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  • Jamacoaque Terra-cotta Standing Shaman

    Lot: 1

    Jamacoaque Terra-cotta Standing Shaman, c. AD 500- 1000, the figure holding a bag in one hand and an implement in the other, wearing a long garment, with a necklace, nose ornament, earrings, and more ...

  • Small Olmec Crawling Infant

    Lot: 2
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Small Olmec Crawling Infant, middle Pre-Classic period, BC 1200-900 , crawling infant with erect head, open mouth, and crested forehead, ht. 6 1/2, lg. 6 in. Provenance: David Stuart Gallery, more ...

  • Teotihuacan Polychrome Bowl

    Lot: 3
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Teotihuacan Polychrome Bowl, AD 350-550, stucco bowl depicting a stylized owl, guardian to the afterlife, (paint loss), ht. 3, dia. 6 3/4 in. Provenance: Peter G. Wray Collection. more ...

  • Standing Colima Dog,

    Lot: 4
    Sold for: $1,230$1,000

    Standing Colima Dog, Protoclassic, 100 BC-AD 250, standing and looking ahead, mouth open with teeth bared, wide rounded belly, incised eyes, large pointed ears, and raised tail, painted in overall more ...

  • Colima Dwarf Figure

    Lot: 5

    Colima Dwarf Figure, Protoclassic, c. 100 BC-AD 250, seated and leaning forward with legs crossed and arms resting on his thighs, displaying full barrel chest with raised pectorals and collarbone, more ...

  • Colima Sitting Dog,

    Lot: 6
    Sold for: $738$600

    Colima Sitting Dog, Protoclassic, 100 BC-AD 250, resting on rear paws with head held high, large head with incised eyes and teeth, pointed ears, and upturned tail, a flared spout projecting from the more ...

  • Nayarit Standing Couple

    Lot: 7

    Nayarit Standing Couple, Protoclassic, 100 BC-AD 250, the male holding a fan while the female holds an olla, both with nose and ear ornamentation, mouths open and expressive, painted in reddish more ...

  • Large Veracruz Terra-cotta Figure

    Lot: 8

    Large Veracruz Terra-cotta Figure, Late Classic, AD 550-950, the figure painted in black bitumen, contrasting with the natural terra-cotta color of the feet, with loincloth and headdress, depicting more ...

  • Standing Veracruz Priest Figure

    Lot: 9
    Sold for: $3,075$2,500

    Standing Veracruz Priest Figure, Late Classic, AD 550-950, standing on its toes, legs apart, arms outstretched with palms open, wearing a long loincloth and elaborate headgear, with large pierced more ...

  • Middle Mochica Drummer Vessel

    Lot: 10

    Middle Mochica Drummer Vessel, Peru, c. AD 200-500, figure of a drummer wearing large headdress, with stirrup-spout back; painted in shades of reddish brown and tan, ht. 9 in. Provenance: Newman more ...

  • Salinar-Moche Portrait Vessel

    Lot: 11
    Sold for: $861$700

    Salinar-Moche Portrait Vessel, c. 200 BC-AD 200, bridge sprouted portrait vessel with youthful facial features and pierced ear lobes, painted red-brown with traces of black decoration, ht. 7 in. more ...

  • Jalisco Standing Female Figure

    Lot: 12

    Jalisco Standing Female Figure, Protoclassic, c. 100 BC-AD 250, thick-set standing female figure resting an olla on her left shoulder, wearing a hat, has a larger nose with ornament beneath and more ...

  • Large Jalisco Seated Female Figure

    Lot: 13

    Large Jalisco Seated Female Figure, Protoclassic, c. 100 BC-AD 250, seated with legs apart, her diminutive arms holding her abdomen, with square shoulders beneath a large head with bulbous cranium more ...

  • Jalisco Seated Male Figure

    Lot: 14

    Jalisco Seated Male Figure, Protoclassic, c. 100 BC-AD 250, the figure of a thinker, his right hand resting on his thigh, the other on his shoulder, his large head bent forward, long nose dominating more ...

  • Rare Mayan Square Glazed Vessel

    Lot: 15

    Rare Mayan Square Glazed Vessel, Late Classic, AD 550-950, glazed and stone polished in black, depicting rectangular registers of Mayan glyphs, ht. 6 1/4 in. more ...

