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Autograph Value Guide Part II: Rarity & Condition in Signed Historical Documents

There are two remaining factors in collecting signed documents, and they really apply to any type of paper collectible: rarity and condition.

Collectors must remember that paper is fragile and so often does not survive. The very term for paper collectibles, “ephemera”, literally means something that is fleeting and does not last. That’s why when a rare signed document comes to market in great condition, the sky is the limit for serious collectors and records are continually broken.

Autograph Value Guide Part I: Three Tips for Collecting Historical and Famous Signatures

Signed documents, such as letters, manuscripts, memos, and other important papers, are one of the fastest growing collecting areas at auction. The personal nature of signed documents connect us to the world’s most important figures, and the stories that they reveal make history come alive in a way that no textbook ever could. If you wish to collect a little history of your own, follow these tried and true tips.

I Found it in the Bathroom: The Discovery of a Long Lost Aubrey Beardsley Drawing

It’s not unusual for me to visit a home for the purposes of appraising one item, and then suddenly discover a hidden gem worth far more. This is the stuff that antiques lore is made of and it’s why people tune into television appraisal programs – they too want to witness the moment of sweet discovery.