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  • Ivory Carving

    Lot: 50A
    Sold for: $533$450

    Ivory Carving, India, early 20th century, carving of four elephants on an acanthus carved pedestal, ht. 9 1/4 in. more ...

  • Bronze Buddha

    Lot: 51
    Sold for: $652$550

    Bronze Buddha, Thailand, 19th century, seated in dhyanasana pose on a stand, his right hand in bhumisparsa mudra, ht. approx. 17 in. more ...

  • Folding Knife

    Lot: 52
    Sold for: $237$200

    Folding Knife, Persia, Qajar period, late 19th/early 20th century, watered steel blade, iron handle with blue and yellow floral enameled decoration, ht. 6 1/2 in. more ...

  • Four Silver Items

    Lot: 52A

    Four Silver Items, Asian export, late 19th century, three boxes with relief flower decoration and a mirror, dia. 3 7/8 in. more ...

  • Silver Mirror

    Lot: 52B
    Sold for: $830$700

    Silver Mirror, Turkey, Ottoman, repousse silver with a design of baskets of flowers and scrolling, Tughra masks, dia. 10 in. more ...

  • Four Daggers

    Lot: 53
    Sold for: $1,304$1,100

    Four Daggers, three Phia Kaetla, Ceylon, 18th century or earlier, and a 19th century Thai dagger with a carved ivory hilt, lg. approx. 10 1/2 in. more ...

  • Axe Blade

    Lot: 54
    Sold for: $107$90

    Axe Blade, India, 19th century, of crescent shape, with silver inlay decoration of wavy patterns, lg. 9 3/4, dia. 12 3/4 in. more ...

  • Bronze Buddhist Stele

    Lot: 55
    Sold for: $2,133$1,800

    Bronze Buddhist Stele, Burma, Pagan, 12th century, seated figure of Bhaigrava Buddha on a lotus throne supported by a flying figure with two attendant deities at the sides, with a garuda finial halo more ...

  • Bronze Seated Figure of the Buddha

    Lot: 56
    Sold for: $1,422$1,200

    Bronze Seated Figure of the Buddha, Burma, 13th century, jeweled figure in the earth witnessing mudra, ht. 10 in. more ...

  • Bronze Figure of the Buddha

    Lot: 57
    Sold for: $3,851$3,250

    Bronze Figure of the Buddha, Burma, Pagan, 11th century, image of Padmapani seated in the royal ease pose on a rocky outcrop covered with tiger skin, with two attendants offering lotus, 8 1/2 x 7 more ...

  • Copper Bowl

    Lot: 58
    Sold for: $415$350

    Copper Bowl, Persia, 19th century, Dervish begging bowl (Kashkul) with panels of Arabic script, lg. 12 in. more ...

  • Iron Box

    Lot: 59
    Sold for: $770$650

    Iron Box, Tibet, 16th century, Derge work from Eastern Tibet, carved and pierced with a design of dragons and clouds, traces of gilt remaining, dia. 7 1/2 in. more ...

  • Niello Bowl

    Lot: 60
    Sold for: $980$800

    Niello Bowl, Thailand, 19th century, the exterior of the deep rounded bowl decorated with engraved, nielloed and gilded floral and leafy patterns, flat base, ht. 3 7/8, dia. 8 in. more ...

  • Niello and Gilt Gong

    Lot: 61
    Sold for: $830$700

    Niello and Gilt Gong, Thailand, 19th century, the surface decorated with niello and gilded patterns of seated Buddhist figures amidst leafy scrolls, dia. 8 in. more ...

  • Kapala Skull Cup

    Lot: 62
    Sold for: $830$700

    Kapala Skull Cup, Tibet, 19th century, the skull cup resting on a triangular bronze pedestal representing a sacrificial fire with three heads, the domed cover cast with panels enclosing lokapala more ...

