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  • Two Earthenware Ritual Vessels

    Two Earthenware Ritual Vessels

    Lot: 91

    Two Earthenware Ritual Vessels, China, possibly Han dynasty, a covered food vessel consisting of two low bowl-shape dishes with a knob, and a high ritual vessel with wide neck and mouth, on an more ...

  • Two Earthenware Jars

    Two Earthenware Jars

    Lot: 92

    Two Earthenware Jars, China, possibly Warring States period, a compressed globular jar, the body decorated with impressed trellis design below a band of combed rings; and a small globular jar with more ...

  • Three Partially Glazed Earthenware Jars

    Three Partially Glazed Earthenware Jars

    Lot: 93

    Three Partially Glazed Earthenware Jars, China, possibly Tang dynasty, a green-glazed jar, globular form with angled shoulder, straight mouth, and flat base; a celadon green-glazed jar, compressed more ...

  • Four Brown-glazed Guan -type Jars

    Four Brown-glazed Guan -type Jars

    Lot: 94
    Sold for: $123$100

    Four Brown-glazed Guan-type Jars, China, possibly Han dynasty, a dark brown-glazed jar with an everted rim; a glossy brown-glazed jar; a dark brown-glazed ribbed jar; and a bulbous jar with two loop more ...

  • Large Black-glazed Jar

    Large Black-glazed Jar

    Lot: 95

    Large Black-glazed Jar, China, provincial ware, the wide shoulders narrowing to a slightly flared mouth rim, with ribbing towards the midsection and base, decorated with an allover brownish black more ...

  • Miniature Bronze Archaic Ram Head

    Miniature Bronze Archaic Ram Head

    Lot: 96

    Miniature Bronze Archaic Ram Head, China, possibly Western Han dynasty, glued on a transparent Plexiglas stand with tubular cover, ram ht. 7/8 in. more ...

  • Five Earthenware Roof Tiles

    Five Earthenware Roof Tiles

    Lot: 97

    Five Earthenware Roof Tiles, China, Jin dynasty style, three with a beast's mask on the ends, and two with a writhing dragon in a medallion, all in deep relief, four with a hole, lg. 11 to 14 in. more ...

  • Pottery Roof Tile

    Pottery Roof Tile

    Lot: 98

    Pottery Roof Tile, China, possibly Han dynasty, gray earthenware, depicting a mask, wd. 8 in. more ...

  • Rare Black Ware Russet Truncated Meiping

    Rare Black Ware Russet Truncated Meiping

    Lot: 99

    Rare Black Ware Russet Truncated Meiping Bottle, China, Northern Song dynasty, globular shape with short neck and flaring, everted mouth, the overall black glaze with russet markings ending at the more ...

  • Small Russet Jar

    Small Russet Jar

    Lot: 100

    Small Russet Jar, China, Song dynasty, the small globular jar with short neck and everted rim and two handles covered with a fine, smooth even russet glaze with traces of black, the bottom and foot more ...

  • Near Pair of Jizhou Vases

    Near Pair of Jizhou Vases

    Lot: 101
    Sold for: $5,228$4,250

    Near Pair of Jizhou Vases, China, Song dynasty, each with pear-shape body, the long, cylindrical neck rises to an everted mouth rim, the bodies covered with a "tortoiseshell" glaze irregularly more ...

  • Langyao Miniature Meiping

    Langyao Miniature Meiping

    Lot: 102
    Sold for: $800$650

    Langyao Miniature Meiping Raspberry Vase, China, 18th century conforming to a perfect meiping shape, the glaze a deep crushed raspberry ending at a white-glazed mouth rim, ht. 2 3/4 in. more ...

  • Miniature Iron-Rust Meiping

    Miniature Iron-Rust Meiping

    Lot: 103

    Miniature Iron-Rust Meiping Vase, China, 18th century, the miniature meiping shape covered with a dark brown glaze with russet band around the neck and an overall hare's fur markings, with an more ...

  • Near Pair of Cafe-au-lait Double Gourd Vases

    Near Pair of Cafe-au-lait Double Gourd Vases

    Lot: 104

    Near Pair of Cafe-au-lait Double Gourd Vases, China, 18th/19th century, each with a bulbous lower body surmounted by a narrow cylindrical neck rising to a smaller bulbous body and elongated neck more ...

  • Pair of Gilt-bronze Vases

    Pair of Gilt-bronze Vases

    Lot: 105

    Pair of Gilt-bronze Vases, China, Tang dynasty, each bottle shape with flattened shoulders surmounted by a long, tapered, cylindrical neck with everted rim, the entire body of each covered in more ...

