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  • Naga Sword, Dao

    Naga Sword, Dao

    Lot: 1

    Naga Sword, Dao, early 20th century, the iron blade, with wood handle, partially wrapped in rattan, and dyed goat hair, lg. 31 1/4 in. more ...

  • Naga Brass Pectoral Ornament

    Naga Brass Pectoral Ornament

    Lot: 2

    Naga Brass Pectoral Ornament, the large brass head, with long red tube bead necklace, size of brass head 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 in. more ...

  • Large Naga Pectoral Ornament

    Large Naga Pectoral Ornament

    Lot: 3
    Sold for: $594$475

    Large Naga Pectoral Ornament, the long, multi-bead necklace, with large brass head attached, with a bell from each ear, below two brass friezes of figures, with a wood plank below, with three raised more ...

  • Nuristan House Post

    Nuristan House Post

    Lot: 4
    Sold for: $750$600

    Nuristan House Post, 19th century, large carved wood architectural post, the long rectangular form carved in three sections, with small carved abstract heads, and geometric devices, dark patina, lg. more ...

  • Dayak Wood Coffin End

    Dayak Wood Coffin End

    Lot: 5

    Dayak Wood Coffin End, 19th century, Kayan, Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia, large anthropomorphic Aso figure, possibly a dog or dragon, once attached to the end of a coffin, with large glass bead eyes and more ...

  • Asmat Headrest

    Asmat Headrest

    Lot: 6
    Sold for: $688$550

    Asmat Headrest, Irian Jaya, mid-20th century, the central cylindrical pillow with raised linear designs, each end with a large head, the mouth open with exposed teeth, traces of white and dark more ...

  • Papuan Gulf Betel Nut Staff

    Papuan Gulf Betel Nut Staff

    Lot: 7
    Sold for: $438$350

    Papuan Gulf Betel Nut Staff, Wapo Delta, Papuan Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea, late 19th century, hardwood staff, with an abstract head at the top, below is a 5-in. cutout, with lime-filled more ...

  • New Guinea Highlands Polychrome Wood Mask

    New Guinea Highlands Polychrome Wood Mask

    Lot: 8
    Sold for: $688$550

    New Guinea Highlands Polychrome Wood Mask, Eastern Highlands, hollowed-out face mask, with three round holes, for mouth and eyes, the nose applied with clay mastic compound, the front painted in more ...

  • New Guinea War Shield, Worrumbi

    New Guinea War Shield, Worrumbi

    Lot: 9
    Sold for: $1,625$1,300

    New Guinea War Shield, Worrumbi, Mendi, Southern Highlands, 20th century, with fiber sling threaded through two holes in the middle, small holes at the top for attaching feathers, multicolored more ...

  • New Guinea Underarm Shield, Elayborr

    New Guinea Underarm Shield, Elayborr

    Lot: 10

    New Guinea Underarm Shield, Elayborr, Mendi, Southern Highlands, 20th century, with a U-shaped recess at the top, enabling the holder to position the shield under the armpit, allowing the carrier to more ...

  • New Guinea Barkcloth

    New Guinea Barkcloth

    Lot: 11
    Sold for: $3,125$2,500

    New Guinea Barkcloth, Huron Peninsula, 20th century, freehand design repeated in two large panels, mounted, and framed, barkcloth size 57 x 33 in. Provenance: Private collection, Massachusetts; more ...

  • Hunstein Mountains Garra Cult Hook

    Hunstein Mountains Garra Cult Hook

    Lot: 12
    Sold for: $938$750

    Hunstein Mountains Garra Cult Hook, Middle Sepik, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, with four sharply pointed hooks, with central rounded projection with small hole, painted allover in brown more ...

  • Keram River Amulet Figure

    Keram River Amulet Figure

    Lot: 13
    Sold for: $3,000$2,400

    Keram River Amulet Figure, Lower Sepik River, pre-contact period, standing male figure, with heavy legs on a round base, the cutout arms raised to the collar below the face, the small mount under a more ...

  • New Guinea Canoe Prow

    New Guinea Canoe Prow

    Lot: 14
    Sold for: $500$400

    New Guinea Canoe Prow, Middle Sepik River, early 20th century, the bird, once attached to the prow of a canoe, the bird with large bill, and head, the back carved with typical incised designs, more ...

  • New Guinea War Trumpet, Kul

    New Guinea War Trumpet, Kul

    Lot: 15
    Sold for: $1,125$900

    New Guinea War Trumpet, Kul, Iatmul, Middle Sepik River, early to mid-20th century, the finial in the form of a bird's head, the body decorated in the typical Iatmul incised circular motifs, with a more ...

