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  • Standing Mumuye Figure

    Standing Mumuye Figure

    Lot: 1091

    Standing Mumuye Figure, Nigeria, standing without feet on a circular base, thick angular legs below an elongated torso, long thin arms at sides, with rounded shoulders below the thick neck, with more ...

  • Mumuye Man and Dog

    Mumuye Man and Dog

    Lot: 1092
    Sold for: $375$300

    Mumuye Man and Dog, Nigeria, the figure wearing a rope belt, with elongated torso and neck, the dog on four legs, long tail and skin belt, ht. 7 1/2, lg. of dog 6 1/4 in. Provenance: Private more ...

  • Mumuye Figure

    Mumuye Figure

    Lot: 1093
    Sold for: $438$350

    Mumuye Figure, Nigeria, thick angular legs below an elongated torso with a protruding belly button, wearing a small leather belt, long cutout arms at sides with long-fingered hands, with sloping more ...

  • African Polychrome Pottery Figure

    African Polychrome Pottery Figure

    Lot: 1094
    Sold for: $625$500

    African Polychrome Pottery Figure, Nigeria, Ibo, solid, seated female figure wears ankle and neck rings, with tripartite coiffure, painted red, black, and white, (cracks and restorations, clay more ...

  • Terra-cotta Nok Head

    Terra-cotta Nok Head

    Lot: 1095

    Terra-cotta Nok Head, northern Nigeria, ht. 9 in. Provenance: Private collection, Massachusetts; Willy Okwerekwu, Boston, Massachusetts. more ...

  • Yoruba Fetish Group

    Yoruba Fetish Group

    Lot: 1096
    Sold for: $1,125$900

    Yoruba Fetish Group, Nigeria, four standing figures, two male and two female, holding various items, standing on a tall, round base, with smaller round platform above, with tied bundles, a gourd, more ...

  • Three Yoruba Ibeji Figures

    Three Yoruba Ibeji Figures

    Lot: 1097
    Sold for: $500$400

    Three Yoruba Ibeji Figures, two male and one female, the female with painted inventory number on the base, "80.97.16," ht. 10 1/2, 10 1/4, and 8 3/4 in. Provenance: Richard Kelton Collection, more ...

  • Mende Bundu Helmet Mask

    Mende Bundu Helmet Mask

    Lot: 1098
    Sold for: $750$600

    Mende Bundu Helmet Mask, Sierra Leone, from the Sante society, fat rolls on the neck above a heavily pierced rim support the triangular face with small open mouth, narrow nose, and crescent cutout more ...

  • Bwa Plank Mask

    Bwa Plank Mask

    Lot: 1099

    Bwa Plank Mask, Burkina Faso, with circular face, with pierced, open mouth, concentric circles for eyes, and a central, beak-like projection from the forehead, beneath a large rectangular plank more ...

  • Cameroon Fly Whisk

    Cameroon Fly Whisk

    Lot: 1100

    Cameroon Fly Whisk, the Janus-head top, with raised headgear, the shaft wrapped in hide and animal hair, mounted on metal base, overall lg. 26 1/4 in. more ...

  • Mwila (active in Elisabethville c. 1950-70, Congo) Painting

    Mwila (active in Elisabethville c. 1950-70, Congo) Painting

    Lot: 1101

    Mwila (active in Elisabethville c. 1950-70, Congo) Painting, oil on canvas, a group of dancing tribesmen with spears, signed lower right "Muila," framed, 19 3/4 x 27 1/2 in. Provenance: Private more ...

  • Pende Mask

    Pende Mask

    Lot: 1102

    Pende Mask, hollowed-out form, wearing a fiber and basketry headdress with four high cones, the face with pointed chin and open pierced mouth with jagged teeth, beneath curved nose and pierced more ...

  • Mbuya Pende Mask

    Mbuya Pende Mask

    Lot: 1103

    Mbuya Pende Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, hollowed-out form, wearing a fiber and woven headdress sweeping up at the back, the face with pointed chin and open pierced mouth, beneath a more ...

  • Pende Mask

    Pende Mask

    Lot: 1104

    Pende Mask, Ukwango, Democratic Republic of the Congo, soft features, with eyes nearly closed under heavy eyelids, a pouting mouth, and a nose slightly turned up, the chin extends to a wooden beard, more ...

