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Now Inviting Consignments | Fine Musical Instruments

Skinner has been hosting dedicated, live auctions of Fine Musical Instruments in Boston continuously for over thirty years, and remains the only full-service auction house in America to do so. Skinner’s Fall Fine Musical Instruments Auction will showcase a selection of classical string instruments and their bows, vintage fretted instruments, and a wide array of lutherie materials, tools, and books.

From Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri, to Pressenda, Fagnola and Scarampella, Italian violins spanning four centuries represent the pinnacle of the art form. The works of the 18th Century Dutch masters, the 19th Century French artisans, and the 20th Century Markneukirchen craftsmen, all have their devotees and are highly prized in their own rights. Fine French and English bows are equally as important as the instruments they play, and some even more valuable. A dearth of serviceable cellos and basses finds the current market in high demand for low end. Boston silver flutes revolutionized the performance of European classical music, and Parisian saxophones embody the sound of New York jazz. Acoustic guitars, mandolins, and banjos of the early 20th Century, as well as electric guitars of the Mid-century, are not only musical icons but cultural ones, successfully marrying Old World tradition to New World optimism.  In a truly international marketplace, musicians and their instruments are global citizens.

Whether a single item or an entire collection, Skinner invites you to consign your Fine Musical Instruments today. 


2 thoughts on “Now Inviting Consignments | Fine Musical Instruments

  1. I have a collection of Antiques which includes a Swiss Music Box
    30″ by Bremond and other items. I would be delighted to submit
    any or all items on consignments base. If interested I will email
    you photos with descriptions of the collection.
    Looking forward to your reply
    Ernest Haering

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