  • Bidri Bottle

    Lot: 63

    Bidri Bottle, India, 19th century, of water chestnut shape with an elongated neck, zinc alloy body inlaid with sheet silver, decorated with panels enclosing elaborate leafy patterns, ht. 7 1/2 in. more ...

  • Five Silver Boxes

    Lot: 64
    Sold for: $459$375

    Five Silver Boxes, Southeast Asia, 19th century, a rectangular box with repousse design of dragons, and four small boxes, lg. 2 1/4 to 6 in. more ...

  • Lot of Three Silver Items

    Lot: 65
    Sold for: $276$225

    Lot of Three Silver Items, Burma, 19th century, a circular box and cover with repousse decoration of birds and animals on a ground with acanthus leaves, a small rectangular box with leafy more ...

  • Silver Box

    Lot: 66
    Sold for: $1,960$1,600

    Silver Box, Burma, 19th century, the cover and the sides with fine repousse decoration of figurative groups, enclosed by acanthus leaves borders, the box raised on four short cabriole feet more ...

  • Silver Sugar Jar and Cover

    Lot: 67
    Sold for: $4,148$3,500

    Silver Sugar Jar and Cover, Turkey, 19th century, the lily-shaped body supported on a pedestal foot and finely chased with columnar designs on a network ground, the domed cover with an eagle finial, more ...

  • Large Bronze Drum

    Lot: 68
    Sold for: $3,318$2,800

    Large Bronze Drum, Southeast Asia, with slightly waisted midsection, the sides with string design, the top with small finials to the rim, dia. 24 3/4, ht. 18 5/8 in. more ...

  • Japanese Painting

    Lot: 69

    Japanese Painting, 20th century, ink and colors on paper, otsu-e of a demon climbing into a tub, framed and glazed, 17 x 12 in. more ...

  • Eizan:

    Lot: 69A
    Sold for: $245$200

    Eizan: two woodblock prints, Courtesan in Elaborate Kimono and Courtesan with Attendant, (good impressions, color, and condition, with some fading, stains, and abrasion), framed. more ...

  • Two Woodblock Prints

    Lot: 70

    Two Woodblock Prints, Kiyoshi Saito, of a female Bunraku puppet in three-quarter view, signed "Kiyoshi Saito" in black ink, with red seal, framed and glazed, (good impression, color, and condition, more ...

  • Two Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Lot: 71
    Sold for: $59$50

    Two Japanese Woodblock Prints, Dolls and Samurai Armor in Garden Setting, 20th century decorative prints, one signed in the style of early Korin (Rimpa) school screens, (fine impressions, color, and more ...

  • Three Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Lot: 72
    Sold for: $119$100

    Three Japanese Woodblock Prints, two of ladies, late copies after Eishi and Harunobu, and Beetle on Flower Stalk by Yoshimoto Gesso, (good impressions, color, and condition), in small sleeves. more ...

  • Toyokuni III:

    Lot: 73
    Sold for: $89$75

    Toyokuni III: A Noble Family Enjoying Tea on a Porch above a Stream, triptych, c. 1850, (good impression, color, and condition, with some stains, creases, and fading), in slipcase. more ...

  • Hiroshige:

    Lot: 74
    Sold for: $153$125

    Hiroshige: Ashida, from Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido, late 1830s, (good impression, color, and condition, with slight foxing and corner creases, matted to image, not examined out of frame), more ...

  • Utagawa Yoshitora:

    Lot: 75
    Sold for: $296$250

    Utagawa Yoshitora: Benzaiten Shitai o Arawasu, triptych, signed, (good impression, faded, surface abrasion, foxing), framed and glazed, 13 x 28 in. more ...

  • Two Woodblock Prints

    Lot: 76
    Sold for: $267$225

    Two Woodblock Prints, Kuniyoshi, Hana-jo Daughter of Oribe Kanamaru Tying Her Sash, from the series Stories of Faithful Hearts and True Loyalty, signed, (good impression, color, and condition, more ...