on spine, others are in good condition All gold gilt. Looking for help with value.

  65. I have read some of the comments and this site gave
    Me some ideas to recognize antique books .So I have some
    Old books with I got it from my
    G/father .if some one is interested to buy p/l let me know .

  66. Hi Devon,

    I have a very old copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and would like to discuss selling it with you – I will be taking it out of storage this week. Also, I have an copy of; Law and Order in Industry(1916,Cohen). I browsed various used book sites like you recommended and could no find it. However, I did notice that it has been republished several times. Just curious as to its value, if any.

    Thank you for your time,
    Brandon Blond

  67. I have a book called the poetical works of John Milton
    Edited with a biographical introduction by dr. John Bradshaw
    George bell and sons 1899
    It’s in 2 volumes and I have both
    Could you tell me the value of these please?

  68. I have a book entitled Some Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival of Religion in New England 1742 by Jonathan Edwards. I know it is valuable, but I don’t know where to begin to sell it.

  69. Dear Sir,

    I have two books that I have had over 50+ years and am wondering if they might be worth anything. Both books are in good condition. One book is “James Carvel” by Winston Churchill, published in 1899 and inside the front cover has been written “Cornelia Wetmore Chapell – July 3rd, 1899”. Book number two is “Lorna Doone” (both Vol I and II in book) written by R. D. Blackmore, published in 1893 and with illustrations by Frank T. Merrill.

    Any information about these books would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  70. Hello, I have a signed 1934 copy of Anne Herrick by john Patrick lally. Nice condition but no dust jacket. I’m having a difficult time finding much about it. Thank you for your time.

  71. Hello Sir,
    I found a book “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey publisher August 1941 hard back I think first edition The Viking Press Inc. also there was a invitation for Robert McCloskey to attend as honored guest at a parade by Historic Neighborhoods Foundation in Boston Massachusetts. I just Wanted to know is it his first book.

    • The true first edition is very valuable when found with the dust jacket, i.e., approximately $4,000 for a copy with the dust jacket in poor condition, and approximately $8,000 for a copy with a dust jacket in good condition. It is also important for establishing edition that the dust jacket NOT have the Caldecott award sticker. To provide an opinion on your edition, I would need photographs of the title page and the copyright page. Without the dust jacket, the value would be much lower, more like $500. This is not McCloskey’s first published work, Lentil came out in 1940.

    • Hello mrs devon gray, how can I get picture to you I never done this before, also the invitation to attend as s honored guest is this something is old as the book. Do I send copy of the picture to by mail tell me how can I get this to you.

  72. Hi, I have a French edition from 1682 of Suite du Troisieme Voyage de Jean Struys. It seems to be part of a series of books as it is marked Chapitre XXVIII (Chapter 28). Dated 1682 with original cover, marbleised paper interior cover. Front page and back page are in poor condition as is the cover, however the rest of the book seems good. I have photographs available.

    I’m hoping to sell and have no idea of value. This book was in a box of books I inherited, all in French and from the 17th, 18th, and early 19th century. About 12 books total. This is the only one from Jean Struys.

  73. Hey,

    I am a pastor and have been at a church this week in Newark, NJ that was built 150 years ago. We have been working to clean out some rooms amongst other things. When we got to one of their rooms that looks like it used to be a library of sorts we found tons of old books. They wanted us to throw them out because they are old and taking up space. I asked if I could have some they said sure. I started with the oldest books from the 1820’s and 1830’s and worked my way up until the 20th century. I ended up leaving with 3 boxes of books and they told me I could take more tomorrow. Not sure if any of them are valuable. Most are religious books. The coolest find is a complete commentary set from 1887 and it is in great shape. Some of the books are signed or have hand written notes in the front. Some of the books are falling apart but they are old.

    Any advice? Should I look for something in particular with religious scholarly works pretty much from the 1850’s-1950’s?

    Any hints or help at all would be very helpful…



  74. Hi I have about 15 or so 1950-1979 book club editions of Dr. Seuss books.
    I looked them up online but am unsure if I’m looking up the right information. One of “The Lorax” books
    I have is copy 232 I believe. Please get back with me and email as soon as possible. I’m very curious about finding out some worth of these amazing books.

  75. Hi there,

    My family just brought acreage and whilst clearing out the old homestead we found 1936-1938 editions of women weekly magazines in great condition.
    I’m not sure if you would know if they are worth anything but just thought I’d ask??

    Thank you for your help 🙂

    Kind regards

    Sarah Veli-Gold

  76. I have a book by James Main Dixon, M.A., F.R.S.E dated before 1932 (hardcover)
    I do not know how to see the publication dated.

    Does this book worth something?

  77. I have the complete set of “The ocean world of Jacques Cousteau” published by Dansbury Press in 1973. I believe these are all first edition. I have seen price per volume ranging from $10.00-$100.00 ea. They did not come with dust covers and other then aging are in good or better condition. How do I find the value with such a wide range.

    • It is complicated to determine the values of books. Edition, condition, binding, association, and any other special qualities and features must be considered and evaluated. The same exact edition of the same book can vary widely in value. A first edition of a 20th century poetry book in poor condition with no dust jacket might be worth about $150, whereas the same in excellent condition, in the original dust jacket could be worth closer to $500, and the same again inscribed by the poet to another important poet can achieve a price in the five-figure range. Everything changes again when considering retail pricing as opposed to auction results. The Jacques Cousteau books haven’t been sold at rare book auctions to date, and therefore do not have records for auction results. This is fairly common for 20th century books. When looking at dealers’ offerings on the internet, the complete twenty volume set in good condition has a high retail asking price of about $300. This sounds like a reliable benchmark for comparison. Individual volumes will vary. Copies signed by Cousteau would be worth somewhat more. Incomplete sets, separate volumes, and copies in bad condition would be worth significantly less.

  78. Please Help! I have been researching an old book i found hidden on a shelf in a resale shop a couple months back. I have found out through research only one library in America has a copy. But i also noticed it says its praha in 1902 when experts told me theres only two publications of this book which is 1880/1881 and 1903 but mine says praha 1902. Please help im totally lost. the books title is DO KARTOUZ BY PETRA KOPAL its hard cover and in great shape for its age. I have no idea if this book is rare or how much its worth. its Czech but is stamped inside saying made in Czechoslovakia even though at the time of its publication Czechoslovakia was turned into the Czech Republic. This book just never matches up to what im told or what i research. is there a possibility that the book is an original? Please help!!

  79. also is this something worth selling and if so how much do you think it would be worth?

    • Ashley, I did find a reference to a 1902 edition of Petr Kopal’s Do Kartouz in a Czech bibliography, although it does not seem to be held in that edition in any American libraries, it certainly does exist. This isn’t the first edition, because there are copies in American libraries of the 1880, 1881, and 1903 editions. I also found reference in a Czech library to an 1877 edition, maybe this is the first. Although the 1902 edition is rare in American libraries, it is known, and because the text is obtainable, and earlier editions do exist, it would not be particularly sought-after. Not all rare books are collected or valuable, unfortunately, and those by obscure late-nineteenth to 20th century authors who are not particularly remembered and who wrote in languages read by a small minority of the population have minimal value.

