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  • Eleven Pre-Columbian Items

    Eleven Pre-Columbian Items

    Lot: 1001
    Sold for: $313$250

    Eleven Pre-Columbian Items, Mexico, including five figures, two hollow-bodied animals, a small whistle, and three fragmentary pieces, lg. 6 3/4, 4 1/2, 3 1/2, 2 3/4, 2, 5 1/2, 3 1/8, 2 1/2, 3 3/4, 2 more ...

  • Two Pre-Columbian Stone Items

    Two Pre-Columbian Stone Items

    Lot: 1002
    Sold for: $125$100

    Two Pre-Columbian Stone Items, Mexico, a carved stone figure, and a fragment of a stone head, ht. 5 1/2, 3, wd. 6 in. more ...

  • Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowl

    Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowl

    Lot: 1003
    Sold for: $88$70

    Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowl, Mexico, a small flat bottom, with gently flaring sides, with two-line engravings of a monkey below the rim, (surface loss and cracks from the rim),ht. 3 1/2, wd. 5 3/4 more ...

  • Pre-Columbian Blackware Vessel

    Pre-Columbian Blackware Vessel

    Lot: 1004
    Sold for: $138$110

    Pre-Columbian Blackware Vessel, Chimu, with small flat bottom, the squat body with protuberances around the sides, the stirrup spout with monkey on the side, (minor rim losses),ht. 9 1/2, wd. 6 more ...

  • Pre-Columbian Obsidian Core

    Pre-Columbian Obsidian Core

    Lot: 1005
    Sold for: $200$160

    Pre-Columbian Obsidian Core, Jalisco, Mexico, solid obsidian, the sides with grooved cuts, ht. 4 3/4, wd. 3 1/4 in. Provenance: Hartwell Kenard collection, McAllen, Texas, collected circa 1970. more ...

  • Large Jalisco Female Figure

    Large Jalisco Female Figure

    Lot: 1006

    Large Jalisco Female Figure, corpulent Jalisco female rendered in gray clay, kneeling and wearing a skirt, with has large breasts and short extended arms, the elongated head wears a tall turban with more ...

  • Two Pre-Columbian Figures

    Two Pre-Columbian Figures

    Lot: 1007
    Sold for: $188$150

    Two Pre-Columbian Figures, Jalisco, Mexico, one standing with red/brown glaze, the other seated with glaze missing, (each broken and restored),ht. 9 3/4 and 7 1/2 in. more ...

  • Two Pre-Columbian Figures

    Two Pre-Columbian Figures

    Lot: 1008
    Sold for: $213$170

    Two Pre-Columbian Figures, Colima, each standing with legs and arms apart, the larger with metal earrings, each on wood base, ht. 8 1/2, and 6 1/2 in. more ...

  • Pre-Columbian Pottery Figure

    Pre-Columbian Pottery Figure

    Lot: 1009
    Sold for: $213$170

    Pre-Columbian Pottery Figure, Colima, the standing figure, the large legs apart, with short arms, the right raised, the head with large nose and ears, (restoration to cracks),ht. 14 1/4 in. more ...

  • Large Pre-Columbian Fragmentary Figure

    Large Pre-Columbian Fragmentary Figure

    Lot: 1010

    Large Pre-Columbian Fragmentary Figure, Northern Vera Cruz, circa 300 A.D., the torso with right arm outstretched, the large head and torso painted in bituminous black pigment known as chapapote, more ...

  • Olmec Baby with Elongated Head

    Olmec Baby with Elongated Head

    Lot: 1011
    Sold for: $750$600

    Olmec Baby with Elongated Head, colored in red slip, a seated clay figure of a heavy, nude, genderless infant wearing a loincloth with arms extended downward to the front, with clenched fists, the more ...

  • Mezcala Stone Figure

    Mezcala Stone Figure

    Lot: 1012
    Sold for: $188$150

    Mezcala Stone Figure, Guererro, Mexico, standing on tapering legs with raised arms held at the abdomen, with sloping shoulders and broad face with broad nose and eyes grooved out, with metal stand, more ...

  • Pre-Columbian Textile Fragment

    Pre-Columbian Textile Fragment

    Lot: 1013
    Sold for: $200$160

    Pre-Columbian Textile Fragment, Peru, c. 600-800 AD, with multicolored animal designs, mounted and framed under glass, size of textile 14 x 11, size of frame 18 1/2 x 15 in. more ...

  • Shipibo Conibo Wooden Canoe Paddle

    Shipibo Conibo Wooden Canoe Paddle

    Lot: 1014
    Sold for: $469$375

    Shipibo Conibo Wooden Canoe Paddle, Upper/Western Amazon Basin, Peru, Ucayali River, Shipibo/Conibo peoples, early 20th century, with a round shaft, a tubular handle, and a petaloid paddle with a more ...

