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Auctions, Antiques & The Contemporary Interior | Phillip Thomas, Inc. + Skinner

Skinner welcomes Phillip Thomas, founder and principal of Phillip Thomas Inc. for a collaboration on the catalog for the October 13th European Furniture & Decorative Arts auction.

Auctions are incredible resources for interior designers and their clients. Nevertheless, for many people, the idea of buying at auction can be daunting. There is often great value to be found; however, there is also the commitment of purchasing something that is not returnable and that cannot be taken on approval to try in your home. Visualizing an interior (and its myriad possibilities) will often allow the confidence to secure unique and one-of-a-kind items to compliment or complete an interior. 












I feel very lucky to say that I am able to visualize the spaces that I am creating for my clients prior to the strike of the first hammer. I do also realize that this ability to visualize can be a challenge for some if not all of my clients. To that end, I often find myself drawing in and rendering pieces that I find into my client’s interiors so that they are able to visualize those pieces in their homes and take that leap of buying at auction.

For my collaboration with Skinner Auctions, I found inspiration in the pop art of Andy Warhol. In the creation of his iconic pieces, Warhol often took a singular image, such as Marilyn Monroe, and superimposed it on backgrounds of varying color. Each color evoking a different reaction from the viewer. I wanted to take that concept and apply it to the creation of my vignettes for this auction.

To that end, we created a variety of vignettes and, through the magic of technology, we were able to set these vignettes into interiors of various styles and palettes using a variety of floor and wall treatments. We choose pieces of varying scale and materials to further impact the onlooker. My goal through the various backdrops was to evoke a reaction either positive or negative but, most of all, to demonstrate that these beautiful antiques could be easily translated into today’s more contemporary residential settings.

Phillip Alden Thomas

Phillip Thomas Incorporates Antiques into Contemporary Interiors from Skinner on Vimeo.

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