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A Guide to Jewelry Trends this Holiday Season

Jewelry Trends | Natural Pearls

Natural Pearl Necklace, Auctioned for $46,215

Who doesn’t love unwrapping a beautiful necklace or opening a tiny box to reveal a lovely ring? During the holiday season, fine jewelry seems to become that much more desirable as you search for the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Our December Fine Jewelry auction is a perennial favorite with customers, and we had the feeling that this year’s sale would be great. Still, it’s hard to know exactly what the feeling in the room will be, or which jewelry will take off until the auction begins. This time, the auction floor was packed, and we all felt excitement in the air. Customers came from all over the world to preview the sale, ready to compete aggressively for the highest quality jewelry.

So which jewels were the hotly contested winners?  Here’s what we saw at Skinner last Tuesday:

#3 Natural Pearls

Pearls are a holiday classic. Match a strand of pearls with a black cocktail dress, and you have an enduring and classic ensemble that’s always in fashion. After spirited bidding, a strand of eighty-seven natural pearls sold for $46,215, a phenomenal price.  I’m sure this necklace will be much admired at  holiday parties and festive occasions in years to come.

#2 Art Deco Jewelry

Jewelry Trends | Art Deco Jewelry

Fine Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Figural Bracelet, Retailed by Thomas Kirkpatrick, & Co., New York, Auctioned for $171,825

Art Deco is the period when it comes to fine jewelry. We knew that the Art Deco brooch by Chaumet would sell well, and it did, at $385,500. But we also had a second fabulous piece of Art Deco jewelry: a platinum and diamond bracelet, originally sold by Thomas Kirkpatrick & Co., featuring two winged dragons made of diamonds and breathing calibre-cut ruby fire. This fantastic piece came to us in the original box, having descended through the family, and sold for $171,825.

#1 Colored Gemstones

Jewelry Trends | Gemstones

Important Unmounted Yellow Sapphire, Auctioned for $159,975

A week before the December 6th Fine Jewelry auction in Boston, each of the jewelry appraisers at Skinner picked out a favorite from the many lots of fine and vintage jewelry on offer.  The ruby and diamond ring that I picked sold for $242,000, proving that the market for colored gemstones continues to thrive. Everyone wants top color emeralds, sapphires and rubies. High color and high clarity diamonds still fetch strong prices as well.

Do these signify market trends? Perhaps, in any case we were thrilled with the outcome of the sale.

What would be your ideal holiday jewelry gift?

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