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Now is the Time to Sell Diamond Jewelry

14kt White Gold and Diamond Solitaire

14kt White Gold and Diamond Solitaire, prong-set with a round brilliant-cut diamond weighing 4.81 cts. Auctioned for $20,825.

At the March Fine Jewelry auction in Boston, we noticed an interesting trend: off color diamonds of size achieved very strong prices. These were diamonds in the K-L-M  range, that draw definite color when viewed face up.  People used to shun these pale yellow rocks, but now off color diamonds are subject to intense competition and we find them to be selling at a premium.

In order to fare well at a jewelry auction, these stones need to be fairly clean and free of any visible inclusions. Size matters as well: off color diamonds that are 4.00 carats or are in greatest demand at this moment.

If you happen to be the lucky owner of one of these gems (especially if it’s 10.00 carats or larger) all I can say is, “jackpot!” It’s time to sell your diamonds—these stones have never been selling as strongly at auction as they are now.

Platinum and Diamond Solitaire

Platinum and Diamond Solitaire, prong-set with a full-cut diamond weighing 3.07 cts. Auctioned for $31,995.

Just because off color is doing well, doesn’t mean high color is out. The D-E-F range is also selling way above asking prices, and again, size matters! In this case, we love to see stones at 5.00 carats or larger.

If you’re looking to sell diamonds in Boston, choosing auction is always a good strategy. “Why sell at one price to a jewelry store when you can have the world deciding the price?” Gloria Lieberman says. Auction is a true marketplace and can bring a much more competitive price for your diamond rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.

As Elizabeth Taylor knew very well, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Contact the Skinner Jewelry Department for more information on how to sell diamonds or other fine jewelry at auction. The next Boston auction of Fine Jewelry is June 14, 2011.


Platinum and Diamond Solitaire Mounted by Cartier

Platinum and Diamond Solitaire, Mounted by Cartier. Auctioned for $583,500.

9 thoughts on “Now is the Time to Sell Diamond Jewelry

  1. I have several loose diamonds. They are all fancy color 100% natural 2 purples, I believe 5 pinks, some greens, yellows, one gray, one or two browns. They range in size from .5 to 1 carat avg quality around Si.

  2. Hello, I have a Lady’s Diamond Ring to sell (Estate Ring). The large diamond is a marquise 12.55 x 6.69 x 3.70 mm, 1.85 Cts. (estimated). Clarity SI-2, Color J. Its set in Platinum with 2-Oval Diamonds, 24-Round full cut Diamonds and 8-Tapered baquette Diamonds. Would you be interested in buying or selling it for me?

    Thanks &
    Best regards,
    Bruce L.

  3. Hello, I have a 2.48 ct. round brilliant diamond on a platinum band. It’s GIA certified from DeBeers..VS2, J, excellent polish and symmetry. Would you be interested in buying or auctioning? An estate jeweler recommended I contact you.


  4. Diamonds with color ranging from L-M represent a significant value. I’ve helped many individuals purchase diamonds of this color range while still maintaining a high cut grade. I’m sure this trend is still continuing.

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