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March 24, 2020 12:00 PM - March 31, 2020 07:00 PMCalender

The collection is to be sold as one lot of over 500+ individual items.

The Lankton Collection, an auction comprising approximately 575 pieces of African Art includes a wide range of tribal groups and object types, from masks, small figures, fiber, utilitarian objects, and large sculpture. A particular emphasis is on works from the Baule and Senufo peoples of the Ivory Coast; the Dogon from Mali; masks and sculptures from the diverse cultures of the Congo. Artworks from the Yoruba tribe and the Ibo of Nigeria, and many others.

The collection offers a considerable number of large standing figurative sculpture, from nail fetish figures to ancestor figures, to figurative drums.

Watch the Preview Video Here

The collection is in situ at a nearby storage facility with no in-person preview. Packing and pick-up is the responsibility of the buyer at a mutually convenient date. 

The Lankton Collection is offered in its entirety with an inviting opening bid of $ 1,500.

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