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Skinner Auctions Marlborough MA
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  • Miniature Paint-decorated Six-board Box

    Lot: 2
    Sold for: $30,750$25,000

    Miniature Paint-decorated Six-board Box, New England, early 18th century, painted blue with dark blue and red squiggle line decoration, the molded top with pintle hinges opening to a compartment more ...

  • Carved and Blue-painted Pine Box

    Lot: 3
    Sold for: $6,150$5,000

    Carved and Blue-painted Pine Box, New England, early 18th century, the lid with cleat and pin hinges on a rosehead nail-constructed box decorated on the front with carved geometric and punchwork more ...

  • Large Red-painted Canteen

    Lot: 4
    Sold for: $492$400

    Large Red-painted Canteen, America, early 19th century, staved construction with ash bands, and iron strap attachments, dia. 11 in. more ...

  • Child's Red-painted Six-board Chest

    Lot: 5
    Sold for: $2,829$2,300

    Child's Red-painted Six-board Chest, southeastern Massachusetts, early 18th century, molded lid secured to the box with snipe hinges, sawtooth cutout ends, the inside with divided till and drawer more ...

  • Red-painted Pine Box

    Lot: 6
    Sold for: $308$250

    Red-painted Pine Box, America, late 18th century, dovetail construction with snipe hinges and twisted iron hook, ht. 6 1/2, wd. 12 5/8, dp. 8 1/4 in. more ...

  • Grain-painted Candle Box

    Lot: 7
    Sold for: $246$200

    Grain-painted Candle Box, America, mid-19th century, slide-lid box, the top with grain painting, the sides and ends with lattice design, old surface, (craquelure), ht. 5 5/8, wd. 6 3/4, dp. 10 3/4 more ...

  • Brown-stained Pine Slant-lid Tabletop Desk

    Lot: 8
    Sold for: $3,075$2,500

    Brown-stained Pine Slant-lid Tabletop Desk, New England, early 18th century, the lid opens to an interior of eight valanced compartments, four fitted with the drawers, with three thumb-molded more ...

  • Three-window Wood Lantern

    Lot: 9
    Sold for: $3,198$2,600

    Three-window Wood Lantern, America, late 18th/early 19th century, tall form with chamfered top and handle, three sides with rectangular glass windows set between vented wood side plates, and molded more ...

  • Queen Anne Looking Glass

    Lot: 10
    Sold for: $492$400

    Queen Anne Looking Glass, early 18th century, beveled glass with basket of flowers, refinished, (cracked), ht. 13, wd. 18 3/4 in. more ...

  • Needlework Picture

    Lot: 11
    Sold for: $3,075$2,500

    Needlework Picture, England, 17th century, possibly depicting the Old Testament story of Esther Pleading to King Ahasuerus, the figures surrounded by a variety of birds and beasts, worked in silk more ...

  • Flame-stitch Wall Pocket

    Lot: 12
    Sold for: $1,968$1,600

    Flame-stitch Wall Pocket, America, c. 1774, stitched patterns in bright yellow, blue, and red, the front of the pocket embroidered "R W 17 74," interior lined with striped linen, (some loss to more ...

  • Needlework Pocketbook and Pincushion

    Lot: 13
    Sold for: $1,046$850

    Needlework Pocketbook and Pincushion, America, late 18th century, embroidered with strawberries on a green background, the pocketbook interior with four pockets and related compartments lined with more ...

  • Flame-stitch Pocketbook

    Lot: 14
    Sold for: $3,998$3,250

    Flame-stitch Pocketbook, possibly Newbury, Massachusetts, c. 1766, the exterior stitched with multicolored zigzag pattern, bound on the edges with green wood twill-woven tape, opening to four more ...

  • Needlework Sewing Kit

    Lot: 15
    Sold for: $246$200

    Needlework Sewing Kit, late 18th century, diamond pattern on the exterior in various hues of blue, red, and green worsted wool threads, interior lined in woven pattern silk cloth with pocket and more ...

  • Embroidered Linen Pocket

    Lot: 16
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Embroidered Linen Pocket, 18th century, the front with floral and vine embroidery, pocket opening bordered by blue and white twist decoration, ht. 16 3/4, wd. 13 1/4 in. more ...

