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  • Satsuma Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 121
    Sold for: $800$650

    Satsuma Porcelain Plaque, Japan, depicting warriors entering a dwelling, signed and inscribed lower right, framed, sight size 9 1/8 x 6 3/4 in. more ...

  • Arita Ware Vase

    Lot: 122
    Sold for: $338$275

    Arita Ware Vase, Japan, meiping form, decorated with a floral design in blue, gold, and black underglazes, gilt details, "Sueyama sei" mark on base with seal, ht. 11 3/8 in. more ...

  • Pair of Iron Red Bowls

    Lot: 123

    Pair of Iron Red Bowls, China, decorated with goldfish over an interlocking wave pattern, six-character Xianfeng mark on base, ht. 2 1/8, dia. 4 in. more ...

  • Pair of Iron Red Dragon Wine Cups

    Lot: 124
    Sold for: $923$750

    Pair of Iron Red Dragon Wine Cups, China, upturned bell-shape, with a slightly flaring mouth, decorated with a double ring above two dragons chasing pearls over a band of waves, six-character more ...

  • Orange and Gilt Decorated Dish

    Lot: 125

    Orange and Gilt Decorated Dish, China, the interior inscribed in gilt with a poem, four-character Qianlong mark on base, dia. 8 in. more ...

  • Famille Rose Covered Box

    Lot: 126
    Sold for: $111$90

    Famille Rose Covered Box, China, the cover and base decorated with goldfish, over an incised wave pattern, the sides with clouds and bats, six-character mark on base, ht. 3 7/8, dia. 8 in. more ...

  • Pair of Polychrome Enameled Vases

    Lot: 127
    Sold for: $4,305$3,500

    Pair of Polychrome Enameled Vases, China, 20th century, hexagonal baluster forms decorated with scenes of the Immortals within cartouches, the shoulders and necks decorated with precious and more ...

  • Pair of Famille Rose Porcelain Lanterns

    Lot: 128

    Pair of Famille Rose Porcelain Lanterns, China, 19th/20th century, hexagonal, decorated with reticulated panels and roundels against a floral ground, mounted on a conforming wood stand, lantern ht. more ...

  • Pair of Enameled Porcelain Jars

    Lot: 129
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Pair of Enameled Porcelain Jars, China, 19th/20th century, each decorated with a phoenix standing on a rock among flowers, a double ring in underglaze blue on base, with gilt metalwork stand, ht. 13 more ...

  • Polychrome Enameled Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 130
    Sold for: $185$150

    Polychrome Enameled Porcelain Plaque, China, Republic period, depicting a landscape with mountains, boats, houses, and figures, in a pink ground floral scroll band, entitled "Yuanpu Guifan," dated more ...

  • Small Blue-enameled Porcelain Ink Palette

    Lot: 131

    Small Blue-enameled Porcelain Ink Palette, China, possibly Qianlong period, the flattened conch shell-form decorated with embossed dots in blue enamel, the slightly convex white-glazed well with more ...

  • Famille Rose Enameled Deep Bowl

    Lot: 132
    Sold for: $523$425

    Famille Rose Enameled Deep Bowl, China, late 19th century, decorated with a frieze of lotus scrolls, bats, and lappet bands against a teadust green-enameled ground, turquoise blue interior and base, more ...

  • Enameled Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 133
    Sold for: $615$500

    Enameled Porcelain Plaque, China, 20th century, depicting a double gourd vine with a pumpkin, inscribed with date (1948) and signature reading "Xiaofan" with a seal, framed, plaque 7 5/8 x 4 7/8 more ...

  • Pair of Enameled White Porcelain Cups

    Lot: 134

    Pair of Enameled White Porcelain Cups, China, Republic period, upturned bell shape on a straight foot, one with a cabbage, the other with a lotus stalk, gilt rim, ht. to 2, dia. to 2 3/8 in. more ...

  • Famille Rose and Yellow Dish

    Lot: 135
    Sold for: $185$150

    Famille Rose and Yellow Dish, China, decorated with a pair of pheasants on a flowering magnolia branch, inscribed, four-character Yongzheng mark on base, dia. 8 1/8 in. more ...

  • Set of Six Enameled Dishes

    Lot: 136
    Sold for: $338$275

    Set of Six Enameled Dishes, China, Republic period, decorated with four lobed roundels against a blue ground with floral and foliate scroll design below a yellow band around the mouth rim, more ...