      • i have found out that petr kopal was an ordained priest who was wrongfully convicted of two crimes once pardoned and the other pardoned by en emperor. I also found out that he was very famous in his time and that he wrote catholic texts. So even though he as very famous in his time for his works his books still would have minimal value? if i were to sell the book what kind of price would i sell it for, im a very honest person and wouldnt want to rip any paticular buyer off by having a wrong price set on it. could you possibly give me an appropriate price range on the book? thank you ever so much for the first reply and hope to hear from you again.

  80. I purchased two books from an elderly gentelman. He is a holocost servivor of jewish/russian decent. The books are in russian. I am unable to read them, but they look like some kind of atl they contain maps of all continants. The only thing i can read is the date: 1955. Thé books are in great condition. I’m very curious to find out exactly what they are. where do you think i should start as far as finding out about them?

    • Donna, In order to assess the books, you will need someone who can read Russian. Books from the 1950s are unlikely to be very valuable, but if you can determine which works you have, you will be one step closer to finding the value. Even so, the value will probably not be very great, as the market in foreign-language books from the 20th century is not very strong.

  81. I have a 1909 (not 1917) first edition of the Scofield Study Bible. It is in excellent condition. Would it be considered rare?

  82. I have a ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ written by Lewis Carroll, copyright 1899. The book includes the color illustrations. Is this worth any value?

  83. I also have a hardcopy, with jacket, of The Velveteen Rabbit. It is not dated but was published by Doubleday & Company, Inc.

  84. I have a 1899 Official History of The United States By The Presidents. I have been searching the net and can not find anything. Could you tell me anything?
    Thank you

  85. I have what I think is an original signed copy of the 14th “Annual Report” Of the Bureau of Ethnology; by J.W. Powell. 1892-93. Part 1. And Part 2. Part one has the signature of JW Powell. These two books came from the collection of my Great Grandfather who was a book collector.

    Any suggestions on how I can determine if the books are rare and value?

  86. I have questions about about two different items. First, I found a book in very good condition (the pages are perfect and the cover has a little bit of damage on the front cover corners and the top of the spine, but everything else is in good order. It is Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer written for Montgomery Ward by Robert l. May. Illustrated by Denver Gillen Facsimile Edition Applewood Books. Reprinted with permission of modern curriculum Press c 1939, 1967 by Robert l. May Company (it does have the elves helping to pack the sleigh on page 6–I’m not sure if that is important, but I saw other editions that seemed to have differences there). Is this book valuable at all? I’ve never seen another one.

    Also,I have a set of 1911 books that were published by F. A. Owen Publishing Company. There apparently was a 200 volume set with Leather bound covers holding 20 volumes each(I believe they used to tie with ribbons to hold the volumes in the cover). I have the first 5 leather binders containing all but a few of the books (91 of 100) PLUS 13 of the books of what I think may be the 6th volume (although I have no cover for these extra books). I also have 3 duplicate books. The covers for each individual book looks like a thick kind of waxed linen.

    Each Book has “Instructor Literature Series” on the top front cover and F.A. Owen Publishing Co. Dansville, NY on the bottom.

    The leather volume covers say “Junior Instructor” on the top front and small “graded reader” in the middle front. The spine has “Junior Instructor Library” (top) “Graded to Age” plus the vol. # (middle) and F.A. Owen Publishing Co(bottom). these books belonged to my uncle and mother when they were young and then my mother gave them to me when I was a child. It’s a great series and I wondered if they might be vary valuable.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas about eiter of the items. thanks.

  87. I have a book, “Mary Davies and the Manor of Ebury”, by Charles t. Gatty, F.S.A., without a date on the inside. Published by The Waverley Book Company, Ltd. Volume One. “With Eight Photogravure Plates and Thirty-one other illustrations”. Excellent condition. I’m wondering about the worth of this book.

  88. have a wheres princess diana and prince charles book cant find hardcopy. What is paperback worth?

  89. I have signed copies of “Maria” published by Creation House in 1972 , “A Family On Wheels” published by J.B. Lippincott in 1959 and “Yesterday Today and Forever” published by J.B. Lippincott in 1952 by Maria (Von) Trapp. They are all in good condition except for an irregular hole torn in the dust jacket of “A Family On Wheels”. I was curious of their value. Thank you!

  90. I have a signed copy of “Helen Keller The Story of My Life”. The editor/author is John Macy. The book was published by Country Life Press, Garden City, NY in 1902, 1903, and 1905. It is a hardcover copy, the front of the dust jacket is in fair condition, the rest of it is missing. Miss Keller signed the book on 4/23/36 to my Grandfather.
    I have many other older books dating back to the mid-late 1800’s.

  91. Hello. I have come upon a 3 book series- 1st edtion form 1900 written my Esther Singleton. they are abolutley beautiful. One title in the series is– Great pictures as described my Great Writers. Publisher is Dodd Mead. Should i keep for my own library or consider selling?

  92. I have a book with a title – Voices of the Night Ballads and Other Poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published by Thomas Y. Crowell & Company New York. I can’t find this book anywhere on the web. Is it rare and what might this book be worth ? It is in good shape and there is some minor damage to the spine. There are 295 pages of poems and then a catalogue of books offered for sale by the publisher. Any help is appreciated.

  93. Hello: I have a mini book: 2″x1-1/4″x3/4″ thick, 254 pages. “History of the Bible”; Hartford Published by Henry Benton; 1824. I am unable to find any information on it.

    Thank you for any help you may be able to extend

    marianne prabel

  94. I have both volumes of Picturesque America by William C. Bryant, they’re in fairly good condition considering there age. I bought theses fron a consignment shop and would like to find out there value, do you have any suggestions?

    I would appreciate a reply, Thank You.

  95. I have, I believe a salesman sample book Thompson & Hood, Chicago Ill. it consists of 5 different books and is in a binding that snaps shut, the books inside are,BABY’S ANIMAL ALPHABET, by John Delius,AUNT MARY’S DELIGHTFUL BIBLE STORIES, NEW SPEAKER FOR THE LITTLE FOLKS by Maud M. Jackson,POPULAR AMUSEMENTS ,By Nellie R. Mustain and POEMS THAT NEVER DIE, by Margaret M. Browning..the book is in overall good condition and I have never seen anything like this, it is copyright 1902, By L.G.Stahl, I would appreciate any information you could supply me on this item,value etc. Thank you very much. Wendy singleton

  96. I have an original 1894 Three Singers by Mary Earle Hardy. No joke. If you think it’s worth something , shoot me an email please. It is in great shape for the age, just slightly bent corners. I know this is a rare and sought after book. However; I would like to sell it. If you’re interested, find some history and significance and relay it to me. I’m curious.

