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The Catalogue Raisonné: A Brief History

What Is It?

Simply put, a catalogue raisonné is a compendium of all known works created by an artist. They are the go-to source for a comprehensive understanding of an artist’s oeuvre. The primary focus is to establish a published record of each work: title, approximate year of creation, medium, signature and inscriptions, labels, provenance (or history of ownership), and other information. Perhaps most importantly, a catalogue raisonné assigns a permanent reference number to each known work.… Read More

Black Light Essentials: Navigating Authenticity and Additions in Fine Art

From cataloging to previewing, the black light is an essential tool for the American & European Works of Art department. There are two main types of black light devices we use in the department, one being affectionately termed “the beast,” as it produces quite a strong ultraviolet light that can cover a wide surface area; the second has both black light and incandescent light, of which the black light produces a softer glow than “the beast” and can pick up more subtleties, such as older retouch.… Read More