  • Flambe Double-gourd Vase

    Flambe Double-gourd Vase

    Lot: 106

    Flambe Double-gourd Vase, China, 18th/19th century, the bulbous lower body rising to a pear-shaped upper body with cylindrical neck, the overall, strawberry red glaze thinning at the mouth into a more ...

  • Green-glazed Stoneware Jar

    Green-glazed Stoneware Jar

    Lot: 107
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Green-glazed Stoneware Jar, China, Tang dynasty, compressed globular shape with short neck and wide everted rim, covered in a bright green glaze with darker glaze running vertically down from the more ...

  • Amber Stoneware Vase

    Amber Stoneware Vase

    Lot: 108

    Amber Stoneware Vase, China, Liao dynasty, tall baluster shape with elongated trumpet-shape neck and wide mouth, the deep amber glaze rises irregularly from the interior over the rim and covers more ...

  • Amber-glazed Pilgrim Flask

    Amber-glazed Pilgrim Flask

    Lot: 109

    Amber-glazed Pilgrim Flask, China, Liao dynasty, modeled after a leather prototype, the swelling body flattened at top with a finger-pinched loop handle attached to a cylindrical spout, covered with more ...

  • Glazed Stoneware Bowl

    Glazed Stoneware Bowl

    Lot: 110

    Glazed Stoneware Bowl, China, Tang dynasty, the wide bowl with a bulbous silhouette and slightly everted rim, resting on a shallow, thick foot rim enclosing the unglazed domed base, decorated with a more ...

  • Glazed Earthenware Cup

    Glazed Earthenware Cup

    Lot: 111
    Sold for: $984$800

    Glazed Earthenware Cup, China, Tang dynasty, the tall cup standing on a splayed hollow foot supporting the rounded base, the slightly bowed sides constricting toward the everted rim, the exterior more ...

  • Straw-glazed Jarlet

    Straw-glazed Jarlet

    Lot: 112

    Straw-glazed Jarlet, China, Tang dynasty, bulbous "apple" shape with a flat foot which curves up to a wide mouth, the overall fine, straw-colored glaze ending evenly at the base, revealing a white more ...

  • Three Miniature Sancai Cups

    Three Miniature Sancai Cups

    Lot: 113

    Three Miniature Sancai Cups, China, Tang dynasty, each with green stripes on the interior and exterior walls against a straw-color background, the interior base in an amber glaze, dia. to 2 in. more ...

  • Apple Green Vase

    Apple Green Vase

    Lot: 114
    Sold for: $1,353$1,100

    Apple Green Vase, China, 18th/19th century, of bulbous form with a short neck and everted mouth, the overall crackle is covered in a bright apple green glaze, mouth rim and foot unglazed, ht. 4 more ...

  • Hexagonal Faceted Vase

    Hexagonal Faceted Vase

    Lot: 115
    Sold for: $369$300

    Hexagonal Faceted Vase, China, 18th/19th century, with long neck and flaring mouth, the handles depicting an elongated dragon, overall bright, leaf-green enamel covering a fine craquelure, ht. 7 3/4 more ...

  • Pair of Tall Cups

    Pair of Tall Cups

    Lot: 116

    Pair of Tall Cups, China, 18th century, each tall, slightly tapered body the rises to a wide mouth with an everted rim, the overall yellow mottled glaze covers the entire exterior and interior of more ...

  • "Crab-claw" Green Bottle Vase

    "Crab-claw" Green Bottle Vase

    Lot: 117

    "Crab-claw" Green Bottle Vase, China, 18th century, the tall cylindrical neck tapers to the globular body, covered overall with a smooth mottled brown and dark green glaze that thins to a light more ...

  • Robin's-egg Vase

    Robin's-egg Vase

    Lot: 118
    Sold for: $984$800

    Robin's-egg Vase, China, 18th/19th century, compressed bulbous shape with short neck and everted mouth rim, the body covered in a robin's-egg blue glaze with overall purple markings, ht. 5 1/8 in. more ...

  • Creamy White-glazed Censer

    Creamy White-glazed Censer

    Lot: 119
    Sold for: $369$300

    Creamy White-glazed Censer, China, Cizhou ware style, the cylindrical body resting on three bracket feet, with bamboo node-inspired decoration, bisque interior, glazed base, fine allover crackling, more ...

  • Cream-glazed Porcelain Bowl

    Cream-glazed Porcelain Bowl

    Lot: 120

    Cream-glazed Porcelain Bowl, China, with rounded conical sides, resting on a short raised bisque foot ring, the white glaze tinged with green, ending near the bottom, ht. 2 3/4, dia. 8 1/2 in. more ...