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  • Garlic-head Vase

    Garlic-head Vase

    Lot: 121
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Garlic-head Vase, China, Ming dynasty, the pear-shape body rising to a tall neck with a garlic mouth, overall dark blue enamel thinning at the rim of the mouth, an underglaze blue four-character more ...

  • Meiping Lobed Vase

    Meiping Lobed Vase

    Lot: 122
    Sold for: $3,998$3,250

    Meiping Lobed Vase, China, Yuan dynasty, hexagonal shape with six lobes, each centered with a raised spine and surmounted by a short cylindrical neck flaring to a straight mouth rim, decorated with more ...

  • Guan Incised Jar

    Guan Incised Jar

    Lot: 123

    Guan Incised Jar, China, Yuan dynasty, the wide shoulders sloping to a narrow base, with a short, straight mouth, the overall pale bluish-green celadon glaze covers an incised design of lotus more ...

  • Yaozhou "Moon White" Vase

    Yaozhou "Moon White" Vase

    Lot: 124

    Yaozhou "Moon White" Vase, China, Song dynasty, pear shape with trumpet mouth surmounting a tall neck supported on a slightly splayed foot, covered all over with a thick, pale grayish-green glaze, more ...

  • Monochrome Copper Red-glazed Cup

    Monochrome Copper Red-glazed Cup

    Lot: 125
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Monochrome Copper Red-glazed Cup, China, possibly 18th century, with rounded sides, resting on a raised foot and on a bisque foot ring, white-glazed mouth rim, four-character Qianlong mark in more ...

  • Black Ware Bottle Vase

    Black Ware Bottle Vase

    Lot: 126

    Black Ware Bottle Vase, China, Song dynasty, of dramatic volume with wide, slightly curving shoulders rising from a slightly tappered body, the short tappered mouth with a thick, everted rim, the more ...

  • Celadon-glazed Double-bottle Vase

    Celadon-glazed Double-bottle Vase

    Lot: 127
    Sold for: $9,840$8,000

    Celadon-glazed Double-bottle Vase, China, 18th century, twin rounded high-shouldered vases with a slightly flared neck ending in a straight mouth rim, decorated with a pale celadon glaze except at more ...

  • Iron Rust-glazed Jar

    Iron Rust-glazed Jar

    Lot: 128
    Sold for: $1,599$1,300

    Iron Rust-glazed Jar, China, possibly 18th century, bulbous-form with short neck and rolled rim, resting on a porcelaneous bisque base, the glaze of metal sheen sprinkled with darker spots, ht. 7 more ...

  • Miniature Turquoise-glazed Vase

    Miniature Turquoise-glazed Vase

    Lot: 129

    Miniature Turquoise-glazed Vase, China, 18th century, compressed globular shape with cylindrical neck and resting on a pedestal foot with recessed underfoot, the overall glaze is a fine, deep more ...

  • Miniature Turquoise-glazed Vase

    Miniature Turquoise-glazed Vase

    Lot: 130

    Miniature Turquoise-glazed Vase, China, 18th century, of rounded form with globular body with a long, cylindrical neck and resting upon a straight foot rim with slightly recessed underfoot, the more ...

  • Stoneware Jar

    Stoneware Jar

    Lot: 131
    Sold for: $62$50

    Stoneware Jar, China or Korea, hu-shape with a waisted tubular neck and a flange rim, on a flat base, decorated with incised and raised rings, marks of waved lines on shoulder, ht. 8 3/8 in. more ...

  • Small Stoneware Hu -shape Jarlet

    Small Stoneware Hu -shape Jarlet

    Lot: 132

    Small Stoneware Hu-shape Jarlet, China, Han dynasty style, on a raised foot with flat base, coated with surface encrusted and spotted ash glazes, ht. 5 5/8 in. Property of a New England more ...

  • Covered Celadon Jar

    Covered Celadon Jar

    Lot: 133

    Covered Celadon Jar, China, rouleau form, with an applied dragon curled around the neck, with a crimped trim on the body, shoulders, and cover, ht. 15 in. Property of a New England collector. more ...

  • Cream-glazed Jar

    Cream-glazed Jar

    Lot: 134
    Sold for: $123$100

    Cream-glazed Jar, China, possibly Tang dynasty, globular form with everted rolled rim, the incurved body faintly flared towards the foot rim, resting on a flat bisque base, ht. 6 5/8 in. Property more ...

  • White-glazed Porcelain Ewer

    White-glazed Porcelain Ewer

    Lot: 135
    Sold for: $123$100

    White-glazed Porcelain Ewer, China, Qingbai style, eight-ribbed globular form with high neck, outcurved S-shape spout (broken),and U-shape handle, on a raised octagonal bisque foot, the octagonal more ...