  • Crewelwork Apron

    Lot: 17
    Sold for: $2,091$1,700

    Crewelwork Apron, 18th century, the front embroidered with worsted wool threads forming flowers, a bird and a lion, bordered with light blue silk tape and lined with linen, (imperfections), ht. 25, more ...

  • Needlework Sampler "Harriet Smith,"

    Lot: 18
    Sold for: $738$600

    Needlework Sampler "Harriet Smith," Danvers, Massachusetts, c. 1825, worked in silk threads on a linen background, the center block with the title "SAMPLER" over five lines of alphabet, a block of more ...

  • Red-painted Watch Hutch

    Lot: 19
    Sold for: $4,428$3,600

    Red-painted Watch Hutch, America, late 18th century, the hutch with rectangular hanger, the door with glazed circular window and chip-carved decoration, opening to an interior lined with red woolen more ...

  • "A Plan of the Compact Part of the Town of Exeter, at the head of the southerly branch of the Piscataqua River,"

    Lot: 20
    Sold for: $2,829$2,300

    "A Plan of the Compact Part of the Town of Exeter, at the head of the southerly branch of the Piscataqua River," drawn by P. Morrill, printed 1802, with streets, landmarks, residents, merchants, and more ...

  • Blown Mallet-form Sealed Beer Bottle

    Lot: 21
    Sold for: $584$475

    Blown Mallet-form Sealed Beer Bottle, England, c. 1785, with applied string rim, sand pontil, and seal marked "HH/1785," ht. 9 1/2, dia. 4 1/2 in. more ...

  • Blown Sealed Bottle

    Lot: 22
    Sold for: $2,706$2,200

    Blown Sealed Bottle, 18th century, the tall neck with a flared rim on a bulbous body with ring pontil and seal marked "IG," ht. 6 1/2, dia. 4 3/4 in. more ...

  • Large Blown Sealed Bottle

    Lot: 23
    Sold for: $7,995$6,500

    Large Blown Sealed Bottle, England, c. 1762, bulbous form with string rim, sand pontil, and seal marked "H./Littledale/1762," ht. 13 1/2, wd. 10 1/2, dp. 9 in. more ...

  • Blown Two-quart Sealed Wine Bottle

    Lot: 24
    Sold for: $6,765$5,500

    Blown Two-quart Sealed Wine Bottle, England, c. 1775, with applied string rim, sand pontil, and seal marked "Richd./Lidstone/S. Huish/1775," ht. 11, dia. 5 7/8 in. more ...

  • Miniature Blown Green Glass Chestnut Bottle

    Lot: 25
    Sold for: $615$500

    Miniature Blown Green Glass Chestnut Bottle, 18th century, bulbous body with pontil on base, tall neck with applied string rim, (small rim chip), ht. 2 3/8 in. Provenance: Nathan Liverant & more ...

  • Blown Sealed Beer Bottle

    Lot: 26
    Sold for: $1,107$900

    Blown Sealed Beer Bottle, England, late 18th century, straight sided, with applied lip and string rim, sand pontil, seal with a hand above "H.C.," ht. 10 1/4, dia. 3 1/2 in. more ...

  • Large Blown Olive Green Bottle

    Lot: 27
    Sold for: $1,107$900

    Large Blown Olive Green Bottle, America, late 18th century, bulbous form with applied string rim, and open pontil, ht. 15 3/4, wd. 15, dp. 11 in. more ...

  • Blown Onion-form Sealed Wine Bottle

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $4,305$3,500

    Blown Onion-form Sealed Wine Bottle, England, c. 1731, with applied string rim, sand pontil, and seal marked "Modtonham/1737," ht. 7 1/4, dia. 5 7/8 in. more ...

  • Bear-decorated Pearlware Jug

    Lot: 29
    Sold for: $2,706$2,200

    Bear-decorated Pearlware Jug, Staffordshire, England, c. 1798, the sides of the jug painted with a brown bear, "P/1798" below the spout, (imperfections), ht. 8 1/2 in. more ...

  • Slip-decorated Redware Plate

    Lot: 30
    Sold for: $308$250

    Slip-decorated Redware Plate, America, early 19th century, round, with coggled rim, (minor chips on the rim), dia. 9 in. more ...

  • Two Redware Slip-decorated Plates

    Lot: 31
    Sold for: $554$450

    Two Redware Slip-decorated Plates, America, early 19th century, dot and wave yellow slip design in the center with coggled rim, dia. 9 3/4 in. more ...