  • Three Beaded Amazonian Woman's Aprons

    Three Beaded Amazonian Woman's Aprons

    Lot: 1015
    Sold for: $625$500

    Three Beaded Amazonian Woman's Aprons, Makushi or Wapishana People, British Guyana, the three small aprons each decorated with multicolored designs on white beaded ground, with fiber fringes, the more ...

  • Nepalese Wood Mask

    Nepalese Wood Mask

    Lot: 1016

    Nepalese Wood Mask, Middle Hills, Nepal, hollowed-out face mask, with open mouth, with exposed teeth, long, narrow nose, the cutout eyes between two pierced ears, trace of wax seal on back, ht. 9 more ...

  • Two Naga Brass Chest Ornaments

    Two Naga Brass Chest Ornaments

    Lot: 1017

    Two Naga Brass Chest Ornaments, two brass head-count ornaments, one with two joined brass heads, and one with five joined heads, and a human figure on each end, each with necklace of fiber and glass more ...

  • Philippine War Shield

    Philippine War Shield

    Lot: 1018
    Sold for: $500$400

    Philippine War Shield, Bontoc, Igorot, northern Luzon, early 20th century, carved from one piece of wood, with rattan bindings and central cutout at the back for the handle, lg. 32, wd. 9 3/4 in. more ...

  • Philippines Short Cutlass

    Philippines Short Cutlass

    Lot: 1019
    Sold for: $250$200

    Philippines Short Cutlass, late 19th century, the curved blade, with wood handle and steel hand guard, the handle embossed with date, "March 29. 02," with wood and leather sheath, lg. 16 3/4 in. more ...

  • Philippines Coconut Cup

    Philippines Coconut Cup

    Lot: 1020

    Philippines Coconut Cup, Ifugao, northern Luzon, late 19th/early 20th century, with a finely incised surface on the exterior, smooth, dark patina, ht. 2 1/2, wd. 4 1/2 in. Provenance: Private more ...

  • South Sea Islands Sawfish Weapon

    South Sea Islands Sawfish Weapon

    Lot: 1021
    Sold for: $875$700

    South Sea Islands Sawfish Weapon, the long, narrow, flattened rostrum, or nose extension, lined with sharp transverse teeth, arranged in a way that resembles a saw, fashioned into a weapon with a more ...

  • Two Timor Hair Combs

    Two Timor Hair Combs

    Lot: 1022
    Sold for: $375$300

    Two Timor Hair Combs, early 20th century, the larger made from buffalo horn, with finely incised decorations from the top to part way down the tines, the second, made from horn in the form of a more ...

  • Wood Box and Two Horn Spoons

    Wood Box and Two Horn Spoons

    Lot: 1023
    Sold for: $313$250

    Wood Box and Two Horn Spoons, Timor, the lidded box with carved masks and incised dancing figures, with initials, "M.T," on the side, the lid tied with cord, with two spoons, one with a coconut more ...

  • Indonesian Stone Dragon Head

    Indonesian Stone Dragon Head

    Lot: 1024
    Sold for: $200$160

    Indonesian Stone Dragon Head, fragment of a dragon, possibly from Bali, 7 1/2 x 7 in. more ...

  • Kenyah-Kayan Dayak Hardwood Post Figure, Hampatong

    Kenyah-Kayan Dayak Hardwood Post Figure, Hampatong

    Lot: 1025

    Kenyah-Kayan Dayak Hardwood Post Figure, Hampatong, Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, 20th century, standing on a rectangular block support, the figure leaning slightly forward with hands on thighs, more ...

  • Korwar Figure

    Korwar Figure

    Lot: 1026

    Korwar Figure, Irian Jaya, late 19th century, the block type with the large head above the cloth wrapped block below, the head with protruding mouth and long exaggerated nose, small eyes and more ...

  • Three Aboriginal Fighting Sticks

    Three Aboriginal Fighting Sticks

    Lot: 1027

    Three Aboriginal Fighting Sticks, late 19th/early 20th century, long, slender sticks with grooved sides and peaked and pointed end, mounted on metal stand, lg. 27 1/4, 26 1/2, and 26 in. more ...

  • Two Aborigine Australian Shell Necklaces

    Two Aborigine Australian Shell Necklaces

    Lot: 1028
    Sold for: $200$160

    Two Aborigine Australian Shell Necklaces, Tasmania, two long necklaces strung with many Mariner iridescent shells, lg. 38 and 33 in. more ...

  • Aborigine Wood Churinga

    Aborigine Wood Churinga

    Lot: 1029

    Aborigine Wood Churinga, Western desert, Australia, early 20th century, flat, rectangular shape, both sides incised with a complex pattern of short, shallow grooves into the wood, overall dark, dry more ...

  • Collection of New Guinea Arrows

    Collection of New Guinea Arrows

    Lot: 1030
    Sold for: $188$150

    Collection of New Guinea Arrows, Fly River, Papua New Guinea, early/mid-20th century, made from bamboo with cassowary bone points, decorated with lime, lg. up to 63 in. more ...