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Create the Look | SKINNER + Phillip Thomas, Inc.

Skinner welcomed Phillip Thomas, Founder and Principal of Phillip Thomas Inc., a New York-based design firm, for a behind-the-scenes look into the warehouse to view furniture, objects, and works of art. Phillip created “get the look” interior vignettes with pieces from our December 20th Century Design auction.

On December 10, we will be hosting Phillip for a casual, free-flowing conversation on Zoom with Skinner’s Director of 20th Century Design, Dan Ayer. Hear the inspiration for Phillip’s interiors, and learn more about how the furniture and objects selected for these six mood boards suggest a myriad of possibilities for elegant, timeless, and livable interiors.

“I love using pieces in my interiors that capture your attention and make you want to know more. The pieces do not have to be from one particular era or artist, they just need to tell a story.”

Lot picks: 1229, 1360, 1001, 1363, 1312, 1076

“I can’t get enough of a beautiful pair of chairs. They capture your attention and draw you to use them and enjoy them.”

Lot picks: 1144, 1199, 1119, 1339, 1364

“An entry foyer is an important element in any home. Not only does it welcome guests, it is the space that also tells individuals what to expect of the home that is to come. Choose elements that reflect your interiors.”

Lot picks: 1075, 1316, 1423, 1113, 1103, 1415

“Art is often the inspiration and starting point for my work. This screen could be the muse for your interior and inspire your furniture selections.”

Lot picks: 1342, 1089, 1257, 1152, 1443

“Perfection: When you can see the hand of the artist that created a piece, and you can feel their passion. These pieces all have that quality to me.”

Lot picks: 1409, 1336, 1314, 1247, 1384

“In rooms that have lots of natural light, I like to choose pieces that capture and reflect light into the interior.”

Lot picks: 1205, 1558, 1426, 1308, 1417, 1450


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