  97. Hello!. My name is kirsten. I came across an old book my grandfather has kept for many years. It was published in 1856. Its in german. The title is das nibelungenlied. Im clueless on how to go about finding more info on this book. Im trying to sell it so anything u know about it wld b greatly apprectiated!.

  98. I have a book on the binding says wonders of the invisible world mather london 1693. Inside the first uncut page says tryals of several witches. The front page of the book has a note hand written in ink lot 1351 of the Menzies sale 1876.blue morroco gift top uncut by f bedford. a beautiful copy and of the greatest varity in un cut condition. O.O.X
    underneath the script says something unreadable then by Ogden Goelch. Is this of interest?

  99. i have a signed martin luther king book “Stride towards freedom” but its not a first addition dust jacket is not in the best shape….how is it worth?

  100. Is there a book library or somewhere I could donate very old books? I have books from the 1600 and 1700s and they are falling apart. I do not think I am the person to care for them. Would people buy books whose cover had separated from the binding?

  101. I have a book from 1828 titled Gazetter of Massachusetts containing a General View of the State. It appears to be all there, but the cover is in poor condition, the pages have some foxing and some scotch tape has been used to hold the title page in. I’m wondering if it has any value and if it would be worth while having some restoration work done on it.

  102. Recently lost a family member, in going throughthe books,
    i came across a lg. book, titled A History of the Civil War
    by Benson J. Lossing LLD. Published in Sixteen sections, with
    many pictures in B&W, and Color. I live in N.J.
    Is there some place i could take this book for an eval.???
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  103. I have many old German books that belonged to a high ranking military General Auer Von Herrenkirchen. Among them are hand written letters and notes from High ranking Military leaders from the Franco Prussian War. I also have autographed books from well known German authors from before 1900. I also have many many art prints and books of prints. There is a book from 1722 on chemestry and Nature that I can only find in Harvary Library. Where can I go for help on apprasials.. I sold a 1530 Prayers and Psalms of David for $500 and i think i made a big mistake. It still had the dust jacket on it.

  104. Greetings,
    I have a book I believe was published somewhere between 1799 and 1858 It’s name is Napoleon Bonaparte by Charles Macfarlane. However I have seen the same title and so on on the interweb, I have yet to come across any with the description of such as this. It, unlike the versions I have seen, is brown. It is also illustrated (not in color)and has 386 pages rather than the usual 310. On the binding there is a depiction of a lions head holding with in his mouth a round ring from which hangs a sign on which states “Illustrated” It seems as though a book worm did quite literally get into it, but none of the damage done was sever. The cover is indeed worn, but still clearly states with beautiful illustrations all in which it stands for. It also seems as though it was apart of a series originally. The binding is still very well intact. The Edge has some wear but nothing severe at all. It also seems as though the cover is fashioned out of some sort of pressed fabric.
    Thank you for your time.

  105. i have a book at least 1700 years old from persia, it’s 40 pages, pages are leather, can you give estimate price please

  106. I have a book called Garden of the Soul dated 1873 and it has a photo of the Pope back then. I want to know if the book is worth anything.

    I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you.



  107. Wondering about the value of my 12-volume set of Fielding, 1783 edition, pretty decent leather bindings.

  108. We have several old first and second edition books. One is a gray cover called The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin, edited by Katharine Lee Bates. Also we have a Registered Trade Mark with a Lion circled drawing instrument Tokyo No. 251. We are trying to find the value of these two first off. Many more to come. I would appreciate your input please. Thank you.

  109. I know that the 1916 library of Health published by the “historical publishing co.” is not in high demand, but I cannot seem to find a style that matches mine on the internet. The cover stamp is round rather than oblong as seen on all other books. There is the signature (may be stamped?) of B. Frank Scholl and there is water-coloring on the outer edge of pages (quite pretty in my opinion). Can anyone explain why this is different than books I have seen on the internet? They are the same are they not?

  110. My daughter in law has two books.. The Biggle Berry Book and the Biggle Horse book copyright 1894. in excellent condition and I’ve read that the originals are very scarce. can you tell me if they are of any value?

  111. I have inherited many old books, none have dust covers. I am wondering if they have any value. “Hand-Book of Etiquette for Gentlemen” 1850,”The wedding Gift on the Duties and Pleasures of Domestic Life” Gould Kendall & Lincoln (no date), “An Enquiry into the Duties of the Female Sex” by Thomas Gisborne 1847,
    ‘Cyclopedia of the Best Thoughts of Charles Dickens” 1873, “Life of Abraham Lincoln” by Joseph H. Barrett 1865, are a few of them.I would very much appreciate your opinion. Thank You

  112. dear friends…..I have a very old books in Persian leguage… this book is a prosnol library of shahjahan and on the last page for this book stamp of shahjahan available… and this books writed in 1055 hijri…. so i want a sale this book…. best writing, color,and gold polished…. so content me…… plz thank you

  113. I have an old book that I’ve tried to find online without success. Its called “The American Citizens Manual” and the date on it is 1868. I’ve found info on the printer, which is listed as Geo. C. Rand & Avery, but that is it…

  114. I have some old books published in early 1900. One of them is “Lectures on the Pilgrims Progress” by Cheever. Inside the book there is a hand signature in pencil dated in Aug 23, 1900. I have another set of books (Vol 1-3) “The stream of History” by Geoffry Parsons printed in 1929. All books have hard over in good shape. I was wondering what would the prices of these books.

  115. I am in possession of a old book from which the paper/pages contains the watermark ‘ Pro Patria ‘.
    Is it of any value?

  116. Mr. Gray
    Thx for your web site.
    I, too, have books! The one that leaps out is my dad’s “Tom Swift and his Air Glider” – Victor Appleton. Anything to it?

    Also a “collection” (8-10 +/-) International Adventure Library. Example: “The Crystal Shopper”, “Confessions of Arsene Lupin”, “The Teeth of the Tiger” all by Maurice LeBlanc.

    One other: “The Sky Pilot in No Man’s Land” – Ralh Connor

    All circa 1912-1919

    Your thoughts appreciated
    Brian Wilson

  117. Hi! My mother passed away last year and I got her well read hardback copy without dust cover of Gone with the wind, printed in Great Britain by London McMillan and Co Company. It has NO title on the front and the outside is green. It does have a title with the author’s name on the side. I can not find a similar copy anywhere on the internet….any idea if it is worth anything besides the emotional value it has to me? Thank you so much for any input you can give me.

  118. I own a book by Ernest Hemingway ” For whom the bell tolls” His signature is on the cover It’s in perfect condition.Some say that it can be worth 18.000 dollars or more.Is this true? Also I own: Ettore Fieramosca / La Disfida di BarlHow much is it worth? etta by “Massimo D’Azeglio (Milan 1844)The book cover is like leather.I also own the book ” The woman he loved: The story of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor” by Ralph G. Martin,What is this one worth? I also own ” Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriett Beecher Stowe.How much can I get for this one? I also own the book ” Emile Nelligan” Poesies Completes” texte etabli & annote par Luc Lacourciere…At the beginning of the book is a photo of Emile Nelligan & his signature…Collection Nenuphar…How much for this one?