  • Framed Enameled Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 137
    Sold for: $246$200

    Framed Enameled Porcelain Plaque, China, the rectangular plaque decorated with pink magnolias and a pair of sparrows, signed with a seal, framed, plaque sight size 18 1/8 x 7 1/8 in. more ...

  • Three Famille Rose and Turquoise Items

    Lot: 138
    Sold for: $308$250

    Three Famille Rose and Turquoise Items, China, 20th century, a bowl, plate, and saucer, decorated with the "One Hundred Boys" motif, six-character Jiaqing marks on base of bowl and plate, more ...

  • Polychrome Enameled Bottle Vase

    Lot: 139
    Sold for: $123$100

    Polychrome Enameled Bottle Vase, China, Republic period, globular form with long straight neck, with a mountain and water landscape and calligraphy below a garland around the mouth, four-character more ...

  • Four Enameled Plates

    Lot: 140
    Sold for: $154$125

    Four Enameled Plates, China, 19th/20th century, pair of millefleurs soup plates, Guangxu mark on base; a celadon-ground famille rose plate, a shop mark on base; and a famille rose dish with a bat more ...

  • Four Famille Rose Bowls

    Lot: 141
    Sold for: $584$475

    Four Famille Rose Bowls, China, 20th century, pair of deep bowls with everted barbed mouth rims; a floral bowl decorated with the Four Gentlemen; a turquoise-ground floral-rim bowl, decorated with more ...

  • Enameled and White-glazed Vase

    Lot: 142
    Sold for: $1,046$850

    Enameled and White-glazed Vase, China, 19th/20th century, pear shape with flaring neck, on a short raised foot, decorated with a bird and flower design in relief, gilt rim, ht. 8 3/4 in. more ...

  • Three Dishes

    Lot: 143
    Sold for: $554$450

    Three Dishes, China, a famille jaune plate with "wan shou wu jiang" characters; a famille rose dish with peaches and bats; and a monochrome yellow low bowl-form dish, all with six-character Guangxu more ...

  • Two Dragon Dishes

    Lot: 144
    Sold for: $4,920$4,000

    Two Dragon Dishes, China, a famille rose dish with double dragon design below a ruyi band around the rim; and a blue and white dish, both with six-character Tongzhi mark, ht. to 1 3/4, dia. to 10 more ...

  • Faux Bois Brush Washer

    Lot: 145
    Sold for: $738$600

    Faux Bois Brush Washer, China, 19th/20th century, compressed globular form on a bisque foot ring, gilt mouth rim, six-character Qianlong mark in gold on base, ht. 1 5/8, dia. 4 5/8 in. more ...

  • Ceramic Model of a Ritual Conch Shell

    Lot: 146
    Sold for: $2,706$2,200

    Ceramic Model of a Ritual Conch Shell, China, 19th century, with enameled and gilt details, inscribed with date (Qianlong 45, 1780), possibly used as an inkwell, lg. 7 1/4, wd. 3 1/2 in. more ...

  • Pair of Famille Rose Bottle Vases

    Lot: 147
    Sold for: $369$300

    Pair of Famille Rose Bottle Vases, China, Republic period, pear-shape with flaring mouth rim, depicting a garden scene with figures under a willow tree, gilt rim, six-character Jiaqing mark in iron more ...

  • Pair of Famille Rose Cups

    Lot: 148
    Sold for: $86$70

    Pair of Famille Rose Cups, China, deep bowl form with flaring mouth rim, on a short raised foot, decorated with a Daoist scene with Immortals, six-character Yongzheng mark on base, ht. to 1 3/4, more ...

  • Yellow-ground Famille Rose Vase

    Lot: 149

    Yellow-ground Famille Rose Vase, China, globular form with small waisted mouth, four tubular openings on shoulder, decorated with floral scrolls and bands, gilt rim, turquoise blue interior, more ...

  • Turquoise-ground Famille Rose Footed Bowl

    Lot: 150
    Sold for: $185$150

    Turquoise-ground Famille Rose Footed Bowl, China, rounded square with lobed corners, decorated with lotus scrolls and archaic chilong bands in blue cloisonne palette, a square four-character more ...