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Rethinking Your Interior


Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair (Lot 539, Estimate $2,000-$3,000)

Creating a design that reflects how you want to live while representing your interests

My first interiors were all of one period of design, they fit together beautifully and were seamless in design. I have come away from that experience bringing those pieces of history that delight me. For me, it was the rich colors and organic forms of Art Nouveau pottery. It led me into a life-long interest of beautiful objects made from clay. Interiors can be re-imagined using some simple guidelines to incorporate objects that reflect your interests.

The Statement Piece

Infuse history into an interior space by using a vase, sculpture, chair, or collectible. Choose what you like and where your interest lies. Learn about that piece so you can wow guests when they compliment you on it. Incorporate sophisticated pieces from your travels. Exotic and handmade works can be purchased at auction or in retail settings as an alternative. Whole interiors can be built from this starting point or it can be the last piece you place in an interior. Whatever you choose, it should be visually interesting and thought provoking. These Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chairs (Lots 538 and 539 in our December 5th 20th Century Design auction) provide excellent examples of the perfect statement piece.


Richard Marshall Merkin (American, b. 1938) The Night Life of the Soul, 1971 (Lot 621, Estimate $700-$900)


A pop of color can change the mood of an interior in an instant. We are all used to color on walls. Re-upholstering a cream-colored sofa to Jade green can take it from a neutral to something warm and inviting. Choose a color that reflects your personal taste and makes you feel good.  It does not have to be a piece of furniture; it can be a piece of art glass, or a painting. This modern painting by Richard Marshall Merkin (Lot 621) creates visual interest with bright blocks of color.


Four Jean Pascaud (1903-1996) Dore Wall Sconces (Lot 367, Estimate $4,000-$6,000)


Lighting is often overlooked when planning an interior.  Bright and harsh lighting can destroy the atmosphere of any room. A mixture of lighting provides options. A Tiffany Studios table lamp in a mosaic glass can provide a soft backdrop. A more dramatic option may be a pair of Art Deco sconces sleek in form with a sophisticated edge, like these Jean Pascaud 1940’s Dore Wall Sconces (Lot 367).


We are tactile beings; seeing and touching a textured surface engages our minds. It can create depth and contrast in an interior.  When you run your hands over the surface of a piece of incised pottery it is like following the tracks of the artist’s mind when it was being made. Claude Conover’s Lilit Vase (Lot 462) is a unique, simply designed piece that can be integrated with any décor.

Claude Conover (1907-1994) Lilit Vase (Lot 462, Estimate $3,500-$4,500)

Claude Conover (1907-1994) Lilit Vase (Lot 462, Estimate $3,500-$4,500)


The world is geometry.  Whether you like the softness of a circle, like this Enrique Garcel side table (Lot 432) or hard striking angles, interiors are made of various forms of geometry – the rectangular sofa, the circular coffee table.  Choose what fits the space and is functional. You want it to be an interior that you will use.

Enrique Garcel Table (Lot 432, Estimate $1,000-$1,500)

Enrique Garcel Table (Lot 432, Estimate $1,000-$1,500)

Blending Artistry with Technology

The digital age is here and thriving, and changes in furniture design are reflecting our use of technology.  Digital installations which are well incorporated in an interior can immerse our minds. Latest technologies can add seamless motion, creating exciting or soothing visual experiences, as highlighted in this article featured in the Robb Report’s Home & Style section.

Auctions are a great resource to get started on your new interior.  Buy quality and unique items that reflect how you want to live.  Visit our December 5th 20th Century Design auction to get started.

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