  119. Greetings!

    I own Missale Romanum, Pustet from 1884 in excelent shape 36.5×26. Book is in original Latin writing, with ornamental borders, has tons of gilt illustrations, front page is gilted and there are 4 metal bumps, and on side two gilt brass buckles. How can I clearly be sure on its rarity and its value? I am able to provide photos of book if someone is interested.


  120. I have a 2 vol set of books by author arabella argus title ostentation and liberality Published by Willian Darton 1821. They are illustrated and in fair condition Both are complete 216 pages.

  121. I have an old book and have searched for quite some time and am unable to locate the book. Title: Our Savior and Catholic teachings, first edition, publisher: gay brothers and Company, published April 19, 1879. Thank you. Sincerely, B Smith

  122. Have several “old” or “rare” books, and would like to know the value of three of them.
    Uncle Remus and His Friends, by Joel Chandler Harris, Illustrated by A.B. Frost, Boston & New York Houghton Mifflin Co., The Tribeside Press Cambridge, c1892. In good condition.
    An Evening with Dickens; Sherwin Cody Schoool of English; Rochester, NY., c1927; and Gems from Whittier, Boston; DeWolfe, Fisket & Co.,1904; both in fair condition. Would like to hear from someone out there.

  123. We have a 1866 book, Monteith’s manual of geography .. barnes & noble. This book has been signed by Andrew Johnson, president of the US. It is not in perfect condition, it’s old & shows it.
    We just wonder if it has any value? Thanks, Cathy & Liz

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  125. Hi – I have a book “The Practical Word-Book Spelling and Pronunciation for Advanced Classes published by the Ellis Publishing CO. – LTD Battle Creek, Mich. Does it have any value? Thank you. – Connie

  126. HELLO HELLO…. READ PLEASE!!!! I have a close friend that just recently showed me a book that just amazes me and i am in AHHHHHHH about it. We are trying to find someone who would appraise it for us. He has had it hid and put up in hidding afraid of someone wanting to steal it. He has a CONGRESSIONAL BILBLE is believed to belong at one time to the JOHN WILKES BOOTH family. Inside are recets inside the bible dating back in mid 1800s. It also has locks of braided hairs inside, letters from congress. It is very old and fraggile. This is apart of our nations history and we really would love for someone to be able to apprase it for him. It was handed down to him from his grandmother years ago and she never would tell him how she recieved it. Please contact me back. OH Yes….. the recets in the bible has names of the name BOOTH on them. Everything thats in the bible refers to the Booth family. Thank you

  127. Hi there.

    I have a first edition copy of Will Durant’s The Mansions of Philosophy signed by the author. Can you please tell me if this has any value and if it is something that you would possibly offer up at auction?

    Let me know what you think.

  128. I’m Rob and recently moved to the West Coast but left behind some items for an auctioneer to help me sell. The auction is tonight and following is the link to images of the many and varied items. Rosewood clock, solid Pewter Chandelier, pottery, rugs…

    But…there is a single collection of gorgeous antique books from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries with considerable value historically. Here’s the write-up I sent the auctioneer.

    ‘Complete library collected by family of great American prominence. Edith Hancock, great, great grandniece of John Hancock, married William (Bill) Bogart, and they had a charming daughter named Olive (my ancestor). Bill, not a shabby figure himself, was a conservator and founder of Bogart Construction which restored a most of New England’s historic landmarks . I have some of his work separate from this collection.

    In fact, the family names are peppered throughout the books along with dedications from friends of other prominent Bostonian families.

    Fabulous array of Masterworks to Poems, Travel books and Speeches, and all gorgeously bound and untampered with. They are authored by the famous to more obscure (sometimes even more interesting). There are just shy of150volumes and values range from $20 to $2500 based on age, condition, scarcity, and popularity. Many 1st Editions and some signed by authors.Highly ornamented and illustrated. Picturesque America, Poems of Longfellow, Pictorial History of the World’s Great Nations, Irving to Ivanhoe; name any book that ought to be in a proper library and it’s here.

    We’re planning to send this note to members of the Hancock family as well to see if we might get a few new stories or two to add to our own’.

  129. I have a German psalter from 1777. It has some penciled-in births, deaths and tornado events from as far back as 1778.

    Is this worth chasing an appraisal? I am in NYC…

    Thanks in advance!

  130. My husband’s grandfather, born in 1861, had a collection of Civil War books. My elderly in-laws lived with us many years ago, and because we purchased a larger house with lots of storage to accommodate them, we had no idea that they had left this whole collection with us. We sold half of the collection to Powell’s books, here in Portland. I’ve now sent Powell’s a listing of the latest Civil War books that we discovered downstairs. Had I known that we had a whole collection, we could have probably sold the whole collection for a good price. However, we have 4 books that I feel are especially valuable. They are the Personal Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman, copyrighted 1890 & then 1891; Memoirs of Robert E. Lee – His Military & Personal History, by A.L. Long, copyright 1886; Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Vol. I & II, copyright 1885. Vol. I has a message and his signature written by U.S. Grant himself. I didn’t notice this at first, but a friend noticed it and I was really shocked. It looks very authentic to me, and I doubt that my husband’s grandfather, Robert Julian Bagby, born 1861, would do anything to alter the book. I might even check with the Smithsonian on this book, as that’s pretty amazing to have a book signed by U.S. Grant. Do you have any idea what the value of these books would be, especially U.S. Grant’s books?

    • Nancy, These sets are nice but do not carry a value range that would make them appropriate for a rare book auction. Many people are fooled by that inscription in Grant’s works. It is mechanically printed, every copy of the book contains this reproduction of Grant’s handwritten message. By the time this book was published, Grant was dead. Working with a generalist would probably still serve you well. If you happen to find something extraordinary, for example, Alexander Gardner’s Sketch Book of the Civil War, let us know!

  131. Hello,
    I have an old book which was gifted to an ancestor in 1895.
    Bell’s Dictionary and Digest of the Laws Of Scotland
    seventh edition by George Watson, M.A.
    A boxed set: Windsor Classic Library, a boxed collection of gold leafed children’s classic books. perfect condition as books kept boxed and not read. Classics include: Black Beauty, The Black Tulip, Barchester Towers, Two Years Before the Mast, Oliver Twist, Gulliver’s Travels,The Mill on the Floss, King Arthur’s Knights, Quo Vadis, Lord Jim, Heidi, Huckleberry Finn, The Scarlet Letter, Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde-Weir of Harmiston, The Talisman
    Please advise if these may be worth getting valued, thanks Rose NZ

  132. I have in my possession a book, ANSTIS Order of the Garter, Vol 1, Published 1724. The inside front page states, ” The Register of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, From it’s Cover in Black Velvet, Usually called the Black Book; With notes placed at the bottom of the pages, and an Introduction Prefixed by the Editor.”
    It was printed by John Barber upon Lambeth-hill, MDCCXXIV.
    It is leather bound hardcover, approx 16″X 20″. The leather has one slightly torn spot on the back cover. The inside pages are in excellent condition, with none torn or missing. I also have a letter from the British Information Services, an agency of the British Government, Reference Division dated May 1954, with
    ID 1195, detailing information about the Order of the Garter.
    I would be very interested in knowing of this book has any value.
    Thank you for any information you might be able to give me.

