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  • Maori Feather Box, Waka Huia

    Lot: 1066
    Sold for: $6,875$5,500

    Maori Feather Box, Waka Huia, early to mid-19th century, with projecting tiki heads on each end of the narrow elongated box, the lid, sides and bottom covered with deeply cut scrolling designs, dark more ...

  • Polynesian Carved Wood Poi

    Lot: 1067
    Sold for: $1,063$850

    Polynesian Carved Wood Poi Bowl, Hawaii, late 19th century, large lathe-turned kou wood calabash bowl, high sides with varnish finish, ht. 9, wd. 12 1/2 in. more ...

  • Hawaiian Poi

    Lot: 1068
    Sold for: $750$600

    Hawaiian Poi Pounder, 19th century or earlier, tapered basalt shaft with bulbous butt end with a small indentation on the top, ht. 7 1/2 in. more ...

  • Hawaiian Wood Poi

    Lot: 1069
    Sold for: $3,375$2,700

    Hawaiian Wood Poi Bowl with Suspension Net, 19th century, ko'u umeke bowl with a cotton fiber suspension net, koko, the bowl with two square cut, and one butterfly replacement repairs to the side, more ...

  • Hawaiian Poi

    Lot: 1070
    Sold for: $2,000$1,600

    Hawaiian Poi Pounder, 19th century or earlier, basalt, well proportioned, with bulbous butt end, ht. 8 in. Provenance: Tad Dale, Santa Fe, New Mexico. more ...

  • Hawaiian Game Stone, Ulumaika

    Lot: 1071
    Sold for: $1,063$850

    Hawaiian Game Stone, Ulumaika, probably pre-contact period, smoothly polished disk in a light colored stone, (small chip to edge), dia. 3 1/8 in. more ...

  • Hawaiian Game Stone, Ulumaika

    Lot: 1072
    Sold for: $2,125$1,700

    Hawaiian Game Stone, Ulumaika, probably pre-contact period, basalt, smoothly polished disk, dia. 3 in. more ...

  • Gilbert Islands Shark Tooth Sword

    Lot: 1073
    Sold for: $1,500$1,200

    Gilbert Islands Shark Tooth Sword, Micronesia, late 19th century, long wood shaft with two edges lined with shark teeth attached by fiber and hair cord, the grip wrapped with banana fiber and woven more ...

  • Gilbert Islands Shark Tooth Sword

    Lot: 1074
    Sold for: $875$700

    Gilbert Islands Shark Tooth Sword, 19th century, wood short sword with numerous shark teeth attached with sennit fiber, lg. 23 in. more ...

  • Large Stone Micronesian Currency, Rai

    Lot: 1075
    Sold for: $2,750$2,200

    Large Stone Micronesian Currency, Rai, Yap, carved from calcite crystal stone, circular disk with a hole in the middle, (broken and repaired, with traces of glue), dia. 14 1/2 in. more ...

  • Micronesian Wood Tackle Box

    Lot: 1076
    Sold for: $688$550

    Micronesian Wood Tackle Box, Caroline Islands, early 20th century, long narrow lidded fishing tackle box, the lid tied down with sennit fiber, (age cracks in wood), lg. 27, ht. 6, wd. 7 in. more ...

  • Micronesian Dance Shield

    Lot: 1077
    Sold for: $1,625$1,300

    Micronesian Dance Shield, Truk Island, Caroline Islands, elaborate repeated cutout motifs stacked vertically, with carrying handle at the back, painted in black and white pigments, ht. 27 1/4, wd. 5 more ...

  • Micronesian Men's House Figure

    Lot: 1078
    Sold for: $1,875$1,500

    Micronesian Men's House Figure, Babelthuap Island, Palau, female figure named Dilukai, carved as a gable ornament for the bai or men's house, with shell inlay eyes and painted highlights, (age more ...

  • Mande Hunter Shirt

    Lot: 1079

    Mande Hunter Shirt, armless light canvas fabric tunic, neck and shoulder line decorated with cowrie shells, with many fabric tassels front and back, some with leather-bound pouches, lg. 29, wd. at more ...

  • Kurumba Adone Antelope Headdress

    Lot: 1080
    Sold for: $813$650

    Kurumba Adone Antelope Headdress, Upper Volta/Mali, long curving neck, with long, slightly curved head, the ears are long and curve up towards the very long horns, painted overall in geometric more ...