  • Wari Wooden Lime Container,

    Lot: 17
    Sold for: $2,583$2,100

    Wari Wooden Lime Container, Peru, with a figure sitting atop a carved relief base with repeated figurative motif; the mouth holds the bird-form stopper, ht. 5 1/2 in. Provenance: Collected in more ...

  • Ancestor Mask

    Lot: 18

    Ancestor Mask, Coastal Sepik River, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, wood and rattan, dark brown pigmented surface, 10 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. Note: Old collection number S578-6 verso. more ...

  • Betel Nut Mortar,

    Lot: 19
    Sold for: $492$400

    Betel Nut Mortar, Maprik, Papua New Guinea, late 19th/early 20th century, double ancestor figure motif, traces of original yellow, white, and blue pigments, with signs of extensive use inside the more ...

  • Massim Wood Figure,

    Lot: 20
    Sold for: $492$400

    Massim Wood Figure, Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea, c. 1900, with traces of lime pigment, dry dark overall patina, ht. 11 7/8 in. Provenance: John Friede Collection, Rye, New York, Harry Beran more ...

  • Coastal Ramu River Dance Mask

    Lot: 21

    Coastal Ramu River Dance Mask, c. 1920s-30s, with two shell eye sockets, pierced ears, nose, and holes around the lower rim for suspension of fiber, dark encrusted patina overall, 20 x 9 in. more ...

  • Washkuk Wood Cult Figure,

    Lot: 22

    Washkuk Wood Cult Figure, Upper Sepik River, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, stone carved, with dark patina, ht. 47 in. Provenance: A private French collection; Douglas Newton Collection, more ...

  • Hardwood Ancestor Mask,

    Lot: 23

    Hardwood Ancestor Mask, Lower Sepik River, Papua New Guinea, mid-20th century, 13 x 5 in. more ...

  • Washkuk Female Figure,

    Lot: 24
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Washkuk Female Figure, Upper Sepik River, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, with straight legs, cutout arms holding hips, long pendant breasts, and angular face, with deeply incised more ...

  • Middle Sepik River Wood Flute Stopper

    Lot: 25

    Middle Sepik River Wood Flute Stopper, pre-contact, stone carved stopper depicting a female ancestral spirit figure, ht. 21 1/2 in. Provenance: A private San Francisco, California, collection; more ...

  • Lower Sepik River Spirit Figure

    Lot: 26
    Sold for: $1,107$900

    Lower Sepik River Spirit Figure, late 19th/early 20th century, spirit charm with fiber attached to suspension lug on the back, ht. 6 7/8 in. Provenance: Thomas Murray, Mill Valley, California. more ...

  • Large Sepik River Ancestral Spirit Figure

    Lot: 27
    Sold for: $1,599$1,300

    Large Sepik River Ancestral Spirit Figure, c. 1920s, male figure with cowrie shell eyes, pierced septum and ears, with bush string on legs, wrists, and waist, ht. 25 in. more ...

  • Southern Highlands Stone Axe

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $554$450

    Southern Highlands Stone Axe, early 20th century, black basalt blade held in place by woven rattan, overall black patina to rattan and rich, deep wear to the wooden handle, lg. 17 3/4 in. more ...

  • Hardwood Simbai Shield,

    Lot: 29
    Sold for: $1,230$1,000

    Hardwood Simbai Shield, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, 19th century, pre-contact, stone carved shield with fiber strap, 36 x 14 in. Provenance: A private Dutch collection. more ...

  • Banks Island Hardwood Food Pounder

    Lot: 30
    Sold for: $2,337$1,900

    Banks Island Hardwood Food Pounder, late 19th/early 20th century, with an abstract head at finial, smooth dark patina, lg. 37 5/8 in. Provenance: A private San Francisco, California, collection; more ...

  • Sago Wood Platter,

    Lot: 31

    Sago Wood Platter, Asmat, Irian Jaya, c. 1940s, typical repeating abstract designs carved in relief, 20 x 5 1/2 in. Provenance: Robert Browne Collection, Hawaii, no. 524; collected in 1960 by more ...