    • Anne, Here is a bibliographical reference on this book: http://estc.bl.uk/T140331
      This book should be a two volume set and include fourteen plates. If it is complete, consists of both volumes, and is in good condition, it would have an auction value range of $300-400. The letter is not valuable.

  133. I have a copyright 1888 by Cupples and Hurd very old book — Margaret and the Singer’s Story. What would be the value of this particular book? Thanks

  134. I acquired a very old David Book of Psalms with music. It has stictchings along the sides of it, very old, and the owner was documenting what she was doing dates back to 1870. What is the value on this particular book? I could send a picture of it if I had information as to where to send. Please advise….Thanks


  135. I have a collection of Corpus Juris Secundum’s, excellent condition 1962. What would be the value on these law books? Please advise…

  136. I have an oxford English dictionary, 150 years old in hard cover and in good condition.
    This book is in my family since my paternal grand father went to England to complete his studies.
    I would be very interested in knowing if this dictionary has any value.
    I will highly appreciate for any information which you might be able to give me.

  137. I have an old Thaliyola book ( Indian old book with leaf as medium)containing Aurveda medicinal script. The book contains details about almost all the deceases its ayurvedic medicine its preparation side effects etc. I would like to know the approximate value of the book and the way to sell it through auction.Please give me information. Thank you

  138. Hello,
    I have a very old leather book that I believe was published in 1691 in London. It is:
    Spiritual Melody by Benjamin Keach

    Mr. Keach was a significant Baptist theologian in the 17th century. Born 1640. Died 1704.

    The research I did revealed that this was printed for John Handcock, in Castle-alley, near Royal Exchange in Cornhill. 1691. The book is on microfilm under British Baptist Material call #M2136.k43 1691

    My copy is very fragile. It is missing part of the first page but all other pages are there.

    Any help with placing a value on this book is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

  139. I have Robert’s rules of order from 1943,fitzgeralds legislative manual state of new jersey 1949 and national dictionary by noah Webster business English 1942. who would buy these books. found them in a tote in parents attic..

  140. I have a first edition copy of Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant (only one of the volumes though). I acquired it from my grandmother’s library when she passed away……she was an avid antique collector. I am having trouble figuring out how much just one of the volumes would be worth.

    • Ally, This book is not of high value and is not something Skinner would offer at auction. Depending on whether or not it’s a deluxe publisher’s edition and it’s condition, it may be worth $250-$500. You may be able to find out more about your book on a used book website: abebooks, alibris, biblio, addall

  141. Can you tell me what this book is worth? The Complete Book of Sewing by Constance Talbot, published in NY in 1943. I has a dust jacket that has wear and tear around the edges.

  142. I just found a box with a six volume set of E Phillip Oppenheimer mysteries. They are bound in “Red Colliertex”. Published by P F Collier & Son around 1940. Don’t think they have ever been read. Tissue paper around each edition like a book jacket. Worth anything or should I just enjoy reading them? Thanks!

    • Carol, this author has a high retail value of about $30-$40, for editions from the teens. Go ahead and enjoy reading them!

  143. I own a farm in Normandie, FR that has been in my husband’s family for approximately 150 years. In that time, a VAST library has accumulated. I would say we have between three and four large personal libraries’ worth of books. We are beginning a major restoration this year and modern living (not to mention my aesthetic) simply do not bear so many books!

    Although I very much appreciate your suggestions for beginning a culling, I am unsure of where to start with so many first edition, leather bound, complete sets ranging from about 1820 to 1930. Some of them are obviously a wreck of mold and simply need to be burned. Many, however, are beautiful. I find it difficult to believe that someone with a love of a particular author might not want them. Volumes such as complete works of Dumas et Fils with uncut pages, Victor Hugo, Jules Verne, Booth Tarkington (hilariously), etc. The sets, in English and French, are endless. I am quite sure most of these have no value to speak of, but I am still loath to just dispose of them.

    An additional minor complication is that many of the books were owned by the American Impressionist painter Frederick Freiseke, a beaumonde of his day in France. We have found books of great and medium value amongst the piles–which we do not intend to sell or we have already donated to museums–making it slightly more difficult to cavalierly discard at whim. (I have found letters from very famous writers tucked into random deteriorating books I pull off shelves–which doesn’t help me make decisions about where to begin.)

    Do you have any suggestions about whether to even bother attempting to find a home for these books? They are too antiquated for modern libraries and not of great enough value to auction. It seems that if I or my assistant were to attempt to sell them it would be a full-time job to manage. What do others do in similar situations? I truly understand why no one has undertaken the task of dealing with all of them in generations!

    Any and all thoughts welcome. Thank you kindly.

    • Mme. Kilmer, It sounds like you need a rare book expert to make a house call for an on-site consultation. I don’t know anyone in Normandie, but I would suggest asking around to see if you can find a nearby book person.

  144. Hi,unsure if this is best given to Charity shop,back to the Church of Ireland or sold to buy my family a new home!

    Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.Printed June 1930.Belfast

    For Members of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

    257 pages including index
    printed at the `Witness` office,Royal Avenue Belfast

    Exercise book style cover, Fair condition.

    • Kevin, Books like this have very little value, even in good condition. It’s okay to give it to the charity shop!

  145. I have a one of a kind book written by my aunt, Charlotte Doudna Friend. It is called The Wandering Years, excerpts from Cliff Friend’s Diary. My uncle, Cliff Friend was a song writer and is in the Song Writer’s Hall of Fame and has several records in the Library of Congress. His works include, The Merry Go Round Broke Down and Love Sick Blues. This book is a history lesson in music.

  146. We found these books after my husband dad passed away and we are unsure if they are worth anything:
    A book of famous Fairy Tales third edition 1901, 1902
    Tarzan of the Apes 1914
    The jungle book (with german swastika stamp)1893, 1894
    The second jungle book (also with swastika stamp) 1895
    Would these be worth looking into?

  147. I have a 1910 book, African Game Trails by Theadore Roosevelt.
    It is signed by him, but the outside hardback have broke off.
    Is it worth anything and if so where would I be able to sell it.

