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  • Celadon Bowl

    Celadon Bowl

    Lot: 211

    Celadon Bowl, China, Song dynasty style, conical with slightly flared rim, resting on a bisque foot rim, decorated with boys and scroll designs in sections encircling a floral medallion in the well, more ...

  • Longquan Celadon Bowl Plate

    Longquan Celadon Bowl Plate

    Lot: 212

    Longquan Celadon Bowl Plate, China, Ming dynasty style, with rounded cavetto and flanged rim, resting on a glazed foot ring, recessed bisque base with glazed center, decorated with molded lotus more ...

  • Celadon Plate

    Celadon Plate

    Lot: 213

    Celadon Plate, China, Ming dynasty style, with faintly barbed rim and ribbed cavetto, on a foot ring with recessed bisque base, the olive green glaze with overall crackling, dia. 9 3/8 in. more ...

  • Celadon-glazed Pottery Jar

    Celadon-glazed Pottery Jar

    Lot: 214
    Sold for: $123$100

    Celadon-glazed Pottery Jar, China, Tang dynasty style, bulbous amphora-shape with a high waisted neck and a wide dish-shaped mouth, resting on a flat bisque base, two lug handles on the shoulder more ...

  • Celadon-glazed Stoneware Ewer

    Celadon-glazed Stoneware Ewer

    Lot: 215

    Celadon-glazed Stoneware Ewer, China, Yaozhou style, bulbous with flattened shoulder with a wide neck, a strap handle applied to a side, a short angled spout issuing from the shoulder, the body more ...

  • Ding Dish

    Ding Dish

    Lot: 216

    Ding Dish, China, Song dynasty style, shallow interior decorated with a molded coiled dragon over a wave pattern, all covered with off-white glaze except at the rim, dia. 7 7/8 in. more ...

  • Longquan Celadon Mallet Vase

    Longquan Celadon Mallet Vase

    Lot: 217

    Longquan Celadon Mallet Vase, China, Song dynasty style, a pair of fish-form handles at the neck, with an everted dish rim and slanted shoulders, pale green glaze with light allover crackling, ht. 7 more ...

  • Longquan Celadon Hu Vase

    Longquan Celadon Hu Vase

    Lot: 218
    Sold for: $7,995$6,500

    Longquan Celadon Hu Vase, China, Song dynasty style, with tubular lugs at the neck, decorated with a pale green celadon glaze with allover brown crackling, ht. 5 1/4 in. more ...

  • Ge-ware Bottle Vase

    Ge-ware Bottle Vase

    Lot: 219
    Sold for: $3,321$2,700

    Ge-ware Bottle Vase, China, 18th/19th century, eight-ribbed pear-shape vase with flared rim, resting on a stem foot, slightly flattened, two sets of irregular craquelure in gray and light brown, the more ...

  • Ge-type Brush Washer

    Ge-type Brush Washer

    Lot: 220
    Sold for: $12,300$10,000

    Ge-type Brush Washer, China, Ming dynasty-style, thick straight walls with grooved bands, decorated with a mid-gray glaze with allover golden and black crackles, with six spur marks on base, dia. 4 more ...

  • Guan-type Mallet Vase

    Guan-type Mallet Vase

    Lot: 221
    Sold for: $3,690$3,000

    Guan-type Mallet Vase, China, with everted dish rim and slanted shoulders, pale gray glaze with an allover light brown crackling, ht. 7 in. more ...

  • Small Crackle-glazed Ge-type Vase

    Small Crackle-glazed Ge-type Vase

    Lot: 222
    Sold for: $19,680$16,000

    Small Crackle-glazed Ge-type Vase, China, bottle form with a bulbous body and elongated cylindrical neck, with flattened everted rim, decorated with a cream glaze with allover light and dark more ...

  • Guan Lobed Dish

    Guan Lobed Dish

    Lot: 223

    Guan Lobed Dish, China, Song dynasty-style, the shallow sides divided into twelve petaled lobes, decorated with a pale bluish-gray glaze thinning at the rim and foot rim, with fine crackles and five more ...

  • Celadon-glazed Vase

    Celadon-glazed Vase

    Lot: 224
    Sold for: $277$225

    Celadon-glazed Vase, China, 19th/20th century, hu-shape with two dog-head handles, resting on a raised bisque foot ring, decorated with molded rings around the neck and foot, ht. 6 3/8 in. more ...

  • Pair of Yaozhou Celadon Dishes

    Pair of Yaozhou Celadon Dishes

    Lot: 225
    Sold for: $123$100

    Pair of Yaozhou Celadon Dishes, China, Song dynasty style, with foliate rims, both incised with loose swirls, and a border at the rim, decorated with an allover finely crackled gray green glaze, more ...