  • Stoneware Four-sided Hu Vase

    Stoneware Four-sided Hu Vase

    Lot: 136
    Sold for: $86$70

    Stoneware Four-sided Hu Vase, China, with slightly flared rim on a square base, decorated with two taotie masks in relief on two sides, the domed square cover angled to form a small flat square top more ...

  • Green-glazed Stoneware Bowl

    Green-glazed Stoneware Bowl

    Lot: 137
    Sold for: $62$50

    Green-glazed Stoneware Bowl, China, Ming dynasty or earlier, with softly rounded sides on a flat bisque base, the uneven glaze pulling downward and ending near the well and base, mottled with brown more ...

  • Black-glazed Water Coupe

    Black-glazed Water Coupe

    Lot: 138
    Sold for: $62$50

    Black-glazed Water Coupe, China, Song dynasty style, compressed globular form decorated with an allover matte black glaze, dia. 3 1/2 in. more ...

  • Cream-glazed Box and Cover

    Cream-glazed Box and Cover

    Lot: 139
    Sold for: $338$275

    Cream-glazed Box and Cover, China, possibly Ming dynasty, round, resting on a raised foot with straight sides, decorated with a raised ring and border around bisque mouth and foot, the domed cover more ...

  • White-glazed Pottery Jug

    White-glazed Pottery Jug

    Lot: 140
    Sold for: $1,230$1,000

    White-glazed Pottery Jug, China, globular, with a straight spout and C-shaped handle on the shoulder, resting on a separately potted podium-style base, decorated with Western European-style more ...

  • Painted Pottery Figural Jar

    Painted Pottery Figural Jar

    Lot: 141

    Painted Pottery Figural Jar, China, Majiayao-style, ovoid upper body with a conical foot, decorated with a figure with details in relief, and with painted figures and arms rising to the neck, more ...

  • Two Earthenware Ritual Vessels

    Two Earthenware Ritual Vessels

    Lot: 142

    Two Earthenware Ritual Vessels, China, possibly Han dynasty, an oval flask-form bottle with a straight neck and foot, decorated with a pair of quadruped animals and fish in bas-relief in a raised more ...

  • Cizhou Ware Jar

    Cizhou Ware Jar

    Lot: 143
    Sold for: $98$80

    Cizhou Ware Jar, China, Yuan dynasty style, bulbous form, with straight neck and rolled rim, resting on a recessed bisque base, the exterior decorated with brushed flowers and bands, black-glazed more ...

  • Hare's Fur-glazed Jian Ware Tea Bowl

    Hare's Fur-glazed Jian Ware Tea Bowl

    Lot: 144
    Sold for: $246$200

    Hare's Fur-glazed Jian Ware Tea Bowl, China, Song dynasty style, conical form with unglazed foot ring, the glaze thinning towards the rim and streaked from black to light brown, dia. 4 1/2 in. more ...

  • Lead Green-glazed Jar

    Lead Green-glazed Jar

    Lot: 145

    Lead Green-glazed Jar, China, possibly Han dynasty, bulbous form tapering towards the base, decorated allover with a metallic green glaze, ht. 6 in. more ...

  • Blanc-de-Chine Figure of Guanyin

    Blanc-de-Chine Figure of Guanyin

    Lot: 146

    Blanc-de-Chine Figure of Guanyin, China, seated with a ruyi scepter in her left hand, with five children at various pursuits, "Dehua" and "He Qianzong yin" marks on the reverse, ht. 18 in. more ...

  • Blanc-de-Chine Figure of Ma Gu

    Blanc-de-Chine Figure of Ma Gu

    Lot: 147
    Sold for: $3,998$3,250

    Blanc-de-Chine Figure of Ma Gu, China, late 19th/early 20th century, standing figure holding a lingzhi mushroom in her right hand, her head turned slightly towards the right and angled downwards, more ...

  • Blue and White Vase

    Blue and White Vase

    Lot: 148
    Sold for: $123$100

    Blue and White Vase, China, 19th century, baluster-shape with waisted neck and everted floral rim, two pairs of lions and chilongs applied around neck, decorated allover with auspicious emblems, more ...

  • Twenty-three Miniature Cabinet Vases

    Twenty-three Miniature Cabinet Vases

    Lot: 149
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Twenty-three Miniature Cabinet Vases, China, 18th to 20th century, various forms including gu, bottle, baluster, and meiping, mostly blue and white, some with iron red decorations, and two with more ...

  • Three Small Blue and White Asian Porcelain Items

    Three Small Blue and White Asian Porcelain Items

    Lot: 150
    Sold for: $3,321$2,700

    Three Small Blue and White Asian Porcelain Items, China, 18th/19th century, a round covered box, decorated with a floret on the cover top and a lappet band around the cover; a trapezoidal covered more ...