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How to Decorate with Art Deco Glass

A great first step toward incorporating Art Deco glass as a design element in your living space is to buy a vase. Art Deco glass vases can be found in a variety of forms, color and decoration. Let’s look at how a graphic, floral, or figural vase could fit into your design vision.

Art Deco glass

Graphic: Daum Art Deco Vase, Auctioned for $948

Art Deco glass

Floral: Le Verre Francais Cameo glass vases, Auctioned for $1,400 and $1,600

Art Deco glass

Figural: Art Deco Vase c. 1930, Auctioned for over $3,900

#1 Graphic

The bold lines and large design elements of this Daum Art Deco vase will draw the eye and make a bold statement in a spacious living room. Since the colors of this vase are fairly neutral, it will harmonize with almost any color scheme. However, you could bring out the green tones with warm brown or violet accents elsewhere in the room.

#2 Floral

The bright orange and blue colors and whimsical patterns on these vases are sure to bring out your inner child while remaining sophisticated and serene. Add a sprig of flowers and pair one of these with driftwood, or leave the vase alone and soften the geometric lines of metal furniture.

#3 Figural

The stable shape and gentle green color of this vase could be easily overwhelmed in a living space with bold, graphic lines. This vase begs for texture and pattern – think a deep, soft carpet and throw pillows in complementary floral or plaid patterns.

Let’s not forget that a great Art Deco collection—like the one I had a chance to view in my last post, Art Deco Glass in the Home—has to start somewhere. Before buying, visit a museum or auction preview to hone in on what is most visually and emotionally appealing to you. Art Deco designers you might consider include Schneider, Rene Lalique, Daum, and Gabriel Argy-Rousseau.

Which of the four vases above do you love most, and where would you place it in your home?


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  3. That is really beautiful vases. I usually love glass vases and constantly make use of them to accomplish my house decoration job. I think the intense colour is going to be ideal for most of home design which is mostly modern minimalistic.

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