  • New Guinea Sago Peg

    New Guinea Sago Peg

    Lot: 16

    New Guinea Sago Peg, Middle Sepik River, early/mid-20th century, the large peg, with graduated opening at one end, the other with a face on each side, woven rattan in the middle to keep the split more ...

  • New Guinea Ancestor Figure

    New Guinea Ancestor Figure

    Lot: 17
    Sold for: $46,875$37,500

    New Guinea Ancestor Figure, Abelam, Maprik area, early 20th century, wood with natural pigments, the rear hollowed out, the large head, with small, open mouth, the long nose with wide and pierced more ...

  • New Britain Shield

    New Britain Shield

    Lot: 18
    Sold for: $688$550

    New Britain Shield, Nakanai, early/mid-20th century, the front decorated with diamond and triangular motifs, repainted with enamel paints, the back with two carrying handles, mounted on metal stand, more ...

  • New Britain War Club

    New Britain War Club

    Lot: 19
    Sold for: $3,250$2,600

    New Britain War Club, Sulka, late 19th/early 20th century, the long, thin shaft with cone butt-end, and bulbous head, terminating in a rounded point, with metal stand, lg. 46 3/4 in. Provenance: more ...

  • Solomon Islands Club

    Solomon Islands Club

    Lot: 20

    Solomon Islands Club, Malaita, 19th century, the handle inlaid with nautilus shell on one side of the handle, the shaft with central raised ridgeline on one side, lg. 38 in. Provenance: Private more ...

  • Solomon Islands Feather Currency Roll, Tevau

    Solomon Islands Feather Currency Roll, Tevau

    Lot: 21
    Sold for: $4,688$3,750

    Solomon Islands Feather Currency Roll, Tevau, Santa Cruz, late 19th/early 20th century, red feathers attached to coils of fiber, wrapped around two round bark circles, with job's tears shell more ...

  • New Caledonia War Club

    New Caledonia War Club

    Lot: 22
    Sold for: $875$700

    New Caledonia War Club, 19th century, with phallic-shaped head incised with chevrons, the handle partially bound with pandanus palm, and strips of tapa, lg. 33 in. Provenance: Leo and Lillian more ...

  • Australian Aboriginal Tiwi Figure

    Australian Aboriginal Tiwi Figure

    Lot: 23
    Sold for: $1,188$950

    Australian Aboriginal Tiwi Figure, Purukapali figure, attributed to Mani-Luki (Harry Carpenter) Wommatakimmi, (c.1914-80),inscribed in pen on the bottom, Purukapali by Deaf Tommy, probably after a more ...

  • Aborigine Shield

    Aborigine Shield

    Lot: 24
    Sold for: $531$425

    Aborigine Shield, Western Desert, early 20th century, incised with abstracted linear designs on both sides, (age cracks in the wood),lg. 29 1/4 in. more ...

  • Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Lot: 25
    Sold for: $1,125$900

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula, early 19th century, with gadroon-head type, the tavatava on the shaft, smooth from use, the butt-end indented for shell/bone inlay, (age crack in head),lg. 18 in. more ...

  • Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Lot: 26
    Sold for: $813$650

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula, early 19th century, the lobed-head club carved from rootstock, with tavatava carved grip, worn from much use, the butt-end carved out, with numerous piercings for wrist more ...

  • Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula

    Lot: 27
    Sold for: $531$425

    Fijian Throwing Club, Ula, early 19th century, the ball-head type, with partial tavatava carved grip, which is worn from much use, the head with natural undulations, below are numerous short cuts in more ...

  • Fijian War Club, Bovai

    Fijian War Club, Bovai

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $750$600

    Fijian War Club, Bovai, early 19th century, the flared butt, with scooped-out end, pierced with sennit fiber wrist cord, the graduating shaft leading to rounded end, dark, smooth patina, (minor more ...

  • Fijian Rootstock Club, Vunikau

    Fijian Rootstock Club, Vunikau

    Lot: 29
    Sold for: $1,063$850

    Fijian Rootstock Club, Vunikau 19th century, ironwood, tree rootstock forms the head of the club, with side roots cut off to leave protuberances, with tavatava-carved grip and dark patina, (minor more ...

  • Fijian Dance Club, Sali

    Fijian Dance Club, Sali

    Lot: 30
    Sold for: $875$700

    Fijian Dance Club, Sali, 19th century, the smooth, rippled shaft leading to curving spur at the top, and two flaring planes below, each side carved with raised circles, smooth, brown patina, lg. 40 more ...