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  • Painted Wood Board, Gope

    Lot: 1034
    Sold for: $2,750$2,200

    Painted Wood Board, Gope, Kerewa, Goaribari Island, Papuan Gulf, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, depicting two stacked figures carved in relief, with traces of pigments, (surface wear), lg. 40 more ...

  • Tami Island Food Bowl

    Lot: 1035
    Sold for: $813$650

    Tami Island Food Bowl, Huon Gulf, Papua New Guinea, decorated on the underside with white pigment filled incised and relief carving, with an ancestor face at each end, lg. 14 3/4, wd. 7 1/4 in. more ...

  • Massim Lime Spatula

    Lot: 1036
    Sold for: $1,750$1,400

    Massim Lime Spatula, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, 19th century, the handle in the form of an abstract frigate bird, with traces of white pigment infill, with Webster inventory number "2236" more ...

  • Massim Wood Figure

    Lot: 1037
    Sold for: $875$700

    Massim Wood Figure, Kiriwina Island, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, the stylized human figure standing on heavy legs, with diminutive arms set apart from the torso, the more ...

  • Korwar Figure

    Lot: 1038

    Korwar Figure, Irian Jaya, late 19th century, the block type with the large head above the cloth wrapped block below, the head with protruding mouth and long exaggerated nose, small eyes and more ...

  • Two Kanak House Boards, Tale

    Lot: 1039
    Sold for: $3,375$2,700

    Two Kanak House Boards, Tale, New Caledonia, late 19th century, paint and hardwood, the front carved in a diamond pattern with a face at the top, the back flat, each with a hole at the top, traces more ...

  • Rennell Islands Club, Baukiana

    Lot: 1040
    Sold for: $2,375$1,900

    Rennell Islands Club, Baukiana, Bellona Island, Solomon Islands, late 19th century, hardwood, rattan, and sennit fiber, the strapped head carved into eight blunt points, lg. 15 3/4 in. more ...

  • Solomon Islands Shell Currency

    Lot: 1041
    Sold for: $188$150

    Solomon Islands Shell Currency, Malaita, early 20th century, a shell ring carved from the giant clamshell, and a string of shell rings, with old paper label attached, dia. of ring 4 3/8, lg. of more ...

  • Solomon Islands Carved Wood Dance Paddle

    Lot: 1042
    Sold for: $938$750

    Solomon Islands Carved Wood Dance Paddle, Buka Island, carved on both sides with highly stylized anthropomorphic and geometric devices, red, black, and white pigments, with metal stand, lg. 72 1/2 more ...

  • Australian Aboriginal Bark Painting

    Lot: 1043
    Sold for: $625$500

    Australian Aboriginal Bark Painting, attributed to Buranday Waynbarrnga (Australian, c. 1914-1980), language group, Djambarrpuyngu, Arnhem region, natural pigments on eucalyptus bark, depicting the more ...

  • Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Lot: 1046
    Sold for: $688$550

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula, early 19th century, gadroon-head type, with carved tavatava grip, (age crack), lg. 17 in. more ...

  • Fijian Hardwood War Club, Culacula

    Lot: 1047
    Sold for: $1,750$1,400

    Fijian Hardwood War Club, Culacula, 19th century, paddle-shaped head with raised central cross ridge, serrated sides, and bulbous butt end, (loss to cross ridge ends, chips on butt), lg. 46 1/4 more ...

  • Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua

    Lot: 1048
    Sold for: $813$650

    Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua, early 19th century, with two names inscribed on each side, with crosses, complete with coconut fiber cord, lg. of tooth 7 1/4 in. more ...

  • Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua

    Lot: 1049
    Sold for: $594$475

    Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua, 19th century, with fragmented woven fiber necklace, lg. 4 3/4 in. Provenance: Norman Hurst Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts. more ...

  • Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua

    Lot: 1050
    Sold for: $688$550

    Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua, early 19th century, complete with long coconut fiber cord attached, lg. of tooth 6 1/2 in. more ...

  • Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua

    Lot: 1051
    Sold for: $1,125$900

    Fijian Whale Tooth Pendant, Tabua, early 19th century, with names and remnants of sailor scrimshaw inscribed on the sides, complete with coconut fiber cord, (one hole for attachment broken), lg. of more ...

