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AD 20/21 in Boston, Part I: Art & Design Come Alive

AD 20/21 | Art and Design in Boston

Inside the Cyclorama building

If you love art and design, or if you’re looking for decorative accessories for your home, AD 20/21: Art & Design of the 20th & 21st Centuries is the place to be this weekend. The show is open from March 15– 18, 2012 at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Ted Landsmark, president of the Boston Architectural College, and Tony Fusco of the Fusco & Four  Marketing Agency always do a fabulous job putting this show together, and I look forward to it each year as a way to kick off the spring season.

Almost all of the dealers, designers, and artists at the show come from New England. It’s heartening to see fabulous art and design coming from the Boston area, and meeting the artists who make it happen.  Even more interesting to me than the individual pieces of art is how designers choose to place different pieces together in mock room set-ups or arrangements. I love seeing how 20th Century Design pieces can be mixed with contemporary art and other unique accents.

The show takes place in the Cyclorama, a round building that was originally constructed in 1884 to house a 360-degree painting of the Battle of Gettysburg by French artist Paul Philippoteaux. People visiting the painting would stand on a platform, and turn to see the painting all around them. Real cannons, fences, and stone walls took up the space between the viewer and the painting, creating an almost virtual reality experience.

The design of the building provides a wonderful context in which to view the art and decorative pieces on display.

The Skinner American & European Works of Art Department attended as well, and they share their thoughts on the show here.

AD 20/21 | Art and Design in Boston

Booths at AD 20/21

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