  • Lega Kisumbi Stool

    Lega Kisumbi Stool

    Lot: 1105
    Sold for: $188$150

    Lega Kisumbi Stool, rounded top and base and four legs, three of which are joined together, used by men at the Bwami ceremonies, (wood loss),ht. 5 1/2, wd. 9 1/2 in. more ...

  • Luba Female Figure

    Luba Female Figure

    Lot: 1106

    Luba Female Figure, seated on a four-legged stool, holding a staff in right hand, the left hand on a knee, pigmented overall, (loss to right arm, age cracks, wood loss and pigment losses),ht. 18 more ...

  • Luba Zoomorphic Mask

    Luba Zoomorphic Mask

    Lot: 1107

    Luba Zoomorphic Mask, hollowed-out, the rim with fiber attachments, a bird-like face with short beak and large round eyes, the face deeply cut with geometric patterns, pigmented black and white, more ...

  • Ngbaka/Bwaka Mask

    Ngbaka/Bwaka Mask

    Lot: 1108

    Ngbaka/Bwaka Mask, hollowed-out mask, pierced twice on the rim, the open mouth above a short beard, with long, flat nose and wide-open cutout eyes, the face and forehead with linear incised marks, more ...

  • Kongo Mask

    Kongo Mask

    Lot: 1109

    Kongo Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, hollowed-out, tapering form, pierced around the edge for attachments, with open cutout mouth, wide, flat nose, and large cutout eyes, overall smooth, more ...

  • Hemba Figure

    Hemba Figure

    Lot: 1110

    Hemba Figure, Democratic Republic of the Congo, standing on a round base, with heavy legs apart, cutout arms with hands on protruding abdomen, the elongated neck below the angular head, with small more ...

  • Zimba Janus Figure

    Zimba Janus Figure

    Lot: 1111
    Sold for: $1,250$1,000

    Zimba Janus Figure, Democratic Republic of the Congo, armless Janus half figure on a rectangular base, with squared shoulders, one figure with incised linear and cruciform scarifications on the more ...

  • Hunde Wood Panel

    Hunde Wood Panel

    Lot: 1112
    Sold for: $313$250

    Hunde Wood Panel, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a flat polychromed mask-like panel comprising a roughly rectangular face with an open rectangular mouth and a long-pointed beard/grip, overall more ...

  • Rungu Wood Staff

    Rungu Wood Staff

    Lot: 1113

    Rungu Wood Staff, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a staff topped by a finely grooved ball surmounted by a female figure standing legs apart and arms free of body, with hands to the breasts, with more ...

  • Kuyu Marionette Head

    Kuyu Marionette Head

    Lot: 1114
    Sold for: $344$275

    Kuyu Marionette Head, the lower cylindrical section, with pointed handle and neck section, decorated with zigzag bands, the oval head with triple ridged coiffure, pointed braids on either side of more ...

  • Congo Wood Staff

    Congo Wood Staff

    Lot: 1115

    Congo Wood Staff, the smooth shaft with two white pigmented collars, with a standing figure at the top, the figure standing on a round base, with strong, slightly bent legs, cutout arms with hands more ...

  • Yaka Staff

    Yaka Staff

    Lot: 1116

    Yaka Staff, short staff, with cylindrical grooved element below the head, with open mouth, large, triangular nose and large coffee bean eyes flanked, by two large c-shaped ears, beneath a flat more ...

  • Kuba Palm Wine Cup

    Kuba Palm Wine Cup

    Lot: 1118

    Kuba Palm Wine Cup, fully decorated cup with two bands of incised geometric patterns of interlocking lines below the rim and above the base, in between carved with numerous animal heads with zigzag more ...

  • Kuba Mask

    Kuba Mask

    Lot: 1119
    Sold for: $750$600

    Kuba Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, hollowed-out and pierced around the top and upper sides, with elaborate fabric headdress attached, with projecting mouth, beneath a large flaring nose, more ...

  • Songye Power Figure

    Songye Power Figure

    Lot: 1120
    Sold for: $750$600

    Songye Power Figure, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a half-figure, comprising a human torso, the arms held at the sides, mounted on a high round base, with jutting navel, elongated neck, and the more ...

  • Songye Kifwebe Panel

    Songye Kifwebe Panel

    Lot: 1121

    Songye Kifwebe Panel, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a rectangular panel featuring a kifwebe mask carved in high relief in the center, the whole brown with black and white highlights on the mask, more ...