  • Fijian Wood Meat Hook, Tuvu ni Bulago

    Lot: 1052
    Sold for: $2,125$1,700

    Fijian Wood Meat Hook, Tuvu ni Bulago, 19th century, two part articulated multi-pronged hardwood meat hook, with a native repair to one of the loops, (age cracks), lg. 16 1/2 in. Provenance: more ...

  • Fijian Wood Kava Bowl

    Lot: 1053
    Sold for: $750$600

    Fijian Wood Kava Bowl, Lau Islands, 19th century, deep oval bowl standing on four legs, with a suspension lug on one side, still with some sennit inside, (bowl has been broken in two and repaired), more ...

  • Cook Islands Ceremonial Hafted Adze

    Lot: 1054
    Sold for: $1,250$1,000

    Cook Islands Ceremonial Hafted Adze, Mangaia, Polynesia, 19th century, the hollow-carved square shaft with geometric relief carving, the basalt blade bound with sennit fiber, (minor wood loss), lg. more ...

  • Cook Islands Stone Adze Blade

    Lot: 1055
    Sold for: $875$700

    Cook Islands Stone Adze Blade, Mangaia, 19th century or earlier, basalt, (chip on one side of the cutting edge), lg. 10 1/2 in. more ...

  • Tongan Hardwood Club, 'Akau

    Lot: 1056
    Sold for: $3,625$2,900

    Tongan Hardwood Club, 'Akau, 19th century, the long shaft terminating in a double band collar and wide paddle blade, fully carved in a number of different geometric patterns, with bone inlay, (loss more ...

  • Tongan Pole Club, 'Aku Povai

    Lot: 1057
    Sold for: $4,688$3,750

    Tongan Pole Club, 'Aku Povai, 19th century, fully carved pole club, profusely decorated with numerous different geometric patterns, (lug at the butt end broken), lg. 37 1/4 in. Provenance: more ...

  • Polynesian Stone Popoi Pounder, Ke'a Tuki Popoi

    Lot: 1058
    Sold for: $688$550

    Polynesian Stone Popoi Pounder, Ke'a Tuki Popoi, Marquesas Islands, 19th century or earlier, basalt, the rounded grip broadens to a wide, flaring base, ht. 9 in. more ...

  • Marquesan Bone Ornament, Ivi Po'o

    Lot: 1059

    Marquesan Bone Ornament, Ivi Po'o, 19th century, anthropomorphic tiki figure, the center hollow for use as a decorative toggle, lg. 1 3/8 in. Provenance: Mathias Komor, New York City. more ...

  • Maori Stone Club, Patu Onewa

    Lot: 1060
    Sold for: $2,125$1,700

    Maori Stone Club, Patu Onewa, New Zealand, 20th century, greywacke, polished stone with biconical hole and ridged butt, lg. 14 1/4 in. more ...

  • Maori Carved Wood Walking Stick

    Lot: 1061
    Sold for: $688$550

    Maori Carved Wood Walking Stick, the shaft decorated with fine curvilinear designs and two relief-carved figures with inlaid shell eyes, lg. 33 in. more ...

  • Maori Wood Pipe

    Lot: 1062
    Sold for: $688$550

    Maori Wood Pipe, 19th century, the fully decorated bowl with a tuatara lizard holding onto the one side, with a small circle of paua shell between the front legs, with metal stand, lg. 4 in. more ...

  • Maori Carved Pipe

    Lot: 1063
    Sold for: $531$425

    Maori Carved Pipe, 19th century, walnut pipe transformed into a Maori tiki, with the stylized face at the front of the bowl, well used, lg. 4 1/2 in. more ...

  • Maori Janiform Nephrite Pendant

    Lot: 1064
    Sold for: $1,625$1,300

    Maori Janiform Nephrite Pendant, 19th century, greenstone janiform pendant, with a central hole pierced for suspension, with Plexiglas base, lg. 3 1/2 in. Provenance: John A. Rabe collection; more ...

  • Maori Nephrite Pendant

    Lot: 1065
    Sold for: $2,000$1,600

    Maori Nephrite Pendant, large pendant in the form of a tuatara or native New Zealand lizard, wd. 6, ht. 3 in. more ...