  148. i think i have a original vol1 1861 The History and Antiquities Of The Doric Race by C.O.Muller…it has a time stamp of 1937 and a raised seal for a library…is this book of any value…thank you

  149. We were going through my grandmothers belongings after she passed away and found a very old copy of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. The inscription on the first page has a Rdx over 100 in the corner. It was given to a father from his children for Christmas and it is dated December 25th 1902. It is all in one volume and is illustrated. I can’t find a date or number from the publisher though, I wasn’t sure if the Rdx was maybe some kind of tracking number? The cover has some wear on the binding and he front pages are a bit lose where the glue has disintegrated, otherwise the rest of the book is in really good condition. Any thoughts on the value or is it just a pretty book to look at? I don’t plan on selling it since it did belong to my grandmother, but I am curious as to if I should live it on my shelf or put it somewhere for safe keeping. Thanks!

  150. I have found a small book, 314 pages. Called Słówka. Author is Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski. There is no dust jacket, nothing on the front cover. Just on the spine it says “BOY SŁÓWKA and on the bottom ROY”. I can’t find any publish date in it, just Roy Publishers – New York and Printed in United States.

    I found a lot of other editions for sale cheap but can’t find anything that matches how this looks.

  151. I have some old Eugene Field prose and verse dated late 1890’s- one of only one hundred sets- mine is number 90. I have no idea if they are worth anything. Also a set of novels by H De Balzac- also late 1800’s- have no idea if they are of any value.

  152. I have this very rare book of which I can find no 1st editions. Introduction to the New Testament by John David Michaelis vol. III Part I, F. and C. Rivington ,1802, I was wondering about value.

  153. Hi there,
    I inherited a copy of webster’s imperial dictionary (1907-08). It’s huge! Unfortunately, the cover is no longer secured to it, and the pages are quite brittle. Do you suppose it has any value, whether monetary or educational? I’d be pleased to donate it.

  154. I havre recently come in possession with. A set of quarterly cumulative index, 4 books from 1916-1919. They were being thrown out of a library. What kind of value would they have?

  155. Good morning. I have recently acquired a dozen or so old German books (children’s stories, exercise books, etc.). For example, one is “Der Ausreisser” and has an inscription in the front cover which includes the date 1909. The book is about 7″ x 5″ and has a coloured drawing on the cover of a soldier in a tricorn hat with a black companion. Both are carrying rifles. The pages are somewhat yellow, but are all still attached to the spine and inside cover sheets. Could you tell me if this has any value other than my personal interest? Many thanks. Rose

  156. i bought a house back in the year 1963 in that place was a load of old books i have many sets of good reading books are many of the old writers one set is of STEVENSON YEAR1885 THESE ARE IN EXCELLENT SHAPE
    THIS WAS A HOUSE OWNED Ban A SENATOR OF NEW YORK AND HIS WIFE IT WAS A SUMMER HOME. I HAVE SENSE SOLD THE HOUSE i have so many books to go through yet. IS IT POSSIBLE THEY HAVE ANY WORTH I need to sell this place reason i need to sell all the books i’am 86 years old and my Daughter wants to have me move by her.

  157. Hello,
    I have a book titled Yesterdays with Authors by James T. Fields. Title page has New Illustrated Edition on it. The tissues are there with each illustration. The book is green board with gold banner and gilded edges. There is slight cracking at the inside front cover seam. The date is 1871. I am just getting into about 2,000 books my mother left me. Thanks so much. Debbie

  158. Hi I have two dusty books leather cover thick papers hand written and both have very nice drawing pictures I couldn’t read what’s written because it’s written in Hebrew I think their’ re hand written I believe they are between 300 to 600 years old but I’m not sure I’m willing to send you some pictures if you have the ability to decide their age and worth i will send the photos with the dimensions once you replyed.


  159. I have an advance edition from the Donohue, Henneberry & Company publication of “The Treasure Island” by Robt. L. Stevenson. I read about the advance editions, and determined by the address of the publisher that it was published from 1890-1891. I saw a picture of the advance editions and my book looks exactly like it. I found one other book exactly like it online listed for roughly $2400.00. Yet, a first edition of Treasure Island from the same company seems to be only worth 14.00 on Abe books. I don’t know what to think. Any thoughts?

  160. I have an old german bible that was actually made in chicago. I don’t know how old it is seeing as it is in german. I think it is from the 1800s because the cover resembles others from that era. Would you know how much i could get for it?

  161. Hello. I have 2 books that Im wanting to know their value. Both children’s books. The first, is The lion, the witch and the wardrobe by CS Lewis, has its dust jacket and says, third printing 1955.
    the second is Island of the blue dolphins by Scott O’dell. it has its dust jacket and has been signed by the author.it also says, third printing. 1960.
    thank you!

  162. Dear Sir, I have a book Called “Reynaurd the fox of the ghost heath run” It is by john mansfield. published 1919. It has a seal on the title page that says advanced copy not for resale for preview. Does it have any value to it?

  163. I have a very good condition Tarkington royal edition 1900-1913, I wanted to know the value of such a book, It is blue with a royal crest on the cover and is in excellent condition. The title is The beautiful lady, Please assist me in seeking the value. Thank you much,


  164. I have seen a Manly P Hall Secret Teaching of the Ages – It is the subscribers edition 1928 but does not have the page (not missing) where it shows the number of the book i.e. 200 of 550. I believe it might be a printing that was made like an advance copy version. This is not a reproduction/reissue nor the 2nd masonic or 3rd hermetic printing.

    Would you have any knowledge of a version such as this and what value it would be?

  165. Morning I have the complete six volume set of William Rotch Ware The Georgian Period in excellent cond. 1923 hard cover would like to sell or placed in your auction want to know a rough appraisal thanks

  166. I have a really small book by Fredrich Schiller titled Zum 100 Todestage. It is like the size of a half dollar. I cant find it online and I want to know what the value of it is?

    I also have a first edition of Agnes Repplier’s The Fireside Sphinx with illustrations by E. Bonsall.

  167. i have a 1776 martin luther bible printed in german it is leather with 2 metal clasps has a cracked binding other than that it is complete with all pages ..trying to see if their is any value for it..if so where can i sell it

  168. I have a book pub by Grosset and Dunlap it has over 1400 Pages Its call The complete works of William Shakespeare with the famous temple notes. the book is black and in excellence cond. I can’t fine it on the enter net Can anyone tell me what I have and the value? thanks charley and year.

  169. I just celebrated my 77th birthday, but I still remember finding this cocpyt of the The Joyful Life (by Margaret Sangster) when an old bookcase filled with books on assorted topics appeared at our home. It came from the home of my grandparents, who had immigrated from Eastern Europe and probably only learned to converse in English after they arrived in Canada. In other words, this particular book probably had little meaning for them other than the significance of having a book-filled piece of furniture in their home.

