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  • Ge-ware Bottle Vase

    Ge-ware Bottle Vase

    Lot: 150

    Ge-ware Bottle Vase, China, Song dynasty style, bulbous compressed body with elongated straight neck, resting on a short unglazed foot, decorated with a gray-beige glaze and a matrix of light and more ...

  • Pair of Black-glazed Bottle Vases

    Pair of Black-glazed Bottle Vases

    Lot: 151
    Sold for: $1,046$850

    Pair of Black-glazed Bottle Vases, China, Song dynasty style, each with compressed bulbous body with an elongated straight neck and rolled everted rim, resting on straight unglazed foot, decorated more ...

  • Pale Celadon Jar

    Pale Celadon Jar

    Lot: 152
    Sold for: $123$100

    Pale Celadon Jar, China, round and slightly tapered towards the foot, with an unglazed foot ring and a short straight mouth rim, decorated with an incised motif of two dragons within a rectangular more ...

  • Green-glazed Bottle Vase

    Green-glazed Bottle Vase

    Lot: 153
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Green-glazed Bottle Vase, China, 17th/18th century, squat bulbous body on a short flared foot, gently sloping shoulders rising to a slightly flared elongated neck, the glaze with an allover fine more ...

  • Green-glazed Jar

    Green-glazed Jar

    Lot: 154
    Sold for: $369$300

    Green-glazed Jar, China, 17th/18th century, slightly tapered cylindrical form with a wide, round mouth, with a finely crackled leaf green glaze, divided into four sections by an impressed line, with more ...

  • Near Pair of Celadon Covered Jars

    Near Pair of Celadon Covered Jars

    Lot: 155
    Sold for: $43,050$35,000

    Near Pair of Celadon Covered Jars, China, both with tapering ovoid body, rounded shoulders, and short straight neck, two crescent-form handles in relief at the sides, and shallow domed covers, more ...

  • Celadon-glazed Brush Washer

    Celadon-glazed Brush Washer

    Lot: 156

    Celadon-glazed Brush Washer, China, Song dynasty style, compressed globular body with a slightly everted rim, decorated with a finely crackled glaze ending with a brown glazed rim and unglazed foot more ...

  • Monochrome Covered Jar

    Monochrome Covered Jar

    Lot: 157
    Sold for: $738$600

    Monochrome Covered Jar, China, 19th/20th century, the jar and cover decorated in low relief scrolling lotus and tendrils in a bright green glaze, ht. 7 3/4 in. Provenance: Collection of more ...

  • Famille Rose Reticulated Vase

    Famille Rose Reticulated Vase

    Lot: 158
    Sold for: $861$700

    Famille Rose Reticulated Vase, China, 20th century, baluster-form, with a raised ring at the shoulders and a wide flared mouth, decorated with a river and mountain landscape scene within a cartouche more ...

  • Large Rose Mandarin Punch Bowl

    Large Rose Mandarin Punch Bowl

    Lot: 159
    Sold for: $5,228$4,250

    Large Rose Mandarin Punch Bowl, China, early 19th century, the interior and exterior decorated in polychrome enamels and gilt with alternating panels of figures in court scenes and vignettes of more ...

  • Tall Blanc-de-Chine Vase

    Tall Blanc-de-Chine Vase

    Lot: 160
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Tall Blanc-de-Chine Vase, China, 18th/19th century, tapering slightly towards the base, with two molded lion-mask handles at the shoulders, the waisted neck beginning with a raised band and rising more ...

  • Ge-ware Vase

    Ge-ware Vase

    Lot: 161
    Sold for: $9,225$7,500

    Ge-ware Vase, China, 18th/19th century, baluster-form body and elongated neck with four raised ridges, ending in a compressed garlic-head mouth, decorated with a gray-green glaze with dark gray more ...

  • Large Painted Neolithic Jar and Two Neolithic Jarlets

    Large Painted Neolithic Jar and Two Neolithic Jarlets

    Lot: 162
    Sold for: $1,353$1,100

    Large Painted Neolithic Jar and Two Neolithic Jarlets, China, Banshan Culture, Gansu, 3rd century BC, the sloping shoulders painted in red and black spirals enclosing serrated edges, with a wave more ...

  • Large Turquoise-glazed Molded Vase

    Large Turquoise-glazed Molded Vase

    Lot: 163
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Large Turquoise-glazed Molded Vase, China, 20th century, six-lobe oval body with long waisted neck and flared mouth, resting on a straight foot, the body with six landscapes in shaped panels against more ...

  • Near Pair of Sancai-glazed Figure Lamps

    Near Pair of Sancai-glazed Figure Lamps

    Lot: 164

    Near Pair of Sancai-glazed Figure Lamps, China, Ming dynasty style, each figure depicted sitting on one leg with the other raised, his two hands raised to hold a turban over his head, mounted on a more ...