  • Bamana/Marka Wood Mask

    Lot: 1081
    Sold for: $1,063$850

    Bamana/Marka Wood Mask, Mali, Segou region, tapering form with pierced lozenge mouth and eyeholes, with incised linear scarification marks on the forehead, fine rows of incisions on the eyelids, more ...

  • Dogon Female Figure

    Lot: 1082
    Sold for: $1,500$1,200

    Dogon Female Figure, standing on a circular base, with slightly bent legs, beneath an elongated torso, both arms outstretched bent upwards at the elbow, the cylindrical neck supporting an enlarged more ...

  • Dogon Metal Equestrian Figure

    Lot: 1083
    Sold for: $188$150

    Dogon Metal Equestrian Figure, the abstract forged iron horse supporting a similarly fashioned rider, with tapering head, was once holding something in the right hand, the horse with large bell more ...

  • Small Dogon Medicine Container

    Lot: 1084
    Sold for: $406$325

    Small Dogon Medicine Container, crouching figure of a woman atop a small box with hinged door, dry encrusted patina, with old painted inventory number on bottom "755 A.G.," ht. 6 in. more ...

  • Kuyu Marionette Head

    Lot: 1085
    Sold for: $375$300

    Kuyu Marionette Head, the lower cylindrical section, with pointed handle and neck section, decorated with zigzag bands, the oval head with triple ridged coiffure, pointed braids on either side of more ...

  • Akan/Fanti Fertility Doll, Akuaba

    Lot: 1086
    Sold for: $375$300

    Akan/Fanti Fertility Doll, Akuaba, cylindrical form wearing a glass bead ornament, the ringed neck surmounted by an exaggerated rectangular head with stylized features, on wood base, ht. 9 1/2 more ...

  • Baule Janus Heddle Pulley

    Lot: 1087
    Sold for: $500$400

    Baule Janus Heddle Pulley, the U-shaped body beneath the double head, each with a stylized face, long beard, and high incised coiffure, dark, encrusted patina, on wood base, (age cracks), ht. 8 more ...

  • Baule Seated Female Figure

    Lot: 1088
    Sold for: $938$750

    Baule Seated Female Figure, the bent legs with large calves, seated on a two pillar stool, supporting an elongated torso with bent cut-out arms, large hands accentuate the stomach scarification, the more ...

  • Senufo Wood Chair

    Lot: 1089
    Sold for: $125$100

    Senufo Wood Chair, Ivory Coast, joined wood chair with bentwood back rest and plank seat, dark stain, on four short columnar legs, ht. 15 1/2, wd. 14 1/2 in. more ...

  • Long Handled Senufo Ladle

    Lot: 1090
    Sold for: $563$450

    Long Handled Senufo Ladle, Ivory Coast, circular scoop, with long partially twisted wood handle, terminating in a long-legged abstracted bird, with metal stand, ht. 27 in. Provenance: Norman more ...

  • Wood Nupe Door

    Lot: 1091

    Wood Nupe Door, fashioned from three rectangular panels each carved in high relief with numerous abstract symbols including animals, birds, humans, weapons, and other objects, each decorated with an more ...

  • Cameroon Horn Spoon

    Lot: 1092

    Cameroon Horn Spoon, a long narrow scoop, the handle decorated with four sets of raised bands, between series of incised interlocking bands, smooth dark patina, lg. 13 in. Provenance: James more ...

  • Lega Mask

    Lot: 1093
    Sold for: $1,125$900

    Lega Mask, diminutive form, the tapering facial plane with long raffia beard attached at the chin beneath a slit mouth, a long straight nose and coffee bean eyes painted black, beneath a domed brow, more ...

  • Congo Divination Ensemble

    Lot: 1094
    Sold for: $563$450

    Congo Divination Ensemble, two small wood heads with fiber skirts together with a horn embedded in hardened and encrusted clay, ht. 7, wd. 6 1/2 in. more ...

  • Songye Male Figure

    Lot: 1095
    Sold for: $2,000$1,600

    Songye Male Figure, standing on a circular base with flat feet and short angular legs beneath the cubistic torso, inset at the navel with fetish material beneath the cylindrical neck and angular more ...