    I was in my early teens when I first paid attention to those books, but what attracted my eye to this book was the gold illuminated title and authors’ name on the blue linen hard cover. But after opening the book it was the beautifully calligraphied gift dedication that fascinated me so much that as an adult, I learned the art of penmanship myself, from a former commercial artist who was in his 80s when I enrolled in his class. Although my interest in calligraphy eventually earned earned me fair amount of money locally, his illuminated certificates, diplomas and other “works of art” were presented to royalty, political figures and other dignitaries around the world (according to him and copies of the documents he proudly showed us as proof.

    Since books like this one (and several others from that bookcase) hold no interest for my adult kids or grandkids, I’m considering selling it. This copy was published by the A. Wessels Company in N.Y. with a copyright date of 19o3 (above the name American Tract Society).

    The dedication begins: “To my esteemed friend (followed by the name of the recipient and presenter) and is dated “Xmas 1907.”

    The only sign of wear on the books is what looks like age-related fading along the edges of the fabric at the top, bottom and spine of the book. Any idea of the value of this 108-year-old gem?

    Thanks for any information and/or suggestions you can offer.


  170. Hello,
    My father just gave me three small, red-velvet covered Bibles that belonged to my great-grandmother, and apparently to someone else before her, since there is a gold centerpiece on each engraved with the name “Frances Ann,” not her name. It looks like they were purchased at a London Book Dealer–it says “Lawford Bookseller-Saville Passage” on a sticker on the inside cover. All three Bibles (one is actually a Book of Common Prayer) appear to have gold edged pages, but they are actually fore-painted–I think that is the term. In any case, when one bends down the edges of the pages, a color painting appears. I am interested if these books would be valuable and also wondering if it makes sense to repair them. The spines are a bit weak and one front cover has come off completely.
    Many thanks,
    Ellen Elsen


  172. Hi, I have a book titled:”The Illustrated Girl’s Own-Story Book”
    published London, Ward and Lock, 1861.
    Blue leather bound with gold embossing with some wear that I would like to find a value for. Any ideas of what it would be worth? Or where I could find some info?
    I have tried researching it online, without any luck.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


  173. I recently received some books from my great grandfathers estate. Some are the old Uncle Wiggly stories targeted toward children but i did find one gem. A mint condition copy of the Grapes of Wraith that is lacking an edition number anywhere in the book. I was wondering if you could inform me to the best type of business I would approach about having the book reviewed. There are a few used book stores and i believe an antique store in the area near me. Thank you for your time

  174. I have inherited an antique book,but I’m not sure of it’s value. I have seen sites rate it from $75-$475. That is a huge difference.The book is called Lariat Letters by Myra E. McDermott-Stvenson, published in 1907, and illustrated by Zella Bey Meins. It is in wonderful condition, covered in brown linen/cloth and tied with a piece of rawhide on the bind. I want to sell this book, but I do not know it’s value. Thank you.

  175. I have an old Oxford Dictionary called”Oxford International Dictionary of The English Language” Unabridged

    Prepared by William Little, revised and edited by C.T. Onions, published in 1957. The first assemble it yourself edition of the shorter oxford dictionary. Is this of any value?



  176. i have a book that i found it is in swedish all i know about it is as follows: Sions Basun: Psalmer Och Sånger Till Guds Församlings Tjänst, Utgifna Af Svenska Ev. Missionsförbundet I Amerika (Swedish Edition). it also says north park college chicago ill 1922. if u could please let me know any information about it i would appreciate it thank you

  177. I came across a copy of “The Count of Monte Cristo” Four Volumes in one – The Heritage Press 1941. Illustrations by Lynd Ward. Comes with slip cover – however, I’m not sure if it is original as it has a shinny brown cover. I’ve seen prices from $69-140 US and was wondering how accurate these values are. My copy is in good shape with separation at the inside front – cover & pages.

  178. I have a copy of Deutschlands Heer and Flotte in Wort und Bild.

    Gustav Sigel

    Copyright 1899 by The Werner Company

    Other than very minor water damage (?) on the bottom of the (approximately) first 40 pages, it is in excellent condition.

    Thank you.

    How would I go about getting it appraised and selling it?

  179. Help please.I have a book that i have just been able to find a very small amount of info on i haVE ONLY been able to find info on 1 page in the 10 years i have looked off and on online it is The works of Shakespeare complete i have not been able to find any images only one place had the info on the book right Frontispiece portrait lettered: Jackman. Other illustrations by R.T. Sperry.
    World Manufacturing Co. in imprints dated 1878 to 1885.
    “Selected, where commentators have differed as to the sense of obscured or doubtful passages, from those readings which the ablest critics believe to be the most Shakespearian and best suited to a popular edition ; with illustrations.”
    Text in three columns.
    Includes glossary.
    Description: 357 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill., port. ; 30 cm.
    Other Titles: Works.
    Works of Shakespeare complete
    this is the book that i have any info or what to do would be great

  180. My dad has a Holy Bible that was given to him in the early 60’s by a man that he had done a favor for, the man said that Earnest Hemmingway had given it to him. My father gave it to my grandmother in 1965 and was given back to him before her death. It is a large white bible, printed by The Family and Home Press, Philadelphia 5, Pennsylvania, I can’t find the date it was printed, the only date in it is in a phrase that states, “The text conformable to that of the edition of 1611 commonly known as the authorized of King James Version” I know that isn’t the date of print, but did they at one time print bibles without printing the print date? Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Sandra

  181. I have a hard cover copy of Wm Elliot Griffis, ” Corea Without and Within”, published in 1888 by Presbyterian Board of Publication, Philadelphia. It is in very good condition and, I believe it to be a first edition. I was told it probably is the only copy still in public circulation. Can you estimate the value?
    Thank you.

  182. I have a binder containing helpful advice, vol 1-24 of ‘Hanger Flying for P-38 Pilots’, produced by Lockheed Corporation, during WWll. Excellent condition. Any idea of the value?

  183. I have a 1929 edition of The Outermost House by Beston. The copy is autographed. But, what is most interesting is the jacket. The paper is gray with a pink sea fan on the back wrapping to the biding and a white coral-like image on the cover (small area on the lower left). The binding has a handwritten label of cream-colored paper with The Outermost House by Henry Beston and a small “Y”-like logo beneath it. Though the label is printed, several of the letters appear similar to letters in the signature/dedication. I have always thought this was a special book given to a very special friend–which I know to be true. Can you tell me anything about it?

  184. Dear Sir I he recently come across an old Readers Digest book. The copyright date is 1940. The title is The Readers Digest Reader published by Doubleday Doran. Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt. Is in very good condition. Could you say it might be worth anything. Thank You Sandra Giddens

  185. I have a rag book that was printed August 1st 1900. It is called 20th Century Songs (A Collection of Popular Songs with Standard Hymns). I am trying to determine it’s value, but coming up short. Can you help?

  186. We have Londina Illustrata published 1819 by Robert Wilkinson and
    Theatrum Illustrata published 1925 by Robert Wilkinson and just trying
    to determine approximate value and how to sell. Would appreciate
    any advice/recommendations you may have to offer. Thank you.