  • Two Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Lamps

    Two Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Lamps

    Lot: 165
    Sold for: $369$300

    Two Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Lamps, China, 20th century, a ginger jar with cover, decorated with the "Eight Buddhist Treasures" and floral and foliate designs between a ruyi cloud band around the more ...

  • Pair of Small Cloisonne Vases

    Pair of Small Cloisonne Vases

    Lot: 166
    Sold for: $431$350

    Pair of Small Cloisonne Vases, Japan, late 19th century, baluster-shape, with a delicate cluster of flowers of the four seasons rising from the foot, ht. 4 7/8 in. more ...

  • Cloisonne Vase

    Cloisonne Vase

    Lot: 167
    Sold for: $1,353$1,100

    Cloisonne Vase, Japan, 19th century, baluster-shape, with a flattened shoulder and dish-shaped mouth, resting on a waisted foot, depicting blooming wisteria with its twining branches and leaves more ...

  • Cloisonne Vase

    Cloisonne Vase

    Lot: 168
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Cloisonne Vase, Japan, 19th/20th century, elongated bulbous shape with silver rim and foot, depicting a continuous scene with various flowers below a kaleidoscope of butterflies against a black more ...

  • Cloisonne Vase with a Dragon

    Cloisonne Vase with a Dragon

    Lot: 169
    Sold for: $308$250

    Cloisonne Vase with a Dragon, Japan, 20th century, bottle-shape, with a long slender neck and a flared mouth, on a slightly splayed foot, decorated with a swirling dragon over a black ground, more ...

  • Cloisonne Bowl

    Cloisonne Bowl

    Lot: 170

    Cloisonne Bowl, China, 19th century, compressed circular form with short straight mouth rim and foot, decorated with four sets of floral palmette designs inlaid over a black ground filled with more ...

  • Cloisonne Elephant

    Cloisonne Elephant

    Lot: 171
    Sold for: $185$150

    Cloisonne Elephant, China, 19th/20th century, standing with its trunk straight forward, decorated with stylized ruyi scrolls in blue, red, and yellow on a sky blue ground, some details in gilt, ht. more ...

  • Cloisonne Qilin -shape Covered Vessel

    Cloisonne Qilin -shape Covered Vessel

    Lot: 172

    Cloisonne Qilin-shape Covered Vessel, China, 19th/20th century, the qilin crouching on its feet, with a removable cover supporting a ribboned square box on top, decorated with dragon and phoenix more ...

  • Cloisonne Duck-shaped Ewer

    Cloisonne Duck-shaped Ewer

    Lot: 173

    Cloisonne Duck-shaped Ewer, China, 19th/20th century, its beak as the spout, decorated with archaic-style scrolls, masks, creatures, and patterns, gilt details, the gilt bar handle decorated with more ...

  • Small Six-sided Cloisonne Bird Feeder

    Small Six-sided Cloisonne Bird Feeder

    Lot: 174

    Small Six-sided Cloisonne Bird Feeder, China, 19th/20th century, with tapering sides, resting on six bracket feet, decorated with a lotus scroll design on each side, the flanged flat rim with a band more ...

  • Two Miniature Cloisonne Vases

    Two Miniature Cloisonne Vases

    Lot: 175

    Two Miniature Cloisonne Vases, Japan, 19th/20th century, one decorated with a dragon in a pink floral panel and a phoenix in a light blue floral panel against a gold-speckled ground with floral more ...

  • Cloisonne Box with Jade Insert

    Cloisonne Box with Jade Insert

    Lot: 176
    Sold for: $246$200

    Cloisonne Box with Jade Insert, China, 20th century, the exterior of the cover depicting lions and balls on a scrolling cloud ground, the jadeite finial with a dragon carved in high relief with a more ...

  • Large Cloisonne Vase

    Large Cloisonne Vase

    Lot: 177

    Large Cloisonne Vase, China, Ming dynasty style, baluster-shape with long neck and flared mouth and foot, decorated with two phoenixes against a blue ground with lotus scroll designs, bands of more ...

  • Cloisonne and Wood Screen

    Cloisonne and Wood Screen

    Lot: 178

    Cloisonne and Wood Screen, Japan, 19th/20th century, depicting a round cloisonne plaque on the front and back of screen, one plaque decorated with a flame drum with two dragons and a tomoe, and two more ...

  • Cloisonne Covered Censer

    Cloisonne Covered Censer

    Lot: 179
    Sold for: $2,829$2,300

    Cloisonne Covered Censer, China, 20th century, compressed globular shape, short straight neck, flanged gilt bronze rim with two twisted-string handles, the body decorated with Ming-style lotus more ...