  • Guan Celadon Lobed Dish

    Guan Celadon Lobed Dish

    Lot: 226
    Sold for: $1,353$1,100

    Guan Celadon Lobed Dish, China, Song dynasty style, the steeply rising sides divided into ten petaled lobes, five spur marks on base, dia. 5 5/8 in. more ...

  • Ge-type Narcissus Planter

    Ge-type Narcissus Planter

    Lot: 227
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Ge-type Narcissus Planter, China, 18th century, quatrefoil lobed round body resting on four ruyi-form legs, decorated with a pale gray glaze with light brown and black crackles, dia. 5 7/8, ht. 2 more ...

  • Guan-type Vase

    Guan-type Vase

    Lot: 228
    Sold for: $984$800

    Guan-type Vase, China, Ming dynasty style, bottle form, with incised stripes under the glaze at the neck and base, decorated allover with a gray-green glaze with large black and fine light-colored more ...

  • Celadon Crackle-glazed Vase

    Celadon Crackle-glazed Vase

    Lot: 229

    Celadon Crackle-glazed Vase, China, Transitional period style, tubular form with slanted shoulder, the cylindrical neck with dish-shaped mouth rim and two fish-shaped handles, resting on a flat base more ...

  • Guan-type Celadon Vase

    Guan-type Celadon Vase

    Lot: 230
    Sold for: $246$200

    Guan-type Celadon Vase, China, Ming dynasty style, bottle form, decorated with a pale celadon glaze with a fine crackle matrix, ht. 6 in. more ...

  • White-glazed Ding Bowl

    White-glazed Ding Bowl

    Lot: 231

    White-glazed Ding Bowl, China, with slightly rounded sides, resting on a wide base with bisque foot ring, the white glaze tinged with green to the exterior, ht. 2 1/2, dia. to 6 1/8 in. more ...

  • Celadon White Slip-decorated Vase

    Celadon White Slip-decorated Vase

    Lot: 232
    Sold for: $123$100

    Celadon White Slip-decorated Vase, China, 18th/19th century, pear-shape with low bowl-shape mouth, resting on a stem foot with bisque foot ring, decorated with a bird-and-flower design, overall more ...

  • Cizhou Ware Bottle Vase

    Cizhou Ware Bottle Vase

    Lot: 233

    Cizhou Ware Bottle Vase, China, pear-shape with a slightly flaring neck, resting on a raised bisque foot, decorated with two stylized lotus and bamboo designs painted in russet brown between two more ...

  • Two Qingbai Burial Jars and Covers

    Two Qingbai Burial Jars and Covers

    Lot: 234
    Sold for: $308$250

    Two Qingbai Burial Jars and Covers, China, Song dynasty style, both elongated pear-shape with long slender neck and bowl-shaped mouth, resting on a short splayed bisque foot, encircled with a line more ...

  • Qingbai Figure of Liu Hai

    Qingbai Figure of Liu Hai

    Lot: 235
    Sold for: $492$400

    Qingbai Figure of Liu Hai, China, the deity depicted holding his three-legged toad in one hand and a coin in the other, his loose robe tied around his waist with a thick knot, and pooling around his more ...

  • Qingbai White-glazed Ding Bowl

    Qingbai White-glazed Ding Bowl

    Lot: 236

    Qingbai White-glazed Ding Bowl, China, possibly Northern Song dynasty, with eight-lobed rim on a short raised foot, the interior incised with a floral design, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 7 7/8 in. Property of more ...

  • Famille Noire Rouleau Lamp Vase

    Famille Noire Rouleau Lamp Vase

    Lot: 237
    Sold for: $1,845$1,500

    Famille Noire Rouleau Lamp Vase, China, 20th century, decorated in yellow, aubergine, and green enamels with two floral bouquets in vases on the body, shou characters on the neck, and various more ...

  • Export Polychrome Figural Candle Holder

    Export Polychrome Figural Candle Holder

    Lot: 238
    Sold for: $246$200

    Export Polychrome Figural Candle Holder, China, 18th/19th century, in the form of a crouched lion standing on its two front legs, the candle holder in the form of a beaker vase with banana leaf more ...

  • Two Pairs of Sancai Glazed Miniature Foo Lions

    Two Pairs of Sancai Glazed Miniature Foo Lions

    Lot: 239
    Sold for: $738$600

    Two Pairs of Sancai Glazed Miniature Foo Lions, China, 20th century, a pair standing facing in opposite directions on bisque stands in the shape of a leaf, the male with a loose openwork ball, ht. more ...

  • Two Famille Rose Porcelain Items

    Two Famille Rose Porcelain Items

    Lot: 240
    Sold for: $400$325

    Two Famille Rose Porcelain Items, China, 19th/20th century, a round covered box, decorated with floral sprays on the exterior, the cover with chickens in a garden on the top, four-character Tongzhi more ...