  187. I have this old book, By George Fullerton, Sydney 1889. Fourth Edition . ( The Family Medical Guid.) I would like to know if it has any value.

  188. I have a copy of Introductio in Universam Geographiam tam by Philippi Cluver in very good condition I would like to know it’s value.

  189. I would like to sell a full set of Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia,
    published by F.E. Compton & Co, Chicago, 1936 Edition, first publication 1922. I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t do online

  190. I have 2 books dated from 1899 that were my step-fathers. He was 87 when he passed in 2003. One is a book of poems and one looks like a hymnal from a church. Both have tissue paper insert covering the front inside cover information.
    Just wondering what something like these might be worth??

  191. I have an old book Carpenters Zoology Vol 1 printed on 1848 and signed and dated by a person in 1852. Do you think its of much value?

  192. So I have an old book a bible it has a map of jerusalem in the back perhaps dated in the 1885 but i believe it’s German or Danish I can’t find anything online its a bible just need help or someone to email so I can figure out something more about this book . someone please help maybe some one can give me a number to call so I can ask

  193. I have a first edition published in 1907 by Aston Rivers – “The Book Of Living Poets” , Walter Jerrod.

  194. I have a book it says E.K. Spencer on the cover.the inside pages say The Union Magazine July,1847.the tips of the pages are gold.I can email you pictures if you’d like? I love old books and recently started to collect them. Was wondering if you knew anything about this book? I appreciate any details about it. Thank you.

  195. I have a collection of brand new Readers Digest books written in German printed in late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Would they have any monetary value please?

  196. I have a Study Guide for Nutrition for Life. When I looked up the value on Abe Books its is listed as both $110.35 & $888.67 for used editions. I have 10 New editions. It seems this study guide, written by a different author (Kim Aaronson) than the text. I would like to sell them, but I am not sure how to go about it.

  197. Hello,

    I have Reader’s Digest Dictionary & Encyclopaedia in three volumes from Oxford university.Printed in 1964 (first edition).The condition of all volumes are good.I want to know value,I want to sell this.

  198. I have this book for sale. The Story of Little Black Sambo by Bannerman. I would like to sell it ASAP.
    1903/4 FIRST AMERICAN EDITION, FIRST LARGER FORMAT VERSION, Published by STOKES, NEW YORK. (Technically referred to as Second Edition, FIRST STATE — Larger format;

    Only front cover Illustrated; with first appearance of Sambo in Black Oval; Pages still printed on Obverse only.) VERY NICE EXAMPLE of the FIRST PRINTING of The Second Cover Version, enlarged somewhat from the Original 1900 format (16 mo), with first appearance of Sambo in an Oval Medallion on Front Cover Only. VERY FIRST PRINTING (Tan Buckram Cloth) of the Second 1903/4 Version with Pages still Printed one-sided with reverse of pages blank (Later Printings are on Both Sides). craigmathison33 at gmail.com 608-433-8998 A Rare find.

  199. hi I have a vintage la sainte bible in French Louis segond 1901 in good condition inside in excelient condition I would like to sell it please advise if possible the value of this book

  200. Johnson, Fry and Company, volume 2. However, it is entirely in German. I can only find information regarding the English version online. The other name associated on the cover is Edward Heitzeberg. And his name doesn’t show results either. Is this book rare? I already know the value of the English version. And there is only one date inside the book for publishing which is 1858. Dr. J. A. spencer, the Johnson Fry and Company Publishing Company. Have you seen or heard of this German Version? Thanks!

  201. Hi I was just trying to find out if a book I came across is of value. It looks like a first edition of Hale,s Premium History of the United States . Says it was printed and published by Morgan and Sanxay, No 133, main st 1833. It has a signature of John Kelly in the front saying it was his book in 1837. It is not in great shape but bound all together and doesn’t look like it’s has anything missing. Thanks Kim

  202. Have an 1840 copy of ‘A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States’ by Joseph Story. Book is solid, no missing pages – but outer cover is dull brownish gray – no embossed title lettering

  203. I collect any books with dust jackets 100 plus years old that have at least 95% of the jacket intact. This practice is becoming ever more increasingly difficult……

    Some of the stash is non 1st edition (who cares with 100 yr old jackets) and some are from reprint publishers like Donohue, A.L. Burt and Hurst, do you think that some of these reprint publishers are getting a bad wrap (pun intended), as many of the books printed were 1st editions and especially the children`s books. In your crystal ball, do you see a potential rise in value within this area of collecting 100 plus year old jackets?

  204. I have a hardback by Emile Zola La Debacle dated 1892. (French)
    I am willing to sell if the book has any value

  205. Hi I have a Charles Dickens “Adventures of Oliver Twist” dated 1905 it’s a red book leather bound is it worth anything my grandmothers aunt brought it for her when she was little for a shilling (she is now 80)?

  206. Hi, I have naively purchased well over a hundred antiquarian books on EBAY over the last year without much investigation. I got caught up in the auction bidding and now have some buyers remorse. I’m sure that all of them are cast-offs from professional collectors, but many are in good condition. Lots of foxing, nicks, scratches, and marginalia…..about a quarter are from the 16th century, half are from the 17th century, and the others are from the 18th century. Much is religious or political in nature and probably NOT rare, just really old. I have spent about $20,000. on these books at this point and just want to cut my losses. This was an impulse hobby that got a little out of control. Anyone with an interest of suggestions please chime in.If you are a serious buyer yourself, I’d be happy to talk with you.thanks……..Chris

  207. I have a Diagnostics of Internal Medicine 1908 book by Glentworth Reeve Butler printed by the D. Appleton and Company. Is it worth keeping?

  208. I have a 1930 copy of Oscar Warp’s Warp’s Teachers Examination Question & Answer Book its missing a good chunk of the lower right hand corner of the front cover. The front and back covEr have separated from the book an are in 2 seperate pieces. But the book is in great condition other than that.

  209. Hello

    I have just found an old book by Florence Marryat called The Master Passion. It has the phrase Aldine Edition on the spine along with Frank F. Lovell & Co.

    I cannot find any info on it, d you have any clue?

  210. I have a good by E.D. Morris called “Scripture Readings Selected For the use of Teachers and Schools”. When I attempt to look for this book online I can only find the new version, but the one that I have says Copyright 1887. Can you help me find out more about this book, and if it is of any value. It does have writing on the inside cover. Thank you.

  211. Would you be interested in a collection of Northwest fur trade books? It was professionally appraised in 1998 by the owner of Oregon Territorial Books. The appraisal ran the gamut from $15 to $6,000.

  212. I have original hand written poetry by Paul Hamilton Hayne. Any advice on what to do with it.

  213. I have three collection of books.Lev Nikolaevic Tolstoi 11 books year 1973,Mihail Solohov 8 books year 1976,Aleksandar Blok 6 books year 1983.Books are in good condiction,i am intersted a value